What Happens If You Put A Mood Ring In Water?

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Mood rings are the rage right now, and most people are now investing in mood rings thanks to the belief that the ring offers insights into how you feel.

You could think of the mood ring as a different window to your soul that may give away your feelings and emotions, perhaps even better than your eyes.

But do they work, and if there’s finally a piece of jewelry that tells you more about your internal systems, should you expect it to last forever?

Can you shower or swim with the mood ring? And in case of exposure to moisture, would you be able to reverse the damage?


Mood ring introduction

What Happens If You Put A Mood Ring In Water

Mood rings were invented back in 1975 by Josy Reynolds and Maris Ambats. They both lived in New York, and Reynolds, who was an important part of the ring’s design, worked on Wall Street.

Despite working on Wall Street, he was very much fascinated by biofeedback mechanisms and the possibility of using tools and instruments to develop a better understanding of the processes going on in the internal systems of the body.

To this end, they came up with the whole concept of a ring that could change color depending on the mood and the emotions of the person wearing the ring. To do this, the ring was made using bonding liquid crystals and encased in glass or quartz.

The crystals also featured organic polymers, and the color of the crystals would change depending on the temperature conditions of the wearer – the color changes are believed to come about because of the fact that the temperature of your finger would change depending on the emotions you feel.

What Happens If You Put A Mood Ring In Water

The crystals and polymers are thermochromic elements influenced by the finger’s temperature. They are mostly accurate but also flawed in some cases, for example, when the external temperature overrides the internal body temperature.

Today, the mood ring is regarded as the practical guide to the wearer’s feelings. They are made of different materials, but most mood jewelry is made of sterling silver.

Others are either rhodium or silver plated, and several other kinds of mood rings are made of magnetic hematite or stainless steel. There also are some mood rings made of real agate.


Are mood rings waterproof? Why?

What Happens If You Put A Mood Ring In Water

No mood rings aren’t waterproof. If anything, the mood rings are very much susceptible to water damage, and any form of exposure to moisture will lead to the eventual damage of the ring.

In most instances, the mood ring stops working and responding to changes in your moods/ emotions/ body temperature when exposed to moisture.

But why do the mood rings go to die when exposed to moisture?

What Happens If You Put A Mood Ring In Water

Well, the damage to the mood rings upon exposure to moisture comes from the fact that once water seeps into the stone or the crystals that make up the mood ring, the moisture changes the structure of the liquid crystals and the result in the unresponsiveness of the jewel.

It may also turn black, and this happens because water somehow breaks down the crystals, damaging the mood rings.

Just keep in mind that water is not the only thing that may damage your mood ring. The rings would also stop working when exposed to very high temperatures.


Can you get mood rings wet?

What Happens If You Put A Mood Ring In Water

The ring may not look wet, and you may not even notice that moisture has seeped into the colored crystals, but as long as you have the ring on when you touch water, you will expose it to water, and the crystals will get wet.

It’s only that you may not notice that happening the first time the ring with water, but after some months, the damage will be beyond repair. So, you really need to keep your mood ring dry as much as you can.


What happens if a mood ring gets wet?

What Happens If You Put A Mood Ring In Water

When your mood ring gets wet, the water seeps into the crystals slowly. Every time that happens, the crystals are affected and altered, perhaps broken down.

The reactions of the crystals with water result in color changes, which sometimes is seen as a black cloud, and ultimately, part or the entire mood ring changes color and stops responding as it did initially.


Does water ruin mood rings?

What Happens If You Put A Mood Ring In Water

Yes, water will ruin the mood ring by interacting with the crystals, stopping them from working as expected.

But that is not all; water will also damage or react with the metal the ring is made of. So, avoid exposing your mood ring to water.


Tips for protecting your mood ring in daily life

What Happens If You Put A Mood Ring In Water

  • Keep the ring dry, always. So, don’t swim or shower with the ring on your finger
  • Don’t drop the ring on hard surfaces
  • Don’t expose the ring to high temperatures, for example, next to a heater or areas that receive direct sunlight.
  • Store the ring in a dark jewelry box, silica pack, or with some chalk.


If you are planning to buy a mood ring but aren’t sure how to care for it, follow the tips above.

But also, keep an open mind, and remember that most water damage it suffers will be permanent.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!