What Does Circle Necklace Mean?(Quick Answer Here)

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Do you think about the meaning of different shapes in jewelry before you buy the pieces of jewelry? Do you think that certain shapes carry specific meaning, and you would not buy some jewelry designs because of the shapes incorporated, or are you not bothered much by shapes and the symbolism behind them?

What Does Circle Necklace Mean?

For most people, the designs of the necklaces they choose are important, but for them, the meanings of different symbols would guide them to buy or not buy the jewelry.

Today, we look at the circle necklaces and what the circle means? Perhaps this is something you need to pay more attention to the next time you are shopping for a necklace.


What does a circle symbolize in jewelry?

The circle is regarded as the universal symbol of eternity, wholeness, perfection, and life. But that is not all the circle means, with other people regarding the circle as a suggestion of time or even the orbiting of planets.

What Does Circle Necklace Mean

In the jewelry world, however, especially when someone receives or gifts the other jewelry with circular elements, for example, a circle pendant, the circle is, in such cases, believed to symbolize eternal love. This is the case with rings – they are circular, after all.

You also have pearls that have a perfectly circular shape and cross pendants or other types of rings that have one more circular element incorporated. While it might look like something that just happens, and you may not even think much of it, the circle is actually one of the most symbolic shapes transcending language, geography, time, and culture.

What Does Circle Necklace Mean?

For example, there is a large percentage of the population that associates the circle with femininity, eternity, wholeness, and the cycle of life. The sun and moon are circular as well.

The circle is also important in most religious and cultural traditions. In Buddhism and Hinduism, for instance, there is something called the Mandala that is means circle and is used in describing the circular configurations of the smaller symbols on earth, and it’s used for the stimulation of the unconscious mind. There is also the labyrinth which is this series of paths repressing the human journey through life and towards oneness and unity.

What Does Circle Necklace Mean?

Some of these meanings have been carried into the world of jewelry too. And jewelry from as far back as the 3rd millennium BCE has been shown to have featured different circular designs. An example is jewelry that is believed to have been worn by Pu-abi, an ancient Egyptian queen-like figure believed to have had a very impressive and extensive jewelry collection.

Some of the pieces recovered from her tomb include huge earrings made of gold and designed in thin semi-tubular circles, as well as a gemstone necklace with a gold circle alongside the floral feature.

What Does Circle Necklace Mean?

The circles are also popular in Native American jewelry, Triskele symbol of the Celtic people that features a triple spiral-wrapped in a circle, the evil eye popular in ancient Rome and Greece, and even body piercings. Jewelry worn by the Maasai in Kenya, wedding bands, and the first faceted diamonds are all circular, which makes it clear that the circular shape is quite important.

Generally, however, the circles incorporated into different kinds of jewelry are believed to represent the cycle of life, endless love, and wholeness.

What Does Circle Necklace Mean?

What does a circle on a necklace mean?

A necklace with a circle incorporated in it is believed to be a symbol of eternal love, especially when the necklace is given to a loved one. The circle is believed to symbolize eternity by many.


What does a double ring (two interlocking circles) necklace mean?

What Does Circle Necklace Mean

The interlocking circle necklace is not only an elegantly designed accessory but also one of the most touching ways you can show your unending devotion to your partner or the person you are giving this necklace.

It is also considered a declaration of love and commitment to your partner.

The circles represent the never-ending path or journey in loving each other and/or going through that never-ending experience with someone you love.


3 Interlocking Circle Necklace Meaning?

While a circle symbolizes wholeness, totality, timelessness, eternity, and the circle of life or even perfection, to some people, the meaning is taken a notch higher with three interlocking circles. Most people believe that the three interlocking circles represent the uniting of several parts to form one and is believed to represent a shared bond by most people.

What Does Circle Necklace Mean

The meaning of the 3 interlocking circles might, however, vary depending on one’s culture. The most common belief around these rings is that they symbolize strength, unity, and the interconnectedness of all life. As a result, it’s often used as an explanation for karmic laws and the belief that what you do to others will happen to you. Christians believe that these three circles represent the holy trinity.

If you have a necklace with 3 interlocking circles, it is believed that the necklace symbolizes love and its importance. And that no matter how hard you can be knocked around in life, a little (or a lot of love) can make you whole again. These necklaces often feature 3 rings (original design idea) made of gold – yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold.

The toughest gold, yellow gold, is believed to symbolize the importance of love after you’ve been knocked around, while the softest gold, white gold, represents the ability of two individuals to come together in love or to become love.

The third ring made of rose gold is rare and is considered a representation of the rarity of real gold.


4 interlocking circles necklace meaning?

What Does Circle Necklace Mean

This necklace represents everlasting love, eternity, empowerment, and friendship.


Open circle necklace meaning

A necklace with an open circle pendant is not only stylish but also the most meaningful necklace whose timeless design represents eternal love.

What Does Circle Necklace Mean?


Circle necklaces in all their shapes and sizes carry profound meanings around life, but the most important one is that they symbolize love and the cycle of life and the importance of love.

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