What Does It Mean When a Guy Has a Nose Piercing?

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After deliberating for months, last week, I got a nose piercing. I have wished to get a piercing upgrade for a long time since I find them very appealing; therefore, when I gained confidence, I got one.

Across the globe, it is normal for a lady to get a piercing; however, some cultures have reservations for guys.

You may ask what it means when a guy has a nose piercing. Guys get nose piercings for different reasons or simply for beauty purposes.

In the review below, get informed on other explanations behind guys’ nose piercings, the pros and cons of nose piercings on a guy, and more information.  


What does it mean when a guy has a nose piercing?

What Does It Mean When a Guy Has a Nose Piercing

While it is normal for females to get nose piercings, guys get them too. Various meanings could explain a nose piercing on a guy.

Many get nose piercings to enhance their appearance; apart from that, other reasons and meanings have been highlighted below.

You can have a nose piercing on different nose positions: nostril, septum, high nostril, vertical lip, bridge, and nasallang.

What Does It Mean When a Guy Has a Nose Piercing

Nasallang is getting three nose piercings, one on the septum, the second on the right nostril, and the third on the left nostril.

Getting a septum piercing can be painful; those who do so wear bullrings or horseshoe rings.

Any piercing position is painful, and you must take proper care to avoid contracting infections. B

elow is a list of some meanings and reasons why guys have nose piercings.


1. Religious and cultural beliefs and customs

What Does It Mean When a Guy Has a Nose Piercing

Back in the 90s, there were cultures where guys pierced their noses to symbolize certain attributes. For example, some believed nose piercings showed bravery, beauty, and commitment.

Other tribes had it as an identity of a specific group in the tribe who played certain roles, such as the warriors.

The men belonging to the Aboriginal tribe adorned nose piercings and so did Native and Eastern American cultures.

What Does It Mean When a Guy Has a Nose Piercing

The most preferred being the septum piercing, where they had bull rings. The piercing matched perfectly with their ragged attire.

Tribes with nose piercings used gold, silver, bones, and wood to make the pieces. In recent times, guys who have nose piercings may do so to appreciate and honor their culture. Guys blend nose piercings with the current trends to create a unique modern style.


2. He is artistic

What Does It Mean When a Guy Has a Nose Piercing

Art is a form of expression. A good number of men who do nose piercings can be considered art. They choose to show the world their artic side with everything they do.

You may notice men with piercings, mainly dancers, sculptors, designers, musicians, and dancers, who can be described as artists.

Apart from a nose piercing, they are likely to have lip, ear, or eyebrow tip piercings with rings to match. As an artist, they pay attention to every aspect of their presentation which defines their identity.


3. He is adventurous and pushes the gender stereotype limits

What Does It Mean When a Guy Has a Nose Piercing

From way back, society has defined how men and women should dress. Except for a few cultures, a high percentage only allowed women to adore jewelry to enhance beauty.

Therefore, men have always believed jewelry like nose piercings is specifically for women.

Those who refuse to be limited by this gender stereotype are adventurous and daring. Some guys wear nose piercings as gender identification as gay.

They wear it on the left side. However, some want to push the envelope and explore other styles.


4. He shows commitment

What Does It Mean When a Guy Has a Nose Piercing

Women are known to pay more attention to style compared to men. Most men do not have a specific style; they mostly go for whatever works. Those who pay attention to style have certain personalities and belong to certain professions.

When a guy decides to get a nose piercing, it shows a certain level of commitment. They can commit to maintaining an identity.

There is discomfort while getting a nose piercing; some may admit to feeling pain. Therefore when a guy goes ahead to get one, it shows how serious he is with his image.


5. He is conscious of his looks

What Does It Mean When a Guy Has a Nose Piercing

As mentioned, men are less likely to take time to analyze how they dress. A guy with a nose piercing is aware of how he looks, not necessarily how others perceive him.

He cares about how his looks match his style. Apart from style, a nose piercing adds beauty; therefore, a guy who has it wants to look attractive to the other gender.


