What Does It Mean When Your Ex Still Wears Your Jewelry?

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Wondering what it means to keep wearing a necklace or bracelet or even earrings gifted to you by an ex?

Is there more to it, or is this a normal thing you shouldn’t think about or read much into?

Well, here are our thoughts on the subject.


Why your ex still wears your jewelry?

1. No grudges held

What Does It Mean When Your Ex Still Wears Your Jewelry

The most common and reasonable explanation for your ex wearing the jewelry you got her could be that she was the one that ended things, but at the same time, she doesn’t associate her unhappiness and the end of the relationship with specific material items like jewelry.

It may also mean that she doesn’t feel any negative feelings or emotions associated with the hurt caused or the breakup, primarily because she is actually in love with her associations and emotions.

She doesn’t hold any grudges, and she still appreciates the relationship, the beauty of the jewelry, and what was.

Even if she is the one that called it quits because she’d fallen out of love with you, she doesn’t associate the end of the relationship or the extinguished love with the chain, bracelet, earrings, necklace, or pendant.


2. A Deep Show of Love and Commitment

What Does It Mean When Your Ex Still Wears Your Jewelry

If, on the other hand, she was the dumpee, even despite the hurt, she might still wear the jewelry because she feels and still is attached to you, and so, by wearing the jewelry, she does that out of love and commitment for the giver.

It may mean that she is not yet over the relationship or that she keeps it on, hoping that the two of you will get back together. She keeps it on to prove that she is still loyal, despite everything that has happened.

In some cases, she may still wear the jewelry because she appreciates what the relationship taught her, still appreciates the bond you share, and for the most part, she doesn’t associate the piece of jewelry with the hurt of the relationship ending but with the love, joy, and happiness that was shared.

Even though you dumped her, she still wears the jewelry probably because the breakup didn’t happen too long ago, and so she probably still harbors some feelings for you.

She may have gotten used to wearing the jewelry out of habit, which means that she still wears it as she did in the past; she’s still not ready to let you go just yet.


3. She likes jewelry

What Does It Mean When Your Ex Still Wears Your Jewelry

The other reason she may still wear the jewelry and never seems to want to take it off is that she actually likes the jewelry, which means that she doesn’t even care about the fact that they are no longer dating.

She may also wear the jewelry because it’s become a habit, and they love having it all, and the best part is that it looks great on her, so there is no reason for her to take it off.

So, for the most part, she doesn’t want to stop wearing the jewelry because you’re no longer dating, and to prove that she just loves wearing the jewelry and wouldn’t want to stop wearing it because you’d take it the wrong way or maybe feel that you’d feel that she despises you.

Wearing it would therefore mean that she doesn’t think that the jewelry brings out the worst or sad bits about the relationship ending – that she is not sad, angry, or even uncomfortable, despite what may have transpired in the past.


4. A form of self-expression

What Does It Mean When Your Ex Still Wears Your Jewelry

Despite how things turned out, wearing the jewelry that was gifted to them by an ex is often seen as a form of self-expression by the wearer. In many ways, the jewelry pieces in question likely allow them to express themselves because it complements their outfit.

Letting go of the jewelry could also mean that the wearer is letting go of an important part of who they are and their identity. So, because they love how the jewelry looks and feels, they’re fine with wearing it long after the relationship ends.


5. She just likes the jewelry

What Does It Mean When Your Ex Still Wears Your Jewelry

The other reason your ex may be wearing the jewelry you gifted her could be because she loves the piece or pieces, feels good wearing it, and likes wearing the jewelry despite the story or person behind it.

So, as long as the jewelry matches her style and personality, she will always wear it. This also means that should her fashion taste change in the future, she may stop wearing that piece, and when this happens, she may choose to keep it, sell it, or gift a friend.

While you may find it strange initially that this person you love or loved still wears an old piece that represents a broken past, it may, in its special way, be a small reminder of her love for you and the good moments you had.

The breakup may have hurt, but holding on to a part of it would be a great way of demonstrating that they loved you then very much, and there are parts from the relationship that she will always hold on to. She still appreciates the gift too.


6. She doesn’t think so poorly about you

What Does It Mean When Your Ex Still Wears Your Jewelry

After a relationship, you expect that your ex-lover will hurt you and do everything in their power to hurt you, and in most cases, this means that they will destroy all evidence and keepsakes from the relationship.

But this isn’t always the case. Some men and women hold onto keepsakes from their past relationships because they appreciate the moments in the relationships, and they don’t regret everything in the relationship.

It would also mean that she doesn’t really think as poorly of you as you may have thought she did, and she still appreciates the happy bits of the relationship.

So, she’ll take care of the jewelry and wear it for as long as she wants to. You also need to remember that not all dumped exes get as frustrated with breakups, and they don’t all do the annoying, impulsive things you expect from a hurt ex.


7. Possibility of getting back together

What Does It Mean When Your Ex Still Wears Your Jewelry

Even though this might not be on the horizon and there is practically no possibility of the couple ever getting back together, some exes will still wear the jewelry you bought them because, deep down, they hope they will reconcile with their exes.

Wearing the jewelry, especially where their ex will see them, especially on social media, is their way of telling their ex that they still want to have them back.

After some time, this will change, though, especially when they meet someone new, and they’ll see things in a different light, which means that they will soon abandon the idea of getting back to each other, and when this happens, they will stop wearing the gifts from their exes.



At the end of the day, most people love keepsakes, especially from loved ones. And so, at the end of relationships, especially when things end amicably and one still appreciates the love and the good times they shared, the ex will keep wearing the jewelry that was gifted to them.

Some exes do this because they really love the jewelry, while others will wear the jewelry gifted by the ex as a way of holding on to the memories and hoping they might get back together.

But in general, the reasons vary, and everyone holds on to, or lets go of their past for their own personal reasons.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!