What Does Wearing The Miraculous Medal Mean? – Quick Answers

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The Miraculous Medal is undoubtedly one of the most popular, powerful, and meaningful medals in the Catholic church.

All Catholics and even non-Catholics or non-Christians believe that this medal is essential, which means that wearing the medal is important.

It is a Marian symbol representing the wearer’s devotion to the Virgin Mary. But before it was called The Miraculous Medal, the medal was referred to as the Medal of the Immaculate Conception.

This name was given to the medal by St. Catherine, who was instructed to make the medal by the Blessed Mother herself.


What does wearing the Miraculous Medal mean?

What Does Wearing The Miraculous Medal Mean

This medal was first designed and created in 1830, and as per the Blessed Mary’s instructions to St. Catherine, all those who wore the medal would receive great graces, especially when wearing the medal around the neck.

But that is not all; this medal is also believed to have the power to give the wearer great graces through intercessions made through Mary Mother of God, particularly for all who wore the medal devoutly.

It is believed that Blessed Mary instructed St. Catherine that all who wore the blessed medal around their neck would receive endless, extraordinary, and abundant graces. The wearers were also instructed to wear the medal confidently.


So, what does it mean always to wear the Miraculous Medal?

1. It means that the wearer is dedicated to both Mary and Jesus Christ

What Does Wearing The Miraculous Medal Mean

The Miraculous Medal is the most important symbol of the wearer’s dedication to the Blessed Mother and Jesus Christ. Its design is a clear symbol of this.

It features a prayer to Mary, asking her to pray for the person wearing it and to offer them recourse, as was directed to St. Catherine in her vision of Mary in 1830.

The M and the Cross on the reverse side of the medal also symbolize this dedication, with M representing Mary and the Mediatrix standing for the prayers made to her and Jesus Christ.

Then you have the Bar and the Cross that surmount the name of the Blessed Mary and also symbolize the suffering of Christ on the Cross, as well as the redemption that was received as a result.

So, in many ways, wearing this medal symbolizes the dedication you have to Christ and Blessed Mary while also reminding you of her Presence, specifically on the cross’s foot at the time of Christ’s death.


2. Wearing the Miraculous Medal shows that you have faith

What Does Wearing The Miraculous Medal Mean

In addition to being some kind of religious charm that brings you good fortune and graces, wearing the Miraculous Medal is the most outward way to show your faith to the world. Wearing and believing in its powers signifies that you believe that God watches us and knows all our needs.

The Globe on which Mary stands on this medal shows that she is crushing the serpent under her feet, symbolizing her assumption to heaven.

You wearing the medal indicates that you believe in Mary’s Graces and that she overcome evil, so you have faith that praying to her or through her will bring you what your heart desires.


3. It means that you expect the graces of the Blessed Mary, Mother of God

What Does Wearing The Miraculous Medal Mean

The biggest meaning associated with this medal is that it carries and offers great graces and that whoever wears it will also receive great graces from Mary.

This show of faith and believe that you will receive a miracle when you wear the medal is further depicted by the rays that project from Mary’s hands.

The rays represent the graces that will come your way when you wear the medal and, most importantly, when you ask for her Graces or Miracles.


4. Dedication to the Church

What Does Wearing The Miraculous Medal Mean

Wearing the Miraculous Medal points to your belief in what the Blessed Mother can do for you if you ask in intercession and shows that you are dedicated to the Church.

In addition to your faith, wearing the medal shows your dedication to the church through the 12 apostles. The backside of the medal also features 12 stars which, according to the New Testament, represent the Twelve Apostles that form the church.

So, wearing it not only points to your dedication to Jesus and Mary but also the church and that you believe in all three.


5. Church Membership

What Does Wearing The Miraculous Medal Mean

Since the Miraculous Medal is technically a Catholic Sacramental, individuals who wear it are often Catholics, and when you wear it, it usually means that you are Catholic.

This is the reason why Non-Catholics wearing it are often mistaken for Catholics.


6. Support to the Unfortunate

What Does Wearing The Miraculous Medal Mean

When you wear the Miraculous Medal, it often means that you are a Catholic faithful who not only believes in receiving great graces from Blessed Mary but also shows support to the   unfortunate people in society.

This comes from the old story and one of the first stories associated with the medal in 1830, a time when Paris was plagued by poverty and had countless refugees from the Napoleonic wars, which had only recently ended.

As the country reeled and healed from the political and economic hardships at the time, the Miraculous Medal became a symbol of hope, with many who wore it believing that it turned things around for them.

And so, today, wearing the Miraculous Medal carries a lot of meaning as it’s seen as a global symbol of hope for the lowly and individuals going through a tough time.


7. A Reminder of the Love and Passion of Christ for all Humanity

What Does Wearing The Miraculous Medal Mean

The Miraculous Medal also symbolizes the love and passion of Christ, as is represented by the two adorned with thorns.

Wearing the medal, therefore, is a reminder of what Christ went through for the forgiveness of our sins.

The fire shooting from the hearts signifies the purity and the intensity of the love shared between Christ and Mary.


8. Prayerful

What Does Wearing The Miraculous Medal Mean

With the Novenas associated with the Miraculous Medal, wearing it often means that you are a prayerful person.



If you’re wondering why people wear the Miraculous Medal, these are just some reasons.

For the most part, the medal signifies the grace wearers get from wearing this medal.

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