What Finger Do You Wear A Cartier Love Ring On? – Our Advice

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Does wearing the Cartier Love Ring on a specific finger makes the ring look better than if you have it on another finger? Is there a wrong or right way to wear the Carter Love ring?

Well, when it comes to this classic and super simple but also elegant ring, there appears to be a preferable way for you to wear the love ring.

And most people note that there is no better way to wear the love ring than having it on your ring finger in the right hand, unless the ring also doubles as a wedding ring, in which case you’d wear it alongside your engagement ring on your left hand.

But is this the only wear to wear the Love ring? Isn’t this the traditional way, and aren’t there better options?

Well, we’ll answer all that here.


Can you wear a Cartier love ring every day?

What finger do you wear a Cartier love ring on

Even before we look at what the right finger for the love ring is, you may want to know more about the comfort levels of this Cartier love ring and if it is safe for you to wear the ring every day.

Well, you will be happy to know that you can comfortably wear the Cartier Love Ring on a daily basis if you want to, just in the same way that you may opt to wear this ring only on special occasions.

Although it is a piece of high-end jewelry, it is the kind of jewelry that you decide how often or frequently you’d like to have it on.

The versatility of this luxurious ring and the fact that it elevates your look, even when you haven’t done your nails, is what makes this ring the perfect kind of ring for everyday wear.


Can you shower with a Cartier love ring?

What Finger Do You Wear A Cartier Love Ring On

Yes, you could shower with your Cartier Love ring. The design of the Love ring is such that you cannot remove it very easily, but the ring has a nice, snug, and comfortable fit, which means that the ring will not fall out easily.

It is also durable, and you can bathe with the ring every day. Just make sure to take the ring off in large bodies of water like the ocean or the swimming pool.


What finger do you wear a Cartier love ring on?

What finger do you wear a Cartier love ring on

There are no hard or fast rules that govern the wearing of rings, and because we live in an essentially free world, you can wear the ring on any finger that feels the most comfortable to you, and also one that is more your style.

If you need some guidance on this, however, you may want to wear the ring on the ring finger, on either hand – the choice is yours here.

Overall, the finger that you choose to wear the ring on will depend on the purpose of the ring. So, if your Love ring is also doubling as your wedding ring, you’d wear it on your left-hand ring finger, alongside your engagement ring.

However, if the ring is more of a special accessory other than a wedding or engagement ring, you could stack it on your middle finger or even the little pinky – the latter works if this is your preferred style, or if the ring turned out to be smaller than expected, yet it looks perfect on the pinky.

What finger do you wear a Cartier love ring on

If you stack your rings on the ring finger, you can wear the Love ring on the ring finger, too, alongside the other rings. That said, a fun way of wearing the Cartier ring might involve wearing it on your smaller finger or the middle finger if you worry that it may fall off.

But if you prefer stacking the rings on one finger, you could still keep it on your ring finger, as the first ring, the stack it with the other rings which will anchor it, while also giving the love ring that nice, edgy look.

Bear in mind that if you have longer, slimmer fingers, stacking will allow you to stack the rings, even if the Love ring is a little too big.


Tips for wearing Cartier love ring for your daily outfit

What Finger Do You Wear A Cartier Love Ring On

Want to incorporate your Cartier Love ring into your daily style, but you’re feeling a little lost about how to wear it? Here are some fun and practical ideas for you:


1. The simple, classic way of wearing your Cartier Love ring

What finger do you wear a Cartier love ring on

Generally, this means that you can wear the ring on whichever finger you feel most comfortable with. This could be either of your ring fingers, the middle finger, or the pinky finger.

What matters here is what feels most comfortable to you. But if you are wearing the ring as a wedding ring, it will sit well on your left-hand ring finger.


2. Stack it alongside other rings

What Finger Do You Wear A Cartier Love Ring On

This is the other fun way of wearing the Love ring. Essentially, you want to stack it along with the other rings that match your style, which could be other fashion rings or maybe your engagement, wedding, and anniversary rings.

If the ring is a little big for you, think of wearing it as the base ring, then stack it with the other rings, which will anchor it in place beautifully.

Stacking not only looks stylish, but it also means that you wouldn’t have to worry about the Love ring falling off. The other rings also stop the love ring from being too big or looking big, hence a fun, well-put-together look.


3. Cartier Love Ring Necklace Pendant, anyone?

What finger do you wear a Cartier love ring on

For a simple, fun, and chic way to wear your Cartier love ring, go against the grain and wear the necklace as a necklace pendant. This is always a fun look and gives off a vintage and romantic feel to any look.

Just thread the ring on good quality and equally elegant-looking chain, then fasten the chain back the normal way and wear it over a nice dress or top.

Just be careful not to use a ribbon or a string in place of the chain because the thread could loosen or get caught in the earrings, and you could lose the ring.


4. How about the Cartier Love Ring as a Charm Necklace?

What Finger Do You Wear A Cartier Love Ring On

If you love wearing charm necklaces as much as we do, you should consider wearing the ring a charm.

You can add other nice pendants or varying shapes and sizes, or even try mixing metals. Let your creativity flow, you will be happy with the outcome, and the style works all the time.



Your Cartier Love Ring is easily one of your most prized possessions, and you will be happy to know that there are many fun, comfortable, and practical ways of wearing the ring.

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