What Does A Black Wedding Band Mean On A Man?

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What does a black ring on the wedding finger mean? What does a black wedding band mean on a man? Gentlemen, would you wear a black wedding band for your wedding band? Do you have any reservations about black jewelry? If not? What does the black wedding band mean to you?

For most couples that embrace black wedding bands, for both the bride and the groom or just for the groom, this decision is often based on the deep meanings derived from ancient history.

What Does A Black Wedding Band Mean On A Man

Wearing a black wedding band represents that couple’s or the man’s ode to ancient history, the time when the Romans and Greeks would carve their rings out of black onyx.

Black onyx is a specific type of quartz. The Romans would also make signet or seal rings as a way of proving their authenticity and for them to identify themselves easily, which means that in as much as the black rings have been worn for centuries to weddings, the rings are also believed to be mere fashion/ statement symbols.

But these beliefs and symbolism around the wedding bands don’t stop couples from wearing black wedding bands as a symbol of finding the old ways of being more romantic. And thanks to these beliefs hold by couples today, the black wedding bands have grown increasingly popular over the years.

If you are getting married in a few months and would like assurance that the black wedding band would be an ideal choice for you, this article is exactly what you need. In it, we’ll be sharing insights into what the black wedding bands mean.

So, let’s get started.

What Does A Black Wedding Band Mean On A Man

What Does A Black Wedding Band Mean On A Man?

1. An Emotional Statement

The primary reason why black wedding bands are popular and why you may want one for your wedding band is that for many people, the black wedding band symbolizes strength and courage.

It is not, however, a representation of mere physical strength, but more of a representation of the strength of your conviction. Therefore, the ring says a lot about its wearer.

What Does A Black Wedding Band Mean On A Man?

And if a couple chooses to wear the black wedding bands, this would symbolize a strong, healthy relationship where each party has an incredibly strong sense of commitment. In such cases, the black rings not only speak volumes about each individual’s level of commitment; it also speaks volumes about their devotion and deep love for each other.

This is a couple that is deeply committed to their love for each other and vows, and they are in it to win it. Such couples rarely stray, and they are not the kind of couples to consider divorce when things get a little challenging.

It’s also worth noting that some individuals wear black rings on their middle finger, specifically, on the right hand. Though this ring isn’t a wedding band, it’s often worn to show that the wearer isn’t interested in being approached by the opposite sex.

In such cases, the ring helps in asserting asexuality while also conveying that they are not available.

What Does A Black Wedding Band Mean On A Man?

2. More Practical Solution

Sometimes, there is no big meaning attached to a black wedding ring, and there are numerous cases where men and women will opt for black wedding bands because of their practicality.

This is a common option for people whose jobs or lifestyles would damage the rings.

If, for example, one is a construction worker, a crane operator, or a manual laborer, the black wedding band would make a lot of sense.

And despite the risks, such wedding rings are a preferable option, especially for anyone who would like to keep the wedding band on at all times.

The good news is that most of the black wedding bands are made of super-strong metals like tungsten or Titanium, which makes them ideal for use in harsh conditions.

Most of the black wedding bands that are made of strong and more durable materials are tough, and they can be worn in extreme conditions because they can withstand extreme stress.

The hardness of the metals used often means that the rings are scratch-resistant, and they won’t suffer irreparable damage.

What Does A Black Wedding Band Mean On A Man

3. Safety or Comfort Reasons

For most men who choose the black wedding bands, this is a decision that often comes out of need – the need for comfort and safety.

Most of these men opt for the black rings out of necessity rather than the meaning behind the ring. This happens because, for most people, it isn’t always about some deep, hidden meaning, but about the necessity of the decision.

One of the things that would necessitate wearing the black ring is a career/ profession. Some jobs make it impossible, uncomfortable, or just too dangerous to wear the wedding band, which is why most couples that work in the more dangerous fields often opt for the black wedding bands made of silicone.

If you are a fireman, for example, wearing a metal ring into a burning building may not be the smartest thing to do, and it could be a distraction that impedes the ability of the fireman to work well or think clearly in such extreme circumstances.

Besides running into burning buildings, other professions like massage therapists, professional athletes, and people working in the hospitality industry, or the food industry may have to avoid wearing rings made of conventional materials, opting for the black rings made of silicone, for example.

What Does A Black Wedding Band Mean On A Man?

4. Embracing the Macabre

Then there are people who are just into dark styles/ personalities. Whether you are into Goth or have a flair for the dramatic, and also have a passion for the macabre, your idea of the perfect wedding band could be nothing other than the best black wedding band.

Some people are just fascinated with black/ dark things, and for them, the black wedding band is just fitting, both as a style preference and as a statement piece.

That said, it’s important that we take a moment to appreciate just how far society has come. This is because only a few decades ago, anyone into black wedding bands and other dark things would have been associated with all manner of negative connotations, including death and Satanism.

But today, the Gothic people are more often the ones who are associated with darker things, but despite their preferences, their preferences are acceptable and very much mainstream.

What Does A Black Wedding Band Mean On A Man

5. Political Statements

In some groups and political organizations, the black rings, which include the black wedding bands, are used as political statements.

The rings are seen as a way for the groups to promote their ideas, including things like equality in marriages.

And with people still allowed to marry depending on sexual orientations, these organizations would use the black rings with the word ‘Equality’ written on them as a protest symbol against that which feels unjust.

What Does A Black Wedding Band Mean On A Man?

6. Trends

The main reason why most people are opting for black wedding bands today is something to do with changing trends. Some people don’t have some deep meanings as to why they wear the black rings, and they do that just because it is trendy to wear the ring today.

To keep up with trends, jewelers around the world have come up with unique and elegant black wedding ring design. The rings are made of different materials, including black wood inlays, black matte Zirconium rings, black tire wedding rings, silicone, and tungsten, among other materials.

What Does A Black Wedding Band Mean On A Man

To be specific, here are the most common materials used to make black rings and they are used.

Black Tungsten Carbide – this is the hardest metal used in making black rings. These rings get their black color from the black titanium zirconium that’s embedded on the surface of the tungsten carbide material.

Black Titanium – this is the most popular black metal used for the wedding bands for men. It is tough and safe on the skin.

Black Ceramic – Black ceramic is extremely durable, and it’s the other popular option for metals used to make wedding rings.

Black cobalt – it’s the other common option, but you should be careful and avoid the plated black cobalt rings.

Carbon Fiber – though it’s not metal, technically, carbon fiber is a space-age material that’s made of tightly woven fibers.

Black Gold – this is a gold alloy made of gold-plated black rhodium.



Black rings can be described as fashion trends with roots that go as far back as ancient times. The masterful Greek artisans carved out the black rings out of black Onyx, which is a type of quartz that’s quite valuable thanks to its shine and texture.

The Roman craftsmen also carved black rings out of black onyx for the cameo-style rings, which were then used as seals. The demand for black rings has gone up significantly, with black rings being more popular because of their stylishness, versatility, and beauty.

The black wedding bands made of tungsten or black titanium are growing fast, and most people are choosing these rings over the traditional options because of their strength, endurance, and hardness, and also because anyone who wears these rings is believed to embody these characteristics.

They are also used as traditional symbols of eternal commitment and strength.

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