What Does A Coin Necklace Mean?(Detailed Answer)

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Coin necklaces have this endearing feel to them. They bring the nostalgia of the older days, carry the sentiments of a loved one, are a perfect display of love, and are also believed to be good fortune charms.

But what exactly is the meaning behind the coin necklace? Is this necklace style one you could or perhaps should consider?

We look into everything that relates to the coin necklaces in this article and hope to bring you along with us. So, stick around to find out exactly what coin necklaces mean.


What does a coin necklace mean?

What Does A Coin Necklace Mean

The coin necklace has been consistent throughout history, and people have always worn the coin necklace because of the belief that the necklace brings fortune to anyone who wears it.

Most of the coin necklaces are made of gold and silver, but whatever the metal it’s made of, this necklace would make a timelessness to your jewelry collection, and you just might find yourself wearing this necklace style every day – it’s just that much perfect for everyday wear, and also believed to promote prosperity, wealth, and good fortune to the wearer.

But there’s more to the coin necklaces and pretty much all kinds of coin jewelry. It’s notable that from as far back as the 1600s, people have always gifted their loved ones coins because it is considered a very meaningful gift, a love token, to be exact. These love tokens would be engraved with different messages, but always sentimental messages that the coin recipient would carry around, either for luck or they’d adapt it so that it would be worn as an important and very meaningful necklace.

What Does A Coin Necklace Mean

Then in WWI and WWII, soldiers would send unique gold and silver coin necklaces back home to their girlfriends, wives, sisters, and mothers, and these coin necklaces would subsequently be known as the sweetheart jewelry that reminded the recipients of their loved ones. This also showed just how personal and sentimental jewelry would be.

The coin necklace was also an important part of the Ancient Greek cultures, where Ancient Greece wore coin necklaces often made engraved with gods and goddesses that represented powerful feelings and even emotions. A coin necklace with Athena, the Greek Goddess for war and wisdom, for example, was worn to give the wearer courage and wisdom, while the coins with depictions of Venus, who is the Greek goddess for beauty and love, was a perfect option to gift a loved one and celebrate their love and beauty.

It’s worth noting that the classic coin necklace has since grown quite popular, and it became particularly popular in the 2010s after the emergence of Missoma. Since then, an increasing number of jewelry designers making different types of coin necklaces, although they are all based on the same old idea of the coin necklace. With this in mind, the coin necklace style is expected to be one of those everlasting trends in the jewelry world.

Tips for wearing coin necklace or jewelry

Now that we know the meaning behind the coin necklaces let’s look at how you can style the jewelry.

How to wear the coin necklace

  • Perfect for everyday wear. The beauty of the coin necklace lies in the fact that you can wear this piece of jewelry every day, and you can wear it alone or with extra bling. You could wear it with a casual T-shirt and jeans for a casual look, or even dress it up for work or a night on the town. Thanks to the embellished details of the necklace, it often is a talking piece that matches your fashion style seamlessly. You may also like it because you can wear it as a layered piece alongside your other necklaces of different lengths – hence the perfect kind of statement jewelry.

What Does A Coin Necklace Mean

  • You could also accessorize with the coin necklace in winter– wear it over your cozy jumpers. Then in summer, throw it on with your scooped and V-neck tops. And for the festivities, add in two or more necklaces for a nice bohemian feel.
  • Berets and laissez-faire hair– your coin necklace will complete this look in the most fashionable way you can think of, and if you’re going on holiday, say to Paris, the coin necklace will be that accessory that you very much need to live that wild Parisian dream.
  • Opt for monochromatic metals– to style or accessorize with the coin necklace, the first thing you’d want to do is to keep things monochromatic. This means sticking to either gold or silver and not both metals at once – so, the chain and the coin must match at all times.
  • Try a longer chain length– for the necklace and the perfect long single pendant necklace look, opt for the laid-back style with a long chain necklace. This is a simple style that is easy to pull off, and you wouldn’t have to worry about adding any layers to complete the look.

What Does A Coin Necklace Mean

  • Try the vintage-inspired coin necklace– if you are into vintage styles, a vintage-styled piece will create a nice stylish look in the most effortless way. Add a delicate chain.
  • Double-wrapped chains for coin necklace– this is a style that works well thanks to its sartorial feel that leaves you with a subtly elevated casual look with the wrap-around, embellished chains.
  • Layering– this is an option too. You only need to make sure that you can get the perfect choker to layer it with, preferably one in the same color as the coin necklace.
  • Mix the contemporary touches– this means that the coin necklace could be engraved or etched.
  • Thicker chains– this might not be a design option that comes to mind always, but it’s a great option for anyone looking for a bolder look.



The coin necklace is elegant, stylish, trendy, and the perfect accessory to add to your jewelry collection. And with many design options available, you will always find a piece that matches your style perfectly. So, give it a try.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!