What Does the Evil Eye Necklace Mean?(Detailed Guide)

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The evil eye necklace is not your ordinary glamor necklace. It is a talisman for self-protection against evil spirits. This talisman is popular in many cultures worldwide.

Many people wear it for good luck and protection. You might have come across the evil eye and wanted to purchase or wear it for whatever reason.

Some superstitious folks revere this piece of jewelry and wear it like a god. In this post, we are going to decipher the truth from the myths surrounding the evil eye necklace. Keep reading to find out whether you should wear one or not.


What is THE EVIL EYE Necklace?

What Does the Evil Eye Necklace Mean

The evil eye is an ancient amulet worn to wade off evil spirits. It is designed in the shape of the eye and comes in various colors.

Traditionally, this eye was only available in blue and green. The evil eye is traced to Greek culture and it existed in 6 BC. The culture of the evil eye has since spread to West Asia and the Mediterranean.

As the design suggests, the evil eye necklace is meant to stare and bring bad luck to the person it is intended for. This glare is malicious and is meant to impose a curse on an unwitting person.

No matter the culture, the evil eye has retained its meaning and reason for wearing. The evil eye necklace has also been associated with religions like Islam, Buddhism, Jewish, and Christianity where the teachers of these religions warned their followers to keep off the evil eye.


Can you wear an Evil Eye Necklace?

What Does the Evil Eye Necklace Mean

Yes, you can, but it all depends on your beliefs and how superstitious you are. Two reasons can make you wear the evil eye necklace; you can wear it simply because of its beauty, or to protect yourself from evil and also to place curses on the people that you dislike.

As creepy as the second reason might be, some people believe that the evil eye necklace gives them some kind of superpower to curse.

It is believed to bring a tornado of misfortunes to the person it is intended for. Well, I have never worn one, so I’m in no position to agree or dispute these beliefs. Things don’t always work as we intend and the intended recipient could also be a proud owner of an evil eye.

In this case, the evil eye when worn by the intended recipient detects the negative energy from the sender and sends it right back to the sender.

This way, it accomplishes its purpose to protect from evil spirits. However, this reason should not scare you from wearing it for beauty as it has stunning colors and sparkles.


Is It Bad luck to Buy Yourself an Evil Eye?

What Does the Evil Eye Necklace Mean

The answer to this lies squarely in personal beliefs. For those who wear it for its beauty or the sheer ignorance of its meaning, it is not bad luck to buy one.

However, if you believe in its ancient meaning, it is bad luck to buy it for yourself. It is best gifted to you by someone who feels you need its protection.  

If you are buying one to place curses on unsuspecting victims, you might want to practice a little more tolerance as the curse can bounce back to you if the intended person also wears one.

 Some cultures are strict on the rule of never purchasing an evil eye for yourself while others don’t mind at all. The way around this is to get someone to purchase it for you because we don’t want any bad luck coming your way.

If your culture is permissive or you simply don’t come from a culture that believes in this talisman, you can grab one for yourself with no consequences.


Evil Eye Necklace Meaning

What Does the Evil Eye Necklace Mean

As we had mentioned earlier, the evil eye was traditionally available in blue or green. However, more colors have been assimilated into the evil eye belief and they all have a meaning.

Some of the most common colors include the blue evil eye, the red, black, gold, and diamond evil eyes. The wearer depicts a unique meaning with each color of the talisman.

Some wearers just wear them for the beauty and they have one of each color, but those whose cultures have the evil eye necklace wear it for specific reasons as we shall see below.


 The Blue evil eye

What Does the Evil Eye Necklace Mean

This color is what you will commonly come across. This color symbolizes good karma and good luck. It is believed to project creativity, commitment, and protection against the evil eye.

The blue eye can also be seen in a light blue shade. This symbolizes the extent of the sky and means the broadening of horizons for the wearer.


The Red evil eye

What Does the Evil Eye Necklace Mean

The red evil eye is the color of courage and strength. It gets its symbolism from the red color of fire.

The wearer should have no problems facing any difficult situations while wearing this talisman as the fir within this talisman has the ability o consume any hurdles.


The Black evil eye

What Does the Evil Eye Necklace Mean

This evil eye is also called the guardian’s eye. It is shaped like a human eye with a black iris. The wearer of the black evil eye talisman will wade off evil spirits and receive protection.

It gives the virtue of strength and the ability to overcome all life’s obstacles.


The Gold evil eye

What Does the Evil Eye Necklace Mean

This is the color of the sun and also the color of a precious metal. Sometimes it’s called the yellow evil eye.

It is a symbol of great energy and the power to overcome health issues. The gold evil eye keeps the wearer on focus. This is a sign of good luck.


The Diamond evil Eye

What Does the Evil Eye Necklace Mean

The diamond evil eye pendant is worn as a sign of beauty. It projects harm and beauty to the wearer. The diamond evil eye attracts positive karma and good luck.


Why Wear the EVIL EYE Necklace?

What Does the Evil Eye Necklace Mean

People wear these talismans for various reasons. Celebrity actress and the Duchess of Sussex has been spotted with an evil eye pendant which she explains that it keeps off any negative energy.

Like Meghan, many wearers have it for protection and good karma. If you could be at risk of other evil eyes, the talisman will ensure your safety from any malevolent evil eyes.

On the other hand, you can wear it as a great accessory if you do not attach it to any superstition. Some people believe that wearing this talisman symbolizes power and strength and the ability to self-protect from the dangers of negative energy.

We all have our reasons to do what we do and wearing an evil eye necklace boils down to a person’s choices and beliefs.



The Evil eye necklace has seen some modernization as some more colors continue to be added to this lucky and evil charm. The good or the bad luck depends on the intentions of the wearer.

Others just love the colors and the design and wear it as a mere accessory. The evil eye is a great tradition that has withstood the test of time.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!