What Does It Mean When Your Wedding Ring Falls Off?

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There are superstitious beliefs about everything around us, and if you believe in superstition or don’t, you will find this an exciting read. Today, we’re talking about wedding rings and the beliefs about your wedding ring’s meaning falling off.

More importantly, we’ll be answering the question, is it a big deal if your wedding ring falls off? And what should you do to prevent your wedding ring from falling off?


What does it mean when your wedding ring falls off?

Logically, it means absolutely nothing when your wedding ring falls off. If anything, it could mean that the ring is probably more than a size bigger, and so, thanks to gravity, plus the loose fit, the ring fell – it is nature; it had to fall. A ring won’t stay on if it’s in the wrong size.

What Does It Mean When Your Wedding Ring Falls Off

That said, your beliefs matter in such cases. Your thoughts that turn into words also matter, so it is often said that both life and death lie in the power of your tongue, and we create our realities with our thoughts and words.

So, whatever you believe in may come to pass or might be the truth for you. So, if your wedding ring falls off accidentally, and you believe that to be a sign of things going awry in your marriage, that could be the case.

A wedding ring falling off means nothing more than that – it slipped. Rings slip all the time, they are small, delicate things that slip easily, and you hardly have control over the ring falling.

As mentioned above, if your wedding ring falls off, it often means that the ring is in the wrong size and it’s too big for your finger. That ring needs resizing.

There is also a superstition that a ring dropping before the ring ceremony is believed to be a bad omen and that the person who drops the ring will be the first one to die out of all the people witnessing the wedding.


Is it bad luck if your wedding ring falls off on your wedding day?

World of Superstition

Even with the logical explanations above, there are a whole load of superstitious people all around us who believe that a wedding ring falling off is more than an accident, and so you should be scared if your wedding ring falls off.

What Does It Mean When Your Wedding Ring Falls Off

According to superstition, a wedding ring falling or dropping on the wedding day, before the ring ceremony, means that the person who dropped the ring will be the first to die out of all the people witnessing the wedding.

And so, whether the ring is held by the ring bearer or already in the hands of the bride or groom, you must be careful not to drop the ring.

The belief that a loose wedding ring is likely to fall off the finger is a sign that you may part ways soon after. So, if you are superstitious, maybe get the ring resized ahead of time.

However, this is not a superstitious belief held by everyone, with other people believing that the wedding ring falling during the ceremony is something good.

If the bride or the groom drops the wedding ring, this action is said to have the power to shake and release negative and evil spirits. And by doing this, the aura of the new couple is cleansed, and so, they get to walk into their married life happy and lead a happy, long, harmonious marriage life full of love.


Is it bad luck if your wedding ring breaks?

What Does It Mean When Your Wedding Ring Falls Off

It is believed that your wedding ring breaking is a sign of a bad thing coming up, more like a foreshadowing for the marriage breaking up.

And so, for you to fix the bad luck, the husband needs to place the ring back on after it’s fixed or replaced – doing this should fix things as it symbolizes the new sense of unity developed initially before and during the wedding ceremony.


7 Other Wedding Ring Superstitions You Might be Interested In

If you are superstitious, these are the other beliefs associated with the wedding rings and what they mean. We think that these will interest you.

1. The ring is too tight.

What Does It Mean When Your Wedding Ring Falls Off

If your wedding ring fits too tightly, it could symbolize a stifled marriage or relationship. Surprisingly, this is one of the most common superstitious beliefs about wedding rings.

A tight-fitting wedding ring is not considered a sign of added weight or wrong sizing for the superstitious people, rather something that may spark jealousy in the marriage. It is also said that a wedding ring that is too tight symbolizes a stifled or strangled, and will unhappy and unsuccessful, ultimately.


2. Loose-fitting wedding ring

On the other side of things, you have the myths around the loose-fitting wedding rings, a popular one being the belief that the loose-fitting sign is a sign that the couple will part ways.

Many other people will argue that a ring with a loose fit will be lost quickly and that it means that the size of the ring is wrong.

Still, for others, the loose ring will not just get lost (which means something else ominous) but a sign of forgetfulness in marriage, which will create discord, ultimately forcing you two to part ways.

What Does It Mean When Your Wedding Ring Falls Off

3. A tradition of dropping the wedding ring on the wedding day, intentionally.

The risk of losing the ring altogether notwithstanding, some people believe that it is important to drop the wedding rings just before the ring ceremony to remove the evil spirit that may be carried into the lives of the couple once married.

Supposedly, doing this gets rid of all negativity and will lead to a long, happy, prosperous marriage since it cleanses the aura of the married couple.


4. Itching ring fingers

For persons who are not married or engaged, itchiness on the wedding ring is believed to be a good omen that symbolizes that you are about to be married or engaged.

And that if you notice itching on your ring finger, marriage or an engagement could be in the cards for you.

What Does It Mean When Your Wedding Ring Falls Off

5. The wedding ring goes on the left hand because it connects to the heart.

Ancient Egyptians believed that a blood vessel existed running solely from the left hand’s ring finger to the heart.

And so, it made more sense to wear the ring on this finger and not on the other fingers.

While this myth has been disapproved since there is no biological evidence supporting the claim, the tradition of wearing the wedding ring on the left-hand ring finger lives on.


6. Should you try on your wedding ring?

We ask this because there are people who believe that if you try on your wedding ring before the wedding ceremony, bad luck will befall you.

However, this old superstition is one of the most ignored beliefs because people all over try on their wedding rings before the day, with nothing harmful happening to them.

We also need to mention that trying on your wedding ring is necessary, and you must find the right fitting ring.

But again, some individuals believe in this, so they employ alternative methods to determine the correct ring size.

What Does It Mean When Your Wedding Ring Falls Off

7. Gold or Silver Rings

Traditionally, wedding rings were either gold or silver and not other metals. The reason for this is that it was believed that gold and/or silver for wedding rings represented a display of complete faith and trust in the love shared; and the value of gifting your partner a precious piece of jewelry.



There are just a few of the numerous myths and superstitions about wedding rings. Most of them have been held on to for many years, but others have been dispelled.

For most people, these myths are untrue and that nothing terrible will happen to you because your ring fell off or broke.

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