What Happened After Wearing Blue Sapphire?

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Sapphire is one of the most durable and stunning gemstones that is worth investing in, especially if you are looking for more color in your jewelry from a gemstone other than a diamond.

It looks great on everyone, and even with inclusions, it is quite valuable. But Sapphire is not loved just because of its elegant color, rarity, and uniqueness, but because sapphires make you feel a certain type of way, according to astrology, and we’ll get into all that in the next sections.


What effect did wearing a blue sapphire had on you?

What Happened After Wearing Blue Sapphire

While wearing the blue sapphire is believed to carry some astrophysical effects, these effects don’t apply to everyone, and for some people, wearing the blue sapphires makes them feel nothing at all – no positive or negative affect from the blue sapphire, and to these individuals, everything remained the same.

So, in as much as the blue sapphire is believed to have the power to protect the wearer of the gem from accidents, theft, and natural calamities and to bring good luck, not everyone experiences this from wearing this blue gemstone.


Some changes after wearing blue sapphire

What Happened After Wearing Blue Sapphire

According to Vedic Astrology, blue sapphire, also called the Neelam gemstone, is regarded as the most powerful of gemstones on the entire planet, and wearing it can bring you sudden luck and prosperity, higher societal status, an increase in your financial state, and good health.

Blue sapphire is considered a healing stone that also brings nourishment and order to your body, soul, and mind. It also guarantees long, prosperous life and fame and a sudden upturn in your personal and professional life.

It may also change your life pattern in the right direction, even as it keeps you safe from nervous tension, accidents, theft, etc. This stone represents authority, longevity, leadership, ambition, perfection, humility, and dutifulness.

What Happened After Wearing Blue Sapphire

With these in mind, the Neelam gemstone is recommended to individuals pursuing a life of success and turning their past misfortunes into great fortune and greatness.

But that is not all; unlike other gemstones, the blue sapphire’s effects, read the benefits above, are believed to all come to you instantly after you wear the jewelry.

So, it makes sense that anyone would want to know if the promises are real and if they will feel the promised effects instantly. Well, it seems that this is not always the case.

What Happened After Wearing Blue Sapphire

For it to work for you – if it works, you need to remember that the Blue sapphire is connected to the planet Saturn, and so, it shows excellent results during transitions, like the Sade Sati transition.

At this time, the gemstone will keep your enemies away, enhance your energy glow, increase your body’s healing power, and improve your positivity and decision-making abilities.

It would also increase your fortune, make you wealthy, and increase your meditation and concentration. The gemstone Blue Sapphire, in Hindu Astrology, is the stone that represents the planet Saturn, and so it is the most powerful stone.

And according to legend, the power bestowed on this stone allows you to enjoy great fortune, good health, and prosperous life immediately after wearing it.

What Happened After Wearing Blue Sapphire

When you wear the blue sapphire, it is believed that you will experience all the good that comes with the gemstone. These expected things include better defense and protection against risk, fewer travel issues, protection from natural disasters, success in your career, and it would also make you more powerful and wealthy.

It is also expected to instantly release any intellectual fears or insecurities that you may be harboring.

What Happened After Wearing Blue Sapphire

You should also know that the opposite is true when it comes to this stone. Essentially, the stone could cast chaos and darkness into some people if worn incorrectly and for individuals who shouldn’t wear or sleep next to the blue sapphire gemstone.


5 Dreams after wearing blue sapphire

What Happened After Wearing Blue Sapphire

You will also get some dreams after wearing the blue sapphire gemstone. Note that dreams are an essential part of life, and they help you to relax and also to delve into your subconscious, where your dreams are hidden.

If you wear blue sapphire jewelry, you may experience specific dreams, which is expected because of the features of the blue sapphire.

The blue sapphire is one of the most valuable sapphire stones, the most powerful. Its metaphysical properties include improved well-being, familial relationship, and abundance.

What Happened After Wearing Blue Sapphire

It also offers protection and several healing benefits that boost your health. But there is more, and wearing or sleeping with a sapphire gemstone under your pillow will bring you several dreams that have different meanings, so you should be aware of this.


1. Wish Dreams

What Happened After Wearing Blue Sapphire

A wish dream represents your desires, which are often displayed in dreams. Sometimes, these dreams are subconscious, and they can be very surprising to you.

Even so, these desires will be manifested as dreams through different symbols, which often happens when wearing the blue sapphire.


2. Discharge dreams

What Happened After Wearing Blue Sapphire

We refer to these dreams as nightmares, and they cause anxiety. These dreams are confusing, but they also reveal our fears, allowing us to take time to think about these fears.

Though scary, these dreams will enable you to realize powerful emotional discharges; you will wake up energetic and cheerful because the extra weight or tension has been released from your Psyche.


3. Repetitive dreams

What Happened After Wearing Blue Sapphire

When wearing or sleeping with the blue sapphire, you may realize that you have the same dream repeatedly.

In most cases, such dreams point to a problem that has remained unsolved in the past, and as the dream recurs, it helps you to understand and resolve it.


4. Prophetic dreams

What Happened After Wearing Blue Sapphire

With the blue sapphire, you may also get prophetic dreams that warn of upsetting and happy moments.

These dreams encourage the dreamer to keep thinking about their future.


5. Warning Dreams

What Happened After Wearing Blue Sapphire

The warning dreams experienced when wearing the blue sapphire is often a warning signal for when someone is on their way to making a mistake, even when they doubt getting tormented.

It means that they know what will happen on the subconscious level, and this is manifested as the warning dream.



The blue sapphire is a powerful stone with immense physical and health benefits.

Besides bringing you good fortune, the stones may help you beat insomnia, relax, and avoid problems.

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