What Does An Ankle Bracelet Mean On A Woman?

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Women worldwide have been wearing ankle bracelets for centuries, from as far back as 6000BC, but the controversy around the anklets or ankle bracelets seems to be never-ending.

What Does An Ankle Bracelet Mean On A Woman

And so, while many women wear the ankle bracelet as another accessory or a stunning piece of jewelry that boosts their confidence levels, the same way a bracelet does, other meanings are attached to the ankle bracelets.

This piece addresses most of the sentiments and beliefs held around the ankle bracelets and what they mean. So, let’s get into it!


What does an ankle bracelet mean to a woman?

What Does An Ankle Bracelet Mean On A Woman

In many cultures, the ankle bracelet worn by women on their left foot is symbolic of a talisman or a charm. And wearing the ankle bracelet on the left foot makes the accessory an amulet that offers protection against illnesses and bad omens.

It may also mean that the woman is interested in a casual relationship, although there are cases where it shows that the wearer is engaged or married.

Wearing the ankle bracelet on the right ankle also carries meaning and is often a sign that the lady is single and perhaps actively searching.But that is not all; the color of the ankle bracelet may also signify something else.

What Does An Ankle Bracelet Mean On A Woman

Generally, yellow anklets signify warmth, friendliness, and good fortune; white anklets denote purity, and the wearer might be a virgin; green anklets signify good luck and are meant to calm the wearer when they are stressed; pink anklets represent being in a romantic relationship; black anklets denote secrets; and the red anklets are believed to bring good luck and fortune to the wearer.

You must consider all these things, especially if you are superstitious.


What does an ankle bracelet mean to a man?

What Does An Ankle Bracelet Mean On A Woman

While anklets are worn primarily by women, men, for example, those in ancient Middle East and African cultures, wore ankle bracelets.

These ankle bracelets denoted their social ranking, which is why in Kshatriya in India, the only men allowed to wear the ankle bracelets were members of the royal caste.

These men only wore ankle bracelets made of gold and other precious metals.


Meaning of anklet on the right leg

What Does An Ankle Bracelet Mean On A Woman

Besides its beauty, this subtle ankle accessory carries more meaning other than beauty, based on the leg you wear it.

An ankle bracelet worn on the right ankle denotes that the wearer is single and perhaps searching. But if they are married, it may communicate that they are open to extramarital affairs.

Historically, men and women getting married wore wedding bands to symbolize their marital status, and the anklet was a gift to the bride to make their nuptials official and make it known to the rest of the world that they were married. But the anklet would be worn on the left or the right ankle.

What Does An Ankle Bracelet Mean On A Woman

However, the ankle bracelet carried a different meaning in the contemporary world. Beyond beauty, the ankle bracelet was also worn because of the perceived health benefits carried by the accessory.

A silver anklet, for example, was said to help heal wounds while also protecting the wearer from issues like hormonal imbalance, infertility, and other gynecological problems. Silver has also been an anti-inflammatory agent that improves immune function and overall health status.


What does an ankle bracelet mean sexually?

What Does An Ankle Bracelet Mean On A Woman

An ankle bracelet on the left ankle is often believed to carry sexual undertones. The most common is that the anklet on the left ankle tells the world that you are open to ‘hooking up’ even though you are not ready for any serious commitment.

Others associated the anklets with showing interest and telling others you are up for an open relationship or an extramarital affair.


Do ankle bracelets make women more sexy or attractive?

What Does An Ankle Bracelet Mean On A Woman

Ankle bracelets are now a part of mainstream jewelry, and they are worn by women across the world, regardless of age and the event one is dressing for.

The ankle bracelet has, as a result, made its way to the offices and boardrooms in the same way as earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

The main reason for this is that the anklet is an elegant and simple accessory, which, if selected and styled well, makes any woman appear and feel more attractive.


Tips for wearing an ankle bracelet for women

What Does An Ankle Bracelet Mean On A Woman

Since the ankle bracelets are in style today, how do you make sure that you look your very best in them?


1. Choose the right style or type of ankle bracelet first

The most common ankle bracelets are the sterling silver, barefoot anklets, beaded anklets, and gold chain anklets.

What Does An Ankle Bracelet Mean On A Woman

These anklets look good on most occasions, although a gold chain anklet will look better on your ankle when going to work than the beaded or the barefoot anklet.

Ultimately, different anklets create different effects, and you must keep this in mind always. The gold chain anklet, for instance, exudes an air of sophistication and class, with or without gemstones, and it looks great with high heels and pumps.

What Does An Ankle Bracelet Mean On A Woman

The sterling silver anklets tend to be more casual and are ideal when you need to add some boho-chic effects to your outfit.

Barefoot anklets are also casual, go well with sandals, and are ideal for festivals or a trip to the beach.

In contrast, the beaded anklets work well for club-wear with bohemian or flirty fun outfits, including dress-up to a ball.

What Does An Ankle Bracelet Mean On A Woman

With this information under consideration, you shouldn’t make mistakes when accessorizing, regardless of the setting you are dressing up for.

Generally, playful anklets are great for vacations, the beach, festivals, relaxing at the poolside, or a casual summer party.


2. Position the anklet correctly

What Does An Ankle Bracelet Mean On A Woman

With nuances around anklets in mind, wear it on the ankle you feel comfortable on, but don’t wear it over your pantyhose – anklets should only go on the bare legs.

And it may fit loose or snugly, depending on your style and preference – as long as it is above your ankle bone and not below.


3. Keep your outfit in mind

Wear killer shoes with the anklet, ensuring they don’t clash. Wear the anklet with a cropped top and cropped jeans in summer for a chic look, or maybe even a summer dress with flip-flops.

What Does An Ankle Bracelet Mean On A Woman

4. Personality

Finally, the anklet should match your personality and style in general.



The meaning of the ankle bracelet might be misconstrued, but we like to think of it as another stunning accessory that adds elegance to the wearer while enhancing their attractiveness.

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