6. He likes attention

What Does It Mean When a Guy Has a Nose Piercing

Nose rings sit right at the center of the face; therefore, there is no chance of someone not noticing. Even the small studs are noticeable and may be difficult to hide. A lot of attention is drawn towards the piercing and is the first thing someone notices especially big nose rings.

A guy who chooses to get one is not afraid of attention. Since it is uncommon for guys to get nose piercings, one who gets it receives a lot of attention. He enjoys getting noticed and standing out in a crowd.

People usually have something to say about guys, mostly negative comments about their style choice; therefore, they must be confident.


7. He likely is not part of the corporate world

What Does It Mean When a Guy Has a Nose Piercing

The corporate world has a certain style, professional, reserved, and class. Those who belong to this group have similar dress codes and hairstyles. Most companies have restrictions on how their employees’ images. Most workplaces limit piercings, especially nose rings.

As highlighted, most guys with nose piercings are artistic and therefore do not belong in the corporate world. The few in this space take off their nose rings while in their workplaces. Furthermore, the professional dress code does not match a nose piercing.  


8. He portrays a nonconformist mindset

What Does It Mean When a Guy Has a Nose Piercing

Lastly, a guy with a nose piercing can be considered a nonconformist. Society has set out certain standards for each gender. Men are restricted from wearing dresses, skirts, make-up, piercings, and other feminine touches.

A man who chooses to have a nose piercing defies what society says and defines his style. In this way, he doesn’t conform to societal beliefs. In the modern world, people refer to nose piercings, especially horseshoes or bullrings, as a sign of rebellion.


What does a nose ring mean sexually to a man?

What Does It Mean When a Guy Has a Nose Piercing

In the 90s, men adorned nose rings mainly because of cultural and religious customs. In some cultures, such as the one highlighted above, Aboriginals had their men wearing nose rings as part of their attire. These tribes perceived nose piercings as a symbol of wealth, beauty, style, and identity.

With evolution, there have been new trends in the fashion industry. These days, people wear jewelry to identify their gender, enhance beauty and fashion, and symbolize belonging to a certain group.

Guys who get nose piercings may symbolize their sexual orientation. Most of those who wear the right side symbolizes they are homosexual. Although there are a few who wear it on either side as they do not believe in any of the classifications.  


Left-side nose piercing means for guys

What Does It Mean When a Guy Has a Nose Piercing

In the modern world, people believe that guys should have piercings on the left side of the nose.

Piercing on the left side symbolizes the guy is straight. However, some people do not like to be boxed by such beliefs and can pierce on either side of the nose.  


Right-side nose piercing means for guys

What Does It Mean When a Guy Has a Nose Piercing

Piercing on the right side of the nose for guys has mostly been associated with identification as a homosexual. Earlier, one could pierce on either side without necessarily trying to symbolize their gender.

Unlike men, women have a different interpretation of the meanings behind the side of nose piercings. In western countries, ladies who wear nose rings on the left side of the nose symbolize they are homosexual, while on the right depict, they are straight.


Pros and cons of nose piercing on a guy

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of nose piercing on a guy.

What Does It Mean When a Guy Has a Nose Piercing


  • Nose piercings enhance a guy’s looks.
  • A nose piercing demonstrates certain traits that a guy has such commitment.
  • It enhances a guy’s style.
  • It draws attention.
  • It boosts the confidence of the guy.
  • Nose piercings are preservation of culture.


  • A guy who has a nose piercing may be stereotyped.
  • People may throw negative criticism on a guy with a nose piercing.
  • A guy with a nose piercing may be restricted from certain workplaces.


As covered in the write-up, it is common to spot a guy with a nose piercing in the modern world. Despite societal beliefs, some guys have broken gender stereotypes to have their style.

Guys get nose piercings for different reasons, such as art, attention, non-conformation, religious and cultural customs, enhanced beauty, or challenging gender stereotypes.

Before getting a nose piercing, please familiarize yourself with the cons of having one weigh with the pros and also evaluate how it fits your current identity.

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