What Does It Mean When Your Crystal Necklace Breaks?

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Regardless of the price tag of your jewelry, the jewelry will break, and your crystal necklace is not spared. In most cases, your crystal necklace will break quite easily, and in many instances, it happens naturally, and it isn’t much you can do about it.

If you have a crystal necklace and believe in the power and effectiveness of your crystal jewelry pieces, the broken chain would undoubtedly mean more than an accident. This article shares insights into everything you need to know about your crystal necklace breaking.


My Crystal necklace broke (Not the crystal, just the chain holding it)

What Does It Mean When Your Crystal Necklace Breaks

Your crystal necklace’s chain could have broken for several reasons, the most common being that the necklace wasn’t built too well and it’s broken because it’s flimsy and past its shelf life.

At the same time, the chain might have broken because it’s nothing big, these kinds of things happen all the time, and you are unlucky that it’s happened to you – you couldn’t have done anything about it.

And based on the thickness and the material used for the chain necklace, the material may have worn out, especially if you wear the necklace regularly or daily, which would mean that it’s just old and worn out. The chain breaking could be a signal for you to replace the chain.

But there is a lot more to the crystal jewelry than meets the eye and forces of wear and tear. The other reason why the chain broke is because of energy overload.

What Does It Mean When Your Crystal Necklace Breaks

What you may not have realized is the fact that the metal alloys and pure metals used as chains for the crystal chains are conduits that carry a significant amount of energy, the same way as the rest of your devices and electronics, like computers and cars.

So, if the crystals are super-charged because you wear the necklaces a lot, the chain would create some sort of self-contained running looping circuit that runs around your chain through the crystal.

This is all because of the little-known metaphysical properties of metals – this is also the reason why you should be careful to match the metals to the crystals or the minerals incorporated in the ring or necklace, and most importantly, the right effects of the art and the metal, and the person who wears it.

If, for instance, you’re having a terrible day and if you are ungrounded because you were dealing with too much negative energy or maybe you were attacking or absorbing too much negative energy from all around you, all that energy would mean that the energy that runs through the chain would be overpowering.

What Does It Mean When Your Crystal Necklace Breaks

It would result in circuit breaking of sorts from the energy, making the chain necklace prone to breaking. For most people, this is a common reason for the chain necklace breaking – some form of wear and tear, if you think about it.

Before you get sterling silver or a copper chain and set the crystal in it, beware of the effects of the metals on the crystals and, most importantly, the energy interactions between these elements.

Think of it this way, don’t overdo gold or silver jewelry because they carry different kinds of energy. While silver pieces are common and are preferred by most women, you shouldn’t overdo it because the silver jewelry may look great on you for daily wear, but it may become too strong when you are in your moon, subconscious, or emotional energies that surface all the time you wear the silver pieces.

What Does It Mean When Your Crystal Necklace Breaks

So, swap it out for silver sometimes – taking it off from time to time might be a good option.

You should also remember that gold is equally important since this metal carries projective, confident, assertive, cheerful, and protective energies, and this male energy ties to your sun energies.

Since silver is connected to the moon, your subconscious, surface emotions, and the dream plane, many crystals do not balance well with silver.

Some of the crystals exalted in silver include opals, moonstone, and turquoise – other crystals are misaligned with silver, so you’d be happier if the other crystals are set in gold. This means that your crystal necklace may break because it may be overwhelmed by your energies.


Is it bad to break a crystal on purpose?

What Does It Mean When Your Crystal Necklace Breaks

The most important thing about crystals is that they are known for their powerful healing effects and wearing jewelry with crystals often helps to enhance balance and alignment. And for this reason, when you break a crystal, you would feel dramatic energy and concern, which may also be disheartening.

According to healers, owners of crystal jewelry pieces often invest a great deal of hope into their crystal pieces, which is why breaking the jewelry pieces is often seen as a sign of bad luck, and it may create bad energies.

In some instances, however, the crystal may break accidentally, or you may have knocked it on a hard surface, meaning it may have a small chip.

What Does It Mean When Your Crystal Necklace Breaks

In most instances, the chip won’t affect its function or energy, and if you are like most people, you will still love the crystal piece as you did when you bought it.

Although others associate it with bad luck, it often is a sign that you’ve owned and loved it, despite the chip, which is expected with any kind of jewelry. In many of these instances, the crystals breaking is not a bad thing at all.


What does it mean when your crystal necklace breaks?

What Does It Mean When Your Crystal Necklace Breaks

Some healers believe that intentionally breaking the crystal is a good thing, a positive omen.

Breaking the crystal can be very helpful because it would be complete, so breaking it releases that energy buildup precisely because that energy represents the energy that may have shifted in the crystal and all energies that may have been held in it.

Since you feel that the crystal has completed its job or the intentions set with it, breaking it is the most natural thing for you.

Most importantly, breaking the crystal means allowing it to return to its natural state when the crystals break up open, exposing large surface areas and, subsequently, more facets for love and healing.


Major Reasons Why Crystals Break?

What Does It Mean When Your Crystal Necklace Breaks

1. Crystals break accidentally just because you dropped them, and they cracked, chipped, or broke, nothing more. Some crystals break because they are delicate and score low on the Mohs scale of hardness, so even the tiniest chips will break the crystal.

2. Radiation exposure, artificially, leads to color change while also making it much more fragile. When this happens, amethyst might look like citrine, and when this happens, your crystal becomes increasingly brittle. These changes may also occur when the crystal is exposed to extreme changes in temperature. Exposure to a high frequency may also make the crystals break.  

3. Since the crystal breaking often means that you no longer need that kind of energy in your life (the energy that was harbored in the crystal), breaking may be a sign of your healing. Alternatively, the crystal could have reached the end of its natural lifestyle – birth followed by life, death, and rebirth.


How to deal with your broken crystals necklace?

What Does It Mean When Your Crystal Necklace Breaks

  • You may choose to mend the crystals, especially in case of a clean break, then maybe wear it again.
  • After fixing it, you could also gift it to a loved one, especially if it’s served its purpose in your life.
  • If you cannot fix the crystal, give it back to its home earth by burying the pieces in the garden. You could also incorporate the crystals in pots as décor.


It’s not such a bad thing if your crystal necklace breaks. The chain may break because of wear and tear, and the crystals often break because of heat or because it’s fulfilled their purpose.

In most cases, you cannot fix the problem of the broken crystal because it is time for the crystals to ascend, and there is hardly much that you can do about it.

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