What Does a Ring on a Necklace Mean?(Interesting Answer)

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You may have spotted someone with a ring on a necklace and wondered, “What does that mean?”

Is it a fashion trend, or does it hold more meaning than meets the eye?

Well, there are several reasons why someone would wear a ring on a necklace instead of their finger.

Here, we are going to explore why this route of having a ring on your person is favored.


What Does a Ring on a Necklace Mean for girls?

What Does a Ring on a Necklace Mean

There are multiple reasons why a woman would put a ring on a necklace and have it act as a pendant.

For some, it is all about practicality.

The type of work that you do can lead you to not wear a ring on your finger and instead on a chain.

Those working with harsh chemicals, latex gloves, or are doing manual work would likely take this approach.

The purpose is so that they don’t damage their rings, especially if the material they are made from is fragile.

What Does a Ring on a Necklace Mean

Health reasons can also lead a woman to take this less traditional route and instead have their ring hanging the chain around their neck.

Getting arthritis is painful, and wearing a ring, in that case, would be out of the question.

For others, it could be a less severe situation.

Gaining weight would mean that a ring doesn’t fit anymore and so you have to get creative.

Also, if your fingers tend to swell when doing strenuous activities or pregnancy, then you’d want to take the ring off to avoid it getting stuck and squeezing your finger.

What Does a Ring on a Necklace Mean

What about a ring with a sentimental value attached to it but can’t fit? Women will take a ring that means something to them and put it on a necklace.

It could be a promise ring to signify a vow they made or a ring that their mother wore but won’t fit, or they got it from someone they hold dear.

It’s also not uncommon to see women who have lost their partners (boyfriends or even husbands) wear the deceased ring in this manner.


Ring necklace for guys meaning?

Men also wear a ring necklace for a lot of the same reasons that women do.

Even with that, there are some women (and men too) that think that a man wearing a chain shows that they are not serious in life or are irresponsible.

In the times we live in, this is an outdated idea for the most part. Men are wearing necklaces more than before, and it is primarily seen as okay, as long as they are subtle and complement their attire.

For a large number of men, putting a ring on a necklace is because they don’t want to lose it when taking out the trash, working out at the gym, or doing other activities that require them to use their hands.

What Does a Ring on a Necklace Mean

It is also worth noting that there are men who don’t like wearing rings on their fingers.

Therefore, they opt to have them hanging from a chain to still symbolize that they are no longer in the market.

A widower would equally adopt this way of wearing a ring to remember the partner they lost.

It is advisable that men opt for longer chains if they want to put a ring on it. That’s because it tends to look classier when worn on top of an outfit.

What Does a Ring on a Necklace Mean

It is also great because you can tuck it in your shirt so that it’s out of the way and not a hazard.

When it’s too close to the chin, it can be uncomfortable, not to mention a no-no based on aesthetics.

That said, wear a chain with confidence; no one should think that you’re irresponsible because you’re wearing one.

What Does a Ring on a Necklace Mean


People do have a lot of ideas about what specific jewelry trends mean. It is only natural to be curious, especially if it’s something you’re not used to seeing.

Next time you see someone with a ring on their necklace, trying to guess the reason it’s there can be a fun activity.

If you do know the person, it’ll be perfectly okay to ask them why it’s there. It will be a fantastic conversation starter if you don’t know the person.

Whatever the case, be sure to offer them a compliment as you don’t want to come across as nosy too!

What Does a Ring on a Necklace Mean

Lastly, in some cases, it’s never that deep. Someone can simply have a ring on their necklace because it looks cool and nothing more.

If you like the trend, then you can hop on it, you don’t have to have a practical or heartfelt reason for doing so.

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