What Does A Nose Ring Mean On A Woman Sexually?

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Nose rings look great on women, especially when you choose a nose ring that fits you well and complements your appearance, but is there more to the nose ring?

Does it mean more than an accessory when a woman wears a nose ring? And more importantly, are there sexual connotations associated with nose rings?

These are just some of the questions that come up when it comes to nose rings, and in most instances, the sexuality of women wearing nose rings is often judged when they wear nose rings. But is that it?

Is there more than meets the eye? Well, this article shares insights on all that.

What Does A Nose Ring Mean On A Woman Sexually

But first, it’s worth noting that for most women who wear nose rings, the ring is mostly worn as a cultural aspect, with many women who wear the nose ring doing so because the ring symbolizes the strength of a woman, especially for relationships between husbands and their newly married wives.

And in most instances, nose rings are not seen to be having any sexual context attached, just something that women wear. So, let’s look at more details about nose rings and the women wearing them.


Is there a sexual meaning behind a nose ring piercing?

What Does A Nose Ring Mean On A Woman

While the meaning behind nose rings may be misconstrued, and the ring plus piercings are believed to have some sort of sexual context.

But as mentioned above, most women who have nose piercings and wear nose rings do that because of a cultural or traditional thing, including showing that one is married, but for most women, the nose piercing is just another piercing that allows them to wear stunning jewelry and look good with it.

It is nothing more than an ornament, and the piercing is like any other piercing on any other body part. However, people get to interpret the meaning of nose piercing in whatever way suits their beliefs.

Remember that at the end of the day, women and men can adorn themselves with any kind of jewelry on any part of their body, as long as it pleases them.

What Does A Nose Ring Mean On A Woman

While some individuals will get nose piercings as a way for them to attract partners of the opposite sex, others do it to boost their self-esteem, while many others do that as a way of showing off their femininity and love for jewelry.

At the end of the day, the definition and the meaning of nose rings on women will vary depending on where she comes from, traditions, the belief systems they grew up in, and their personal style.

For others, the ring has strong sociological and religious symbolism, especially in traditional societies.


What does a nose ring mean to a woman sexually?

What Does A Nose Ring Mean On A Woman

One of the original interpretations associated with the nose ring is the fact that the nose ring was at one point worn to symbolize or to show that one was a married woman.

But this isn’t the meaning adopted in the West, with the nose ring considered a form of queer identity and some form of market for the wearer’s sexual identity. In most instances, however, the ring is nothing more than a symbolic fashion statement.

To understand the original meanings of nose piercings and nose rings, let’s first take a brief look into the history of nose piercings.

Nose piercings boast a vibrant and long history stemming from as far back as the Middle East and Africa before moving to India and the rest of the subcontinent, before spreading to the rest of the world.

What Does A Nose Ring Mean On A Woman

But the nose piercings don’t just come from these parts of the world, and they are much older than you may know – the nose piercings date back to over 44,000 BC in Australia and were worn by the traditional aboriginal communities who had piercings in the septum and wore rings made of metal or bones.

The nose piercings then migrated to the Middle East 4,000 years ago, and from there, they were introduced to India, where they became a staple. Interestingly, nose rings were even mentioned in the Bible in the Old Testament in Genesis and Leviticus – Abraham gifted his future daughter-in-law a gold nose ring, but in Leviticus, people are warned against body marks in the form of piercings and tattoos.

What Does A Nose Ring Mean On A Woman

Looking at the roots of nose piercings and their spread to India, the most notable thing about the nose ring is the fact that in India, the nose ring was associated with the wearer’s sexuality – but not in how you think.

In India, young women have nose rings as a way of showing that they’ve reached sexual maturity. Others also wore it as a symbol of their virginity, and in many instances, women had their noses pierced just before they got married.

In these cases, the nose piercing was done in the presence of female family members; then, on their wedding day, she would wear the large nose ring linked to other jewelry using a chain.

What Does A Nose Ring Mean On A Woman

This nose ring symbolized devotion to the goddess of marriage or Parvati. In such cases, the nose ring was worn on the right nostril.

Nose rings underwent mass popularization in the 60s and 70s, as influenced by the hippie movement and with many young people from all around the globe wearing the ring and even traveling to India searching for spiritual enlightenment.

The nose piercing on the left nostril, on the other hand, was believed to alleviate and cure pain from menstruation; but only in older women.

In the LGBTQIA+ Community and after the ring appeared in western cultures, the ring was largely worn by people belonging to the LGBTQIA community.

What Does A Nose Ring Mean On A Woman

Here, the nose ring was more of a Bohemian accessory, representing a symbol of living a free life away from societal norms.

This is the reason why both Queer men and women, and also non-binary individuals, started wearing nose rings. This is also the reason why the nose ring was considered a symbol of the wearer’s sexual identity.  


Right side nose piercing meaning for men

What Does A Nose Ring Mean On A Woman

Since the nose ring was traditionally seen as an important female adornment and a sign of femininity, most men who wear the nose ring were deemed queer.

Today, these notions are a thing of the past, and men wearing nose rings aren’t really queer or gay, but some are.


Left side nose piercing meaning for women

What Does A Nose Ring Mean On A Woman

In addition to being an important adornment for women, the nose ring worn on the left nostril is an important symbol that is believed to bring good health and well-being to the wearer.

The nose piercing was considered an important symbol for curing and managing menstrual pains.

In India and other parts of the world, the nose ring was a symbol of good health and fertility, and it was also an important accessory during childbirth.

What Does A Nose Ring Mean On A Woman

Besides decreasing menstrual pain, the ring is also believed to have the power to increase pleasure for the woman while ensuring that the woman goes through childbirth with some ease.

There is also Ayurvedic reasoning behind the ring, and it’s believed to enhance a woman’s reproductive health.


Why do a lot of women love nose ring piercings?

What Does A Nose Ring Mean On A Woman

  • Women love nose rings because this jewelry is one of the most stunning accessories that makes a great statement.
  • Nose ring piercings give the wearer an extra sense and feel of confidence
  • It is an important accessory that completes the look
  • Some women wear nose rings and nose ring piercings on the left nostril because of the perceived benefits of the nose ring with regards to a woman’s health. It is believed to have the power to reduce menstrual pain while also easing pain during childbirth
  • The nose ring is also considered a stylish accessory that not only complements the wearer’s look and style but will also boost one’s reproductive health and pleasure.

What Does A Nose Ring Mean On A Woman Sexually

  • For other women, the nose piercing represents the wearer’s appreciation of their culture and traditions. This is especially true for individuals from Indian communities and cultures. As mentioned above, the nose ring has been around for a long in India, the Middle East, and Africa, so wearing the nose ring shows appreciation for where you come from.
  • In Hindu families, girls aged 12 wore golden nose rings on the right nostril to show that they were ready to marry and also as a way of honoring the Goddesses of Marriage and Prosperity, Parvati and Luxmi.
  • Ayurvedic practices note that the rings increase libido and sexual pleasure.
  • Septum nose rings are also important status symbols



Nose rings are elegant and stylish and don’t really represent the sexuality of the wearer.

The ring can be worn on the left or the right, but you could wear a septum nose ring, depending on your face’s symmetry and style.

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