What Does 3 Interlocking Circle Necklace Mean?(Quick Answer)

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Jewelry is a great gift for any occasion, be it birthdays, weddings, graduations, anniversaries you name it. There is also a selection to choose from, from rings to necklaces and so on. Among the preferred jewelry choices, are the interlocking necklaces. Like any other kind of jewelry, they hold a lot of symbolism.

But what most people may not know is the meaning behind them. In this article, we are going to shed some light on what 3 interlocking circles necklaces mean. We will also cover the meaning behind 2 interlocking circle necklaces as a bonus.


First What Do 3 Interlocking Circles Mean?

A circle is a highly symbolic shape with various meanings to different people. They can represent wholeness and totality, or eternity and timelessness. Some even believe that they are a representation of God or original perfection.

What Does 3 Interlocking Circle Necklace Mean

The interlocking of circles is also highly symbolic. For many, it is seen as the uniting of multiple parts to form one. It is a representation of a shared bond. Different cultures or groups of people also attach various meanings to interlocking circles.

Some take three interlocking circles to be a representation of the Borromean rings. These rings are said to be a symbol of strength and unity as well as the interconnectedness of life. It is used to explain life in terms of the karmic laws, where what you do unto others is done to you.

Three interconnecting circles have also been used by Christians as a representation of the Holy Trinity. Each of the three circles is said to represent The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. These three circles being interlocked is a representation that the three holy entities join to form one supreme entity, God.

Three interlocking circles for example are generally seen to represent anything that has three joining elements. In the Celtic culture, three interlocked circles symbolized the joining of the earth, sky, and ocean. In relationships, it could be a symbol of love, fidelity, and friends. It could also be a representation of the bond between three friends, siblings, or other family members.


3 Interlocking Circle Necklace Meaning.

What Does 3 Interlocking Circle Necklace Mean

The three interlocking necklaces are said to have originated from the traditional concept of the Russian rings. These rings were traditionally made of three different gold bands, white, yellow, and rose gold metals. The rings were used as a symbol of love. The toughest gold metal, yellow gold, was a representation of how one can be knocked around but life, but a little love is all it would take to make them new again. The softest one, white gold, was a representation of two people’s ability to mold together and become one in love. The rose gold was considered the rarest gold medal and was a representation of how rare genuine love can be.

Today, this concept has been modernized into a necklace with three interlocking circles as the pendant. It can be made using different metals or one singular metal. You can also customize your meaning by engraving the names of loved ones on it. The necklace today is seen as a representation of the love and strong bond shared among three people.


What Do Two Interlocking Circles Mean?

What Does 3 Interlocking Circle Necklace Mean

Like the three interlocking circles, two interlocking circles also carry varying symbolism for different groups of people. Generally, however, it is the representation of the joining of two things.

Given that a circle is seen as the representation of the soul, two of them interlocking symbolizes the joining of two souls. It could be of two people in love, friends, a parent, and child, or even God and a believer. The whole idea is that it symbolizes a lifetime bond between two entities.

Speaking of entities, some believe that the 2 interlocking circles are a representation of the Mandorla. This is the intersection of the human self and one’s Diamon (inner guiding spirit).

The circles are also used to represent the Vesica Piscis, which symbolized balance in creation. Different groups gave it a different meaning. Christians saw the Vesica Piscis as the union of earth and heaven in the body of Christ. In the Celtic culture, it’s the representation of the merging of the god and goddess. Others also believe it symbolizes the balance between male and female



Two Interlocking Circles Necklace Meaning

What Does 3 Interlocking Circle Necklace Mean

Given the fact that two interlocking circles can sometimes be used to represent the infinity symbol, such a necklace is sometimes referred to as an infinity necklace. It is the representation of the unity between two people for an entire lifetime. It also represents eternity and empowerment.

This necklace makes a perfect gift for any occasion. You can gift it to your better half, your best friend, sibling, parent, or other family member or loved one.



The beauty of interlocking necklaces is that they can carry a double meaning. The first is what the interlocking circles represent, and the second can be any personalized words or names you choose to engrave on the rings. The necklaces are usually made of various metals in varying designs, so you can find something for yourself.

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