What Gemstones Should Not Be Worn Together? – (Check This List)

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Wearing some gemstones and crystals together is not always the best idea, which means that even though some of the mixed gemstones look great together, there are circumstances when you should avoid mixing the gemstones.

In this article, we’ll be sharing tips and tricks on what you need to know about gemstones and the fact that not all gemstones and should be mixed.

So, keep reading to learn more about gemstones and their interactions.


What gemstones should not be worn together?

Generally, there are two main types of gemstones, the Dev or Sur gemstones and the Daitya or the Asur gemstones. These names pertain to the gemstones’ association with the sun, the moon, and the planets.

In this regard, the planets that belong to the Dev Group are the moon, the sun, Mars, and Jupiter, while the planets in the Daitya group are associated with the planets Venus, Saturn, and Mercury.

With this in mind, what you need to know about the gemstones that shouldn’t be worn together is this:

  • The gemstones that are compatible with each other are pearls, red coral, ruby, and yellow sapphire.
  • The other gemstones that are compatible with each other include blue sapphires, white sapphires, and emeralds.
  • The gemstones in these two groups should not be worn together, and if you feel a little confused, you may want to look for recommendations from a professional astrologer.


Gemstones you shouldn’t wear with pearls


If you are wearing pearls, you shouldn’t wear other pieces of jewelry made of gemstones like diamonds, emeralds/Panna, Hessonite (Gomed), blue sapphire or Neelam, cat’s eye, or Lehsunia (Vaidurya).

Astrologically, wearing a pearl with these other gemstones would lessen the moon’s inauspicious effects.

And in other cases, wearing these gemstones together would result in a heightened state of mental stress.


Gemstones you shouldn’t wear with Emeralds or Panna

What Gemstones Should Not Be Worn Together

If you like emeralds, you should not wear the emeralds with pearls or with any other gemstones like the Topaz or the Red Coral.

Astrologically, mixing these gemstones would diminish the bad effects of the planet Mercury.

And wearing emeralds alongside pearls, topaz, or the Red Coral is believed to have the potential of causing wealth loss.


Gemstones you shouldn’t wear with the Cat’s Eye

What Gemstones Should Not Be Worn Together

 The Cat’s eye stone is known for its healing benefits, but you should not wear it along with the rubies, red coral, or the topaz.

If combined, you may experience too many problems in your life, which is why you should not mix them.


Gemstones that you shouldn’t mix with blue sapphires

What Gemstones Should Not Be Worn Together

Blue sapphire or Neelam is a gemstone that is associated with the planet Saturn, and if you wear it, you shouldn’t wear the blue sapphire with red rubies, red coral, cat’s eye stone, or pearls.

Combining these gemstones will have a negative effect on your life.


Other gemstone combinations to avoid

What Gemstones Should Not Be Worn Together

  • You should never wear rubies with other gemstones or jewelry containing sapphires, garnet, diamonds, or the cat’s eye.
  • Don’t wear quartz gemstones with opals, pearls, or moonstone.
  • Avoid the temptation to wear diamonds with emerald stones or yellow sapphires.
  • Don’t mix blue sapphires with pearls, rubies, or coral. This is because the Saturnian blue sapphire gemstones aren’t to be mixed with the gemstones associated with the moon, sun, or mars.
  • Again, rubies and pearls do not mix because you cannot combine the gemstones associated with the moon, the sun, and Venus.
  • Don’t mix diamonds with pearls and rubies because you cannot combine gemstones associated with Venus, the sun, and the moon.
  • Avoid combining the cat’s eye or the element of Ketu with the stones and crystals that relate to the Moon and the Sun.
  • You should also avoid wearing the red corals with the transparent blue and green gemstones to avoid the harmful combinations that are associated with the Sun, Mars, and planet Mercury.


The other way to look at this is as outlined below:

What Gemstones Should Not Be Worn Together

  • Generally, the sunstones should be kept away from the stones associated with the planets Venus and Saturn because they are antagonistic, and their vibrational energies would never align. So, don’t wear the ruby with the cat’s eye, diamonds, sapphire, and garnet.
  • Quartz stones are not compatible with minerals like opals, moonstone, and pearls. These are antagonistic binaries, and in Hindu lore, Ketu and Rahu couldn’t be placed side by side because of their antagonism.
  • Also, venus and Mercury gemstones shouldn’t be kept together, also because of the antagonistic forces that make them naturally incompatible.
  • Don’t mix mercury and moonstones.
  • Don’t wear Saturn stones with the stones associated with the moon, sun, or Mars. Don’t mix the fiery rubies with the blue sapphires or the blue sapphires with corals or pearls.
  • Wear the cat’s eye stone alone and not with any other gemstones.
  • Don’t mix the martian red corals with the green or blue gemstones.


So, why should you not mix these gemstones?

What Gemstones Should Not Be Worn Together

Well, for starters, combining Air and water creates negative energy, while water and fire, which are opposites, tend to destroy each other.

Fire and the Earth also have positive energies, and mixing any of these two combinations would create conflict.


Which gemstones can you wear together?

What Gemstones Should Not Be Worn Together

Now that you know which two gemstones you should not wear together let’s take a look at some of the safe gemstone combinations.

  • Wear the rubies with emeralds, yellow sapphire, pearls, or the Italian red corals.
  • The pearls are also quite compatible with corals and rubies
  • You could wear diamond with emeralds, grenades or garnets, or the blue sapphires
  • And you can wear the cat’s eye with blue sapphires.  


Simple pairing guidelines for gemstones

What Gemstones Should Not Be Worn Together

  • Air stones are compatible with each other. And earth stones are also all compatible with each other, as is the case with firestones and water stones. In other words, elements in the same lane will always be in harmony with each other.
  • Just because the gemstones are of the same color or have complementing colors doesn’t mean that they complement each other.



Not sure what gemstones to wear together, follow the simple guidelines above. Read more useful tips here or here!

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