What Is 6A Cubic Zirconia?-Answered by Jewelry Manufacturer!

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While the 4Cs grading system that applies to diamonds is also used in the quality control of cubic zirconia, these crystal diamond simulants have a grading system that differs from one of the diamonds.

This grading system is called the A-grading system, and it has CZ stones graded from the best quality to the lowest quality, most expensive to cheapest CZ crystals, respectively.

In this grading system, the 6A cubic zirconia is considered the premium quality, while the A or AB Cubic zirconia is the lowest quality and the cheapest cubic zirconia. This article focuses on 6A cubic zirconia.


What is 6A cubic Zirconia?

What Is 6A Cubic Zirconia

Since you’ve probably seen AAA or AAAAA-graded cubic zirconia jewelry sold around and you may not have come across 6A cubic zirconia, you may be wondering what it is.

As mentioned above, cubic zirconia stones or crystals fall under several grades, and 6A cubic zirconia is the highest quality of the CZ stones. You may not know this – 6A CZ is also classified as Diamond CZ, which refers to the best quality diamond simulant.

What Is 6A Cubic Zirconia

It is the most brilliant CZ that is also flawless. The highly flawless and brilliant CZ diamond is made of the highest quality rough materials, and it is also the most important form of CZ.

Diamond 6Z CZ boasts the highest precision cuts, resulting in the best quality diamond CZ, with no other type of diamond CZ comparable to it or able to match the very high standards of 6A cubic zirconia.


What is the best grade of cubic zirconia?

What Is 6A Cubic Zirconia

The best-graded cubic zirconia is the diamond CZ or the 6A cubic zirconia. It features the very best elements in terms of the cut of the stone/ crystal, the clarity, and the color of the stone.

And its qualities are unmatched by those of any other CZ gemstone. This form of CZ is also called the 6A cubic zirconia white diamond.

It boasts a perfect structure, 100% inclusions-free, completely transparent, and has the brightest fire and spark. And like all other stones, the cut, shape, and size of the 6A CZ influence how light is refracted off its surface, which affects the stone’s brilliance.

As a result of its brilliance and top-tier qualities, 6A cubic zirconia is often set on precious metals like gold, platinum, and sterling silver. And thanks to its perfect cut and clarity features, it is undifferentiated from the natural diamonds to the naked eye.


Some chemical composition of 6A cubic Zirconia?

So, what makes 6A Cubic zirconia unique besides the perfect structure and the brilliant fire and sparkle from the stone’s cut?

What Is 6A Cubic Zirconia

  • Colors– 6A Cubic zirconia is available in orange, yellow, blue, violet, amber, brown, lilac, red, purple, pink, and black. The color of this synthetic gemstone depends on the chemical coloring agent or compound that it’s infused with. If infused with cesium, the CZ turns orange, yellow, or red based on the percentage of the microelements present. When nickel, iron, copper, and titanium are added, the CZ formed can be yellow, brown, or amber. And combining CZ with neodymium, manganese, and cobalt microelements results in blue, lilac, purple, and violet CZ. Pink CZ results from the addition of erbium, holmium, or europium, while green results from the addition of vanadium, thulium, and chromium.
  • Chemical formula– ZrO2
  • Hardness level on Moh’s scale of hardness– 8.5
  • Specificgravity – between 5.65 – 5.95
  • Refractive Index– 2.17
  • Birefringence– 15
  • Shock Resistance– 350 degrees
  • Luster– Adamantine
  • Fracture/ Cleavage– Conchoidal Fracture/ Nil
  • Optical characteristics– Isotropic


What is the Mohs scale of Hardness of 6A cubic Zirconia?

What Is 6A Cubic Zirconia

6A Cubic zirconia is ranked 8.5 on the hardness scale. It is not as hard as diamonds, but it is harder than most other substances.


Pros and cons of 6A cubic zirconia

What Is 6A Cubic Zirconia


  • High-quality diamond simulants
  • This CZ looks just as good as the real thing and looks great on precious metals like gold (white, yellow, or rose gold), platinum, and sterling silver.
  • 100% flawless
  • Ideal for jewelry to travel with because the loss would be manageable
  • Ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a premium on diamonds but wants affordable and good quality sparkling jewelry
  • Easier maintenance  


  • It is not as valuable as real diamonds
  • It scratches relatively quickly than diamonds


Is 6A cubic zirconia worth anything?

What Is 6A Cubic Zirconia

Generally, cubic zirconia is worth pennies to the dollar compared to natural diamonds. However, your 6A cubic zirconia ring could be worth something if it is set on a precious metal like 18k yellow gold, platinum, or sterling silver.

This happens because gold is a precious metal, so if the value of the gold is added to the brilliance of the CZ, the jewelry will be worth a good amount, and you will be able to sell it for a reasonable amount.

So, 6A CZ is not entirely worthless. All you need to do to make sure that you get something worthy out of your 6A CZ jewelry is to keep the pieces in good condition and all the documentation and certification that the jewelry came with.

Documentation is essential for verifying the details of the stones and the jewelry. It ensures that the jewelry fetches a reasonable price, even in a pawn shop or an online marketplace.



Cubic zirconia is the best diamond simulant and the perfect alternative to diamonds, especially for individuals who cannot afford or don’t want to pay the full price for the diamonds.

This stone also comes in different grades, and the 6A Cubic Zirconia is the top-graded type of CZ often set on precious metals like gold, platinum, and sterling silver.

So, if you are searching for the best quality CZ, get 6A white diamond CZ.

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