What Earrings Are Best for Thick Earlobes? – Check Our Advice

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Looking for advice and ideas on how to dress your earlobes perfectly? or do you want to know what earrings are best for thick Earlobes?

This is for you! But even before we share our practical tips for the best earrings for thick earlobes, we’ll start by saying that you need to be more confident in your skin, and your earlobes are perfect as they are.

While we didn’t always have this confidence level, and we rolled our eyes the first time someone said the words above, these words are exactly what we needed to hear to come up with the solutions we’re sharing here.

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Embracing you, just as you are, is a big first step because it opens up your world to possibilities, and you stop trying to fit into a box you don’t fit into.

Acceptance is what allows you to curate solutions that work for you. Otherwise, you will continue struggling.

Keep in mind that when you have thick earlobes, most of the regular earrings will not work well for you, and you will only end up struggling with pressure and/or irritation when you have the earrings on.

So, which are the best, trendy, stunning, and comfortable earrings for thick earlobes?


1. Butterfly Screw Back Stud Earrings

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It doesn’t matter how your earlobes are; the stud earrings with butterfly screw backs will always feel comfortable. The butterfly screw backs allow you to adjust the tightness of the earrings easily, and they feel very gentle on your ears and make your thick earlobes look perfectly cute, and you will not suffer any irritation.

Essentially, the flat surface of the other types of backs that come in contact with your ear increases the ear’s level of sensitivity, and the butterfly backs counter this flaw and prevent discomfort.


2. Drop Chain or Threader Earrings

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This might sound like a somewhat crazy option on the list, but if you have at least two holes in each ear, this threader or drop chain earrings will be the perfect type of earrings for you, especially with thick lobes.

Essentially, the extra length of the chains makes these earrings so much more flexible and comfortable, and they will enhance your appearance in an instance.


3.  Drop Hook Earrings

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You should also start wearing the drop hook earrings with thick earlobes. With a rather long history that goes back to the earliest roots of humanity’s existence, these earrings commonly seen in historical statues and across cultures would be the perfect choice for anyone with thick earlobes.

These earrings are easy to wear, and you will pull off the look so effortlessly. You only need to follow the natural cue from these earrings.

They will come out of the other side elegantly, and you wouldn’t have to worry about these earrings feeling tight or uncomfortable against the ears, especially with thick earlobes.

The historical aspect of these earrings makes them extra unique and the perfect, comfortable option for the earlobes, especially if yours are thick.


4. Hoop and Cuff Earrings

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The other earrings type that you could try out if you have thick earlobes would be the post-free hoop earrings, the ear cuffs, as well as the post-and-clip earrings.

These are ideal options for persons with thick earlobes, with the post-free hoop earrings are preferred for most people because they have a hidden overall design.

Also, the spring-activated closure for the earrings easily and comfortably hugs the earlobes, whether you have pierced your ears or not.The ear cuffs are also ideal for you if you have thick earlobes because they fit very snugly on the edge of the ear rather than the earlobe.

Then you have the post-and-clip earrings, which combine the traditional design of the earring posts with the hinged wire clip, snapping the post in place easily for a more secure fit.


5. Always keep things simple

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If you are into stud or button earrings, you could try magnetic earrings or long-post earrings. Clip-on earrings could also be a good option for you if you don’t have pierced earlobes but still need more of a decorative feature added – the hinged clip design of the earrings ensure maximum comfort. The magnetic earrings with no posts will also be a good option for you if you have thick earlobes.


6. Choose uniquely designed earrings

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The other earrings that work best for thick earlobes are the French hoops, threaders, kidney hooks, and leverback earrings. The leverback earrings have a fixed hook and a hinged back that ensures comfort while preventing irritation of the earlobes.



If you have thick earlobes, you need to carefully choose your earrings because you’d quickly get irritated if the earrings are a tad too small or tight.

But with the recommendations above, your earlobes will be happy.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!