What Ear Piercings Suit What Face Shape (Easy Guide)

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While there’s the perception that you can wear any earrings you want, the reality is that some will look better on you, while others won’t compliment you as well. In this guide, we look at the piercings and earrings that best suit the shape of your face.

It is practical and also something that you take with you throughout life. It will help align your earring choices and get what indeed works for you.

Let’s dive in.


How to know what ear-piercing suits you

Getting the right ear-piercing for you from the variety out there can feel nerve-wracking; you don’t want to remain stuck with a piercing you don’t like. The quickest way, and fastest way as well, is to get your hands on magnetic earrings or art supplies, whichever ones are easiest to get your hands on.

However, before that, be sure to identify the types of piercings that you’re interested in. Get images of the same as you want to know how exactly they look and the options available. Once you select those that appeal to you the most, take the magnetic earrings or supplies and place them where the piercings would go. You can use glue that is skin-friendly for that purpose.

 From there, take photos of the various piercings examples that you want. You can then go through the images, alone or with someone, and see that look suits your best. Also, remember to search online on how painful each piercing is. It’s essential so that you can align it with your pain threshold too. For example, it’s worth noting that the lobe is the least painful, while the cartridges tend to be a lot more painful.

Once you know the ear-piercing that suits you, you can then go about getting the jewelry that works best for your face shape. The next session addressed the types to go for, primarily if you want your earlobes pierced.


Wearing the right earrings for your face

There are six different face shapes: inverted triangle, oval, round, heart, long and square. Here, we are going to look at the types of earrings that best suit these face shapes. That way, you can make the right call when you’re out purchasing earrings that best suit you.

Inverted Triangle shape: Those with inverted triangle shape faces tend to have a wider chin and a narrower chin. You, therefore, what your earring to take the focus away from your forehead and more on your chin. The perfect way to draw people’s eyes to that area is wearing teardrop earrings or chandelier earrings. Overall, longer earrings work best.

Oval face: Those with oval faces can wear almost any shape and type of earrings they like; you can consider them the lucky group of people. If you want to draw eyes to your cheekbones, then even simple studs do a perfect job in that.

Round face: those with round faces means that the fullest part of their face is the cheekbone, and they don’t have an ultra-defined chin. For that reason, you want to wear earrings that elongate your face and not emphasize the roundness. That means getting earrings that dangle instead of circular earrings of any kind. Those only end up highlighting the roundness of your face.

Heart-shaped face: for those with heart-shaped faces tend to have a sharper chin and a broader forehead. To balance it out, you should also opt for teardrop or chandelier earrings. Additionally, opt for those that for a broader base as they tend to make the chin’s features less exaggerated.

Long face: those with long faces means that the overall width of their faces is narrow. For that reason, you want earrings that make your face look wider. That means wearing studs and other earrings that don’t fall far from the earlobes. The best kind of earrings to also go for are round ones.

Square face: if you do have a square face, your forehead and jawline are similar widths. You, therefore, want to opt for earrings that smoothen out your face to make it look oval. The best way to achieve that is round-edge earrings that of medium to long length. You want to stay away from anything square or similar as it only lays more emphasis on the squareness of your face.



No matter your face shape, you also want to go for suggested earrings that suit the occasion, lifestyle, and personality as well. They should be an extension of your self-expression, but also something that complements and completes your outfit.

When you are more mindful about how your face looks and what works for you, it only further boosts your confidence, and you’re well assured that you’ll get compliments all the time.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!