What Does A Love Knot Necklace Mean? Should You Buy It?

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Do you own a love knot necklace, or perhaps planning to get one?

There is no doubt that the love knot necklace is one of the most stylish, elegant, and also trendy style of necklace in the world of fashion today.

But do you know what that love knot necklace means? Well, this article shares some insights into everything you need to know about the love knot necklace. So, let’s get right into it.


What does a love knot necklace look like?

What Does A Love Knot Necklace Mean

The love knot necklace is a necklace style known for its timelessness in elegance and significance. For most people, the necklace represents the awe-inspiring and infinite nature of love, so, thanks to the necklace, you get to showcase that love for or from that special someone.

Over the years, the design of the necklace has changed significantly, but the most common design of the necklace features an intricate interlacing pattern without a discernible beginning or end to represent the unbreakable bond shared by lovers.

As the name suggests, the necklace features a heart-shaped knot (knots). It is commonly seen in different jewelry types and always represents love, passion, commitment, and romance.


History of love knot jewelry

What Does A Love Knot Necklace Mean

Love knot jewelry is undoubtedly one of the most iconic necklace designs that also carries a lot of meaning. But where did the love knot jewelry come from?

Well, love knot jewelry is believed to date back a number of centuries, and the love knot’s intricate pattern with no discernible end or beginning symbolizes the enduring bond between loved ones.

This jewelry design dates back to the ancient Egyptian and Greek cultures, Celtic culture, and artwork. The love knot design was found on carved sculptures, in most of the Greek jewelry and Grecian decorative items, and in artwork by the Celts.

What Does A Love Knot Necklace Mean

The knot was also common with Irish and Scottish cultures, which are believed to have gotten the jewelry design from the ancient Grecian, Celtic, Roman, and Egyptian cultures. And it is quite impressive to see just how little the jewelry design has changed.

The knots remain the same and also are an important cultural heritage, and thanks to the fluidity and the romance associated with the interwoven ringlets that make up the pendant, the love knot design has since been adopted by the mainstream fashion scene, including heavyweights like Tiffany & Co. and Kate Spade.

It is worth noting that despite the deep and long history associated with the love knot and where it originated from, the love knot design was commonly used as a marriage symbol and referred to as the Hercules knot.

What Does A Love Knot Necklace Mean

This knot was considered a powerful protective girdle that the brides often wore. As a result, the knot was incorporated into the brides’ protective girdles.

This tradition is also believed to be the origin of the common phrase – Tie the Knot. In the renaissance and medieval times, the lover’s knot was, therefore, used as an important love token.

The love knot has also been recorded and mentioned in folklore and literature featuring sailors who also popularized the love knot. The sailors also used the love knot as a wedding ring; this time, the love knot ring was tied using a gold wire.


Love knot necklace you should know

What Does A Love Knot Necklace Mean

There are different types of love knot necklaces on the market today, and you can choose from any of the available options, depending on your style and jewelry preferences.

  • The common love knot necklace styles include the love knot pendant necklaces whose knot features swirling curves that are intertwined in an infinite design, often made of gold or sterling silver.  
  • There’s the other love knot necklace style that is designed in a triple-layered knot style for a clean, modern, and classy aesthetic. The three-layered knots are often made of gold – that is, white, yellow, and rose gold.
  • There’s also the 3D love knot style with the circular knots intertwined to create the traditional knotted aesthetic that still boasts a sleek, elegant, and modern look.
  • Other love knot necklace is knotted in an infinity knot shape, and often, the knot is set with bright sparkly gemstones.


Others include:

What Does A Love Knot Necklace Mean

  • Bow-style love knots
  • Simple, circular love knot necklace
  • Diamond-studded swirl love knot necklace
  • Strand necklace with multiple love knots running the length of the necklace’s chain.  
  • Twisted knot collar love knot necklace – the love knot lies horizontally.

Pros and cons of love knot necklace

What Does A Love Knot Necklace Mean


  • Timeless necklace style
  • Versatile style and there are many love knot styles for you to choose from, depending on your style preferences.
  • Most love knot necklaces are durable as they are made of high-quality and durable materials.
  • You can choose between the gold and silver options, and also the diamond-studded options, or the plain love knots
  • They make perfect everyday jewelry
  • The necklaces represent love and commitment to lovers


  • Most of the best quality love knot necklaces are expensive
  • The cheaper, lower-quality options don’t last as long

Should you buy a love knot necklace?

What Does A Love Knot Necklace Mean

Absolutely yes. Even if you are not in love or don’t believe in love, the love knot necklace is a stunning accessory and a must-have for anyone looking for elegant, meaningful, and timeless jewelry options.



The love knot necklace in its interwoven ringlet style represents romance and fluidity.

The style has been around for centuries, and it remains a stylish necklace style for you to invest in.

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