What Does A Cross With A Ring Around It Mean?-Detailed Answer

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Pretty much everything around us has a meaning attached to it, and because of the symbolism of everything around us, the right thing for any one of us to do would be to gain a deeper understanding of these things.

After all, ignorance is no bliss. Knowing the meanings of essential things to different societies is essential because it allows us to appreciate these cultures and people’s beliefs.

Today, we’ll be talking about the cross with a ring on it and what it is symbolic of.


Cross with a ring on top

What Does A Cross With A Ring Around It Mean

The cross with a ring on top is also called the ankh, an ancient Egyptian symbol of renewal and immortality.

It is pretty ironic to learn that the cross is one of the significant symbols that appears pretty much endlessly in many of the Pre-Christian, pagan cultures.


About the cross with a ring around it

The cross with a ring around it is believed to symbolize life, the Holy Trinity, and the Resurrection. For many people across the world’s cultures, it symbolizes eternal life and that there is no beginning or end to life.


What does a cross with a ring around it mean?

  • Eternal Life (Egyptian Beliefs)

What Does A Cross With A Ring Around It Mean

Ankh is considered a magical knot or cross-referred to as Living, translated from the Egyptian word Nem Ankh, which is used in this specific form of iconography in the opposite.

The oval part sits above the cross, and it is a macroscopic representation of the sky, the sun, the earth, and the microscopic man. In many ancient Egyptian cultures, this shape is a symbol that is interpreted as the sign representing an expression for the reconciliation of the opposites or, rather, the unification of the principles of activeness and passivity.

And this is confirmed by the lying position of the symbols, which is considered a representation of the dual charms. The Indians also hold it in high regard and see it as a show of androgyny planted on the lotus flower and derived very realistically.


  • The eternity of the soul

Another interpretation is associated with the cross with the ring on top. This is an interpretation by Champdor or Shandor, and it is an image that symbolizes the millions of years that make up future life.

The circle perfectly represents what isn’t there, the eternal soul, and that which has no beginning or end. In this interpretation, the cross represents the state of trance that the initiator is believed to have fought, or rather (state of) death, and also the crucifixion of the chosen.

Since the cross symbolizes something with a handle or the world of the dead, it is considered a symbol that holds the meaning of life eternal.

What Does A Cross With A Ring Around It Mean

  • Alchemy

It is also an important symbol in alchemy, mainly used in late medieval Europe. The symbol represents the planet and metals and the powers held by the metals, especially in its effects to create and give life.


  • Life

Overall, therefore, the ankh is also referred to as the key of life, which was primarily used in Egyptian hieroglyphics as a word that describes life and, by extension, a symbol of life.   

What Does A Cross With A Ring Around It Mean

  • Resurrection and Power over Death

For Christians, the cross with a ring on top is an important symbol that represents the alliance that Jesus made with humans when he died on the cross.

Through his death, Christians believe that Jesus Christ made his brothers and the sons of God. And so, the cross is a representation of Jesus’ power in winning over death on the cross and His resurrection.


  • Infinite Love

The Celts also hold the cross with a ring in high regard as it is an important part of the Celtic Cross. According to Celtic beliefs, it is believed to be evocative or representative of Infinite love.

And just like in the Indian cultures, it all symbolizes the absence of beginnings and endings, or more precisely, god’s endless love. Many others believe that the halo depicted on it symbolizes Christ. In addition to that, it is an ideal Celtic representation of the Celts’ beliefs, ambitions, and hopes.  

  • Celestial Sphere

The cross with a ring around or on it is also believed to symbolize the celestial sphere.



That said, it is important to note that the cross with a ring around it is an important symbol for many cultures and easy identification across these cultures; it comes in various designs and shapes that pretty much give these cultures their identity and symbolism.

Overall, they all carry the exact meaning of eternal life and love.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!