What Does A Diamond Shape Symbolize?(11 Types of Cut)

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The sparkle of diamonds is what sells the diamond-studded jewelry, but what really determines the sparkle and shine of the diamond is the shape of the stone. The shapes of the diamonds also determine the price of the diamond jewelry, and most importantly, you get to settle on any diamond shape because the shape of the diamond weighs into your style, preferences, and personality.

Now, while most people would opt for the bigger, more sparkly diamonds, there are numerous other types of diamond shapes, which means that you would have to choose a diamond shape based on your preferences, style, and budget.

What does a diamond shape symbolize?


1.Round-shaped diamonds

This is the most iconic and also the most popular of all the diamond shapes. Unlike the other diamond shapes, the round cut diamonds are believed to signal everlasting love and eternity. Also, the circular shape of the diamond signifies love and its never-ending state. As a result, this is the preferred diamond shape for more than 75% of all diamond buyers, which means that if you are drawn to this color, you aren’t alone, and you are making the best choice.

And if you are drawn to the more established, traditional, or classic styles, then the round diamond would the perfect option for you. The round-shaped diamonds are also a go-to diamond shape of choice for wearers who tend to be conservative, team player, and honest individuals who easily fit into the norm. These individuals, however, lack the element of spontaneity, and they tend to be reluctant to change or acceptance of the change.


2.Princess Diamonds

The princess-cut diamond shapes come second in the popularity list, coming in as a close competitor to the round-shaped diamonds. This diamond shape is sleek, modern, and boasts an excellent sparkle and brilliance.

The princess-cut diamonds tend to have an association with modernity, with wearers having a knack for or being drawn to risks, as well as the desire to stand out. The wearers of this diamond shape do not shy away from attention, and they are just as creative as they are fun-loving, and they always live their lives to the fullest. These individuals are intelligent, spontaneous, and fun-loving.


3.Oval-cut diamonds

The oval-cut diamonds ooze a classy and a rather alluring vintage charm, which means that in as much as the diamonds that come in the oval shape carry a number of similarities with the round cut diamonds, the oval diamonds are more unique and carry a creative flair. You may like the oval-cut diamonds if you are looking for highly brilliant diamonds that appear very practical.

This diamond design is common with persons who love vintage styles, as well as individuals that are more drawn to the artistic styles and pieces. These individuals are also quite creative, elegant, sophisticated, daring, bright, and individualistic.


4.Cushion-cut diamonds

The cushion-cut diamonds are some of the oldest diamond cuts in the world, and one of the things you need to know about this diamond shape is that the cushion cut diamond is a cross between the princess cut and the round-cut diamond; making it the perfect blend of the old and the new.  

Individuals who love the cushion-cut diamonds tend to have a soft spot for tradition and history, even though they often embrace the future and the present at the same time. If you wear the cushion-cut diamonds, you are also adventurous though traditional, and you also like trying out new things. Such individuals do not, however, believe in staying in their pasts, which means that in as much as you are a romantic, you are a realist. These individuals are team players, dependable, and traditional.


6.Marquise-Shaped Diamonds

The marquise-shaped diamonds look a lot like the oval-cut diamonds, except for the sharp, pointed edges of the marquise diamonds.

Thanks to the unique shape of the marquise diamonds, these diamonds will draw a great deal of attention. The diamonds are also quite unique, and they look great when set on engagement rings. You may also like the marquise-cut diamonds because they look larger than they actually are, all thanks to their elongated shape. The shape of the diamond is also a winning feature of the diamond because it makes your fingers look a lot slender.

The marquise diamonds also offer a nice, dramatic flair, and it might be an excellent option for you if you are drawn to the spotlight. It is also a preferred option for risk-takers, as well as individuals who aren’t afraid to stand out or to do things differently. You are also quite creative, theatrical, and edgy.


7.Asscher-Cut Diamonds

If you are into Art Deco styles, then the Asscher diamond cut might be the best option for you. These diamonds are the most stylish option, and the unique cut of the diamond makes it stand out beautifully. This diamond comes in a nice geometric pattern for the facets, and they also stand out because of the square-cut shapes that make the diamond quite eye-catching. You may also like its modern and antique elements. And if you love diamonds with the Asscher shape, it often means that you are a modern woman with a preference for vintage styles, as well as the need to reimagine the present. The individuals who wear this diamond-cut ring will have a touch and a flair for the dramatic, and at the same time, confident and feminine and in touch with their natural beauty.


8.Heart-cut diamonds

If you are a romantic or a hopeless romantic, the heart-shaped diamond would be the absolute perfect diamond cut for you. The heart-shaped diamond has been, for centuries been regarded as the symbol of passion, love, and passion. The heart-shaped diamonds are designed to emphasize proportionality and symmetry.

And if you feel that you are drawn to the heart-shaped diamonds, it often means that you are a romantic, you are sentimental, and you literally wear your heart on your sleeve (no pun intended).

What this means is that you are quite sentimental, emotional, loyal, and you also love the little things in life. Also, you aren’t afraid to show off your true self at the expense of getting hurt and disappointed rather easily, especially when the relationship does not meet your expectations.


9.Emerald-Cut Diamonds

The emerald-cut diamonds are some of the fewest diamond cuts with a step-cut design. They feature long and open faucets exhibiting a sleek, clear, and clean look. The emerald cuts tend to be drawn to simplicity and honesty, and people who are drawn to the emerald-cut diamonds are believed to be warm-hearted, open, confident, and with a great sense of exactly who they are. The diamond wearers also tend to be elegant and sophisticated, with a love of classy pieces. These diamond-cut describes hardworking individuals, straightforward, and sophisticated individuals.


10.Radiant-Cut Diamonds

This diamond cut is well-known for its exceptional sparkle, and it is an excellent cross between the emerald and the princess-cut diamonds; with flat-beveled corners. It is also one of the rarest diamond shapes, and it stands out quite well.

Persons who choose this diamond shape tend to be trendy, glamorous, and modern, confident, and not afraid to take on risks. These individuals also tend to shrink, and they pull away from the limelight.


11.The Pear-Cut Diamonds

This diamond shape is almost marquise-shaped, save for the fact that one end is more rounded than sharp. It more of a mix between the oval and the marquise shapes, with a more traditional look and a vintage look that makes the ring highly versatile and excellent design.

This diamond shape is traditional and romantic, and the wearers often take a risk, and they also stand out. These ring wearers often challenge the status quo and always live on their own terms. You are also more adaptable, devoted, and calm.


When you are looking for diamond shapes/ cuts, here are some of the important things you need to keep in mind in your search:

The shape of your fingers and hands – opt for the elongated diamond shapes if you have long and slim fingers, and if you have wider fingers, then the square-shaped might be the best option for you. And if you are looking for diamond shapes that would complement your hands, regardless of the shape or the size, you may want to choose the round-shaped diamonds.

And if you are unable to decide on the specific shape of the diamonds, you may want to have the diamond shape customized to match the shape of your fingers and hands.

That said, keep in mind that all the bold, brilliant-cut diamonds, the precise princess, the dazzling cushions, and the larger-than-life diamonds are gorgeous. And in other cases, the diamond shapes are more than shapes; they are lifestyle options.



The diamond is a gemstone that symbolizes clarity, ascension, and wisdom. And though the meanings of the diamonds differ between religions and cultures, they signify immortality and timeless beauty. So, if you are looking for a diamond shape that best matches and describes your style, the guide above will ensure that you make a perfect choice.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!