What Does It Mean When A Girl Wears One Earring?(Quick Answer)

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We can’t all be conformists, and for some girls, the idea of wearing one earring is more appealing than the alternative – having earrings on both ears.

But is there a possibility that the decision to wear one earring carries some specific or hidden meaning?


What does it mean when a girl wears one earring?

You might be expecting something big that relates to this question, but there is nothing groundbreaking or some extra brilliant meaning that should be associated with a girl wearing an earring.

What Does It Mean When A Girl Wears One Earring

When a girl opts to wear one earring, it just means that she wanted to wear that one earring, and you shouldn’t read much into it, well, unless she wants you to.

Think of it this way, women and girls misplace and lose earrings all the time, and most often, you don’t notice that you only have one earring on until someone mentions it, or you get home later and realize you’d been walking with just one earring.

But we understand the reasons that could have driven you to ask this question.

Girl Wears One Earring

This is because back in the 80s and the early 90s, a single earring, especially on the left ear, would have meant that they were gay.

Then, the earring code was a thing, and wearing the earring in your left ear, for example, was considered the identification for gay individuals.

Things are different today, though, and a girl wearing one earring could mean different things such as:

What Does It Mean When A Girl Wears One Earring

  • A style preference – asymmetry is a big thing in the fashion scene today, and you will not just find some people wearing earrings on just one ear, but also earrings in different designs that somehow balance in that unique way. So, as individuals try out different styles, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when you find a girl wearing just one earring. An interesting this worth noting is the fact that not all earrings come in or are in pairs, and you may find that you have a few earrings that come as single pieces, by design, meaning that the earring is meant to be worn as a lone piece.
  • Lost earrings – this is the other common reason why you may find someone wearing just one earring. As mentioned above, you may lose one earring during the day, only to notice many hours later than you’d lost the other earring. Even after knowing that you lost one earring, you could still choose to wear the other earring alone because it is your favorite piece, and you might be surprised to learn that you actually like the single-earring look.

What Does It Mean When A Girl Wears One Earring


Other reasons why a girl could be wearing just one earring:

  • Some people might have just that one ear pierced
  • Others will prefer to wear just one earring, and there is no other meaning that they are trying to communicate. For such individuals, wearing one earring doesn’t mean that they are single or married, available or unavailable, kinky or not, lesbian or not, or that they want to have sex. In other words, for these people, the one earring is not code for anything. It’s just a style preference they are comfortable with.


Is it weird for girls to wear one earring?

What Does It Mean When A Girl Wears One Earring

There is nothing weird about a girl wearing one earring. Along with the reasons above, asymmetry is underrated, and you should make the one-earring thing your thing.

If you want to show off, we recommend getting a fancy earring or one of those earrings that stands out perfectly on its own that wearing another earring would dim its light. But only if it’s your style and something you’re comfortable with.

Girl Wears One Earring

Wearing one earring meaning for a guy

Some people still associate one earring for a guy with them being gay, but as is the case with women and girls, the one earring on your ear doesn’t have to mean anything more than the style you find yourself most comfortable in or a style that captures your individuality perfectly.


4 Tips for wearing one earring for a girl

What Does It Mean When A Girl Wears One Earring

If you like the one earring style, but you need more ideas on how to style or just to pull off the one earring to look perfectly, here are some tips that would help you out.

These tips come in handy because, in as much as the single-earring trend is intriguing and looks great on the individuals that have been able to master it well, it’s one of the trends that can be hard to master. At the end of the day, we have to agree that we are not and cannot be Prince. So, how do you pull off the look?

Girl Wears One Earring

1. Make it memorable 

If there’s one thing that you have to take from this section, it has to be this – if you are going for the one-earring look, you must make it memorable.

Instead of the small, understated earrings, go for the detailed and the more intricate, over-scaled earrings.

And as you master this style, you could, over time, go for the longer earrings that go down to the shoulder.

Girl Wears One Earring

2. Choose elegant pieces.

While you work on making it all memorable, you also need to get elegant pieces.

Think of earrings with more delicate, geometric shapes, preferably made of gold or even embellished with precious stones or one adorned in floral designs.

With such designs, you also get to use your entire ear.


3. Add some color.

If you’re not afraid to show off a little more, you should consider getting a bold-colored piece.

Girl Wears One Earring

4. You cannot go wrong with hoops.

This is the other earing design that would work well for you if you are looking trying the one earring look.

Get a large loop gold earring, whether plain or with extra gems incorporated.



A girl wearing one earring should be seen as just that and nothing more. It certainly doesn’t point to her sexuality, and for all you know, the other earring might have fallen off.

At the same time, this could be her bold style that points to absolutely nothing about her sexuality or relationship status.

Perhaps it’s time to celebrate the one-earring style for what it is – a beautiful and bold earring style.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!