What Do Diamonds Symbolize By its Color and Usage?

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Diamonds are many things; beautiful, valuable, and rare. Just for these reasons alone, diamonds are in high demand, and a huge supply follows in the jewelry world. Buying a diamond is often a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.

At the same time, valuing diamonds entirely depends on your knowledge of them. You need to know the high value of the purchase and most importantly, the symbol of what a diamond means. When you can fully understand this, then you can successfully purchase the perfect diamond.

Follow along with the other parts of the article to understand the value of diamonds and their history.


The diamonds in history

A diamond goes through so much before it gets to any jeweler’s display case. It forms deep in the Earth’s core under extreme pressure and heightened heat levels. Afterward, it is ejected violently upward until it reaches a few parts of the earth’s surface. With time, it is forced out from its hiding place naturally or by mining. Once this happens, it is cleaved, cut, and then polished until the diamond cutter or jeweler realizes its fire, brilliance, and aesthetics.

What do Diamonds Symbolize

The word “diamond” originates from the Greek word ‘Adamas’, meaning unconquerable. The same word means unbreakable or inflexible. The word Adamas was used to describe the hardness of a diamond. The first-ever diamonds were found in the 4th century BC. Even though the youngest diamond deposited was formed 900 million years ago, their presence was first recorded in a Sanskrit manuscript from the northern Indian dynasty. At the time of their discovery, they were valued because of their brilliance and ability to refract light. With time, they were known for their hardness and ability to engrave metals. Ever since then they have served multiple functions. They were used as cutting tools, believed to protect in battle, worn as adornments and they served as a talisman to ward off evil. Also, they were used for medicinal purposes, where they were invested to heal wounds and cure illness.

During the 13th century, diamonds became popular and were embraced in the European jewelry industry along with other gems. Around this time, there were laws enacted to reserve diamonds for aristocracy and royalty, which seemed in line with the brilliance and fire that diamonds exude. At first, India was thought to be the only source of diamonds, but with time it was discovered in popular places, including Venice and Brazil. Venice established the first diamond-cutting industry in 1330, which was a huge milestone for its economic success in its trade with France and Belgium.

It was until the 18th century when the diamond was discovered in South Africa, that it stopped being a rare commodity for the royal families. With time, it became a public commodity that was being traded worldwide and making huge profits along the way. Following its decrease in value by about half, the elite resorted to using rubies, emeralds, and sapphires for their engagement rings. Currently, diamonds aren’t as royal as they previously were. Most jewelers set diamonds in a ring given for engagements and weddings.


What is the symbolic meaning of a diamond?

What do Diamonds Symbolize

Diamonds symbolize love and commitment. This is a reason that comes about in line with its durability levels. It directly expresses that love is an everlasting bond that shouldn’t be broken. In the last, it was very rare to find gemstones over a ring. With time, diamonds were set in a ring for engagement purposes. It has been identified as an extravagant way of expressing love to one’s partner.

As mentioned earlier, diamonds are associated with royalty and power. They can also symbolize status and wealth. In ancient times, the kings and elite from royal families had massive jewelry collections with the rarest and most expensive diamonds. Ever since then, diamonds retain their status as a luxury commodity that exudes an aura of extravagance.

Have you ever looked at the jewelry worn by most celebrities to Hollywood award shows, or those own to presidential dinners? You’ll never miss a diamond. They can represent beauty and extravagance. Also, they are brilliant and aesthetically pleasing. Its sparkle is always a highlight of elegance and serves as a high-end fashion statement for any outfit.

On the negative side, diamonds are associated with conflict and blood. Ever heard of the blood diamonds that cost one too many lives? Unfortunately, in countries such as Sierra Leone and Liberia, the mining of diamonds had enslaved women and children, and has birthed the most tragic civil wars in history.


Reasons why a diamond ring is a symbol of marriage

What do Diamonds Symbolize

The practice of wearing wedding rings is a sign of unending love and commitment. It started with the ancient Egyptians who believed that the vein of love, otherwise known as vena amoris, runs from the ring finger on your left hand to your heart. As time went by, men started giving diamond rings to their chosen brides as a symbol of commitment and unending love.

In the 15th century, particularly in the year 1477, Archduke Maximillian of Austria was the first to give Mary of Burgundy an engagement ring made from diamonds as a representation of his unending love for her. The tradition continues to date.

Based on this background, we can establish that diamonds have been admired for the longest time. Due to their value, they are deeply intertwined with marriage.

Have you ever heard of the slogan ‘diamonds are forever’? Well, it associates diamonds with loyalty, durability, and stability. Their notable sturdiness and brilliant color express all valuable qualities that should vibrate in a good marriage.

Most anthropologists believe that giving diamonds as a symbol of marriage originated from a Roman custom. The custom involved wives wearing rings attached to small keys that had their husband’s names engraved in them.


What is the spiritual meaning of diamonds?

Diamond’s pure white light is seen as a symbol of purity that helps bring all parts of our lives into a cohesive whole. It brings clarity, stability, and love into relationships and strengthens any bonds that I’m we have. Not only is it a sign of commitment, but it also serves as an instillation of trust in all situations of our lives.

It attracts abundance into our lives and is an energy amplifier. It carries so much strength which enhances the power of anyone wearing it. Diamonds are great for blocking any electromagnetic stress that you may have. It signifies invincibility, fearlessness, and fortitude.

It is believed to clear emotional pain or any mental congestion. It significantly brings about new beginnings and reduces any fear or doubts that you may have. It aids enlightenment and brings about clarity of mind. It reminds you of your deepest desires and soul aspirations.

Also, it purifies and detoxifies all of your body’s systems, treats allergies and any chronic condition, and rebalances your metabolism. It clears sight and helps glaucoma. It is so much more than just a beautification metal.


What do black diamonds symbolize?

What do Diamonds Symbolize

While black diamonds do not sparkle as much as white ones do, they are great for engagement rings. The meaning of black diamonds is transcendence and is believed to have a mystic power. Black diamonds are associated with action, passion, and energy. They represent flawless, eternal, and unchanging love.

Depending on where you are in the world, diamonds can be a force of evil or good. Some people believe that if a married couple touched a black diamond, they would celebrate good fortune at all times throughout their marriage; while others see it as an omen.


What do yellow diamonds symbolize?

What do Diamonds Symbolize

The color in colored diamonds is often a result of the compound element added to the stone structure. The yellow hue in diamonds is a result of more Nitrogen in the mix that results in a beautiful jewelry piece.

Yellow is a color that represents wisdom, intellect, and knowledge.

It is a vibrant color that brings about an aura of optimism and evokes a sense of cheerfulness.


What do blue diamonds symbolize?

What do Diamonds Symbolize

Blue diamonds are quite rare. The unique blue hue of diamonds is caused by boron, which is sometimes present during the formation process.

Blue diamonds are a symbol of eternity, truth, peace, spirituality, and chastity. They exude royalty and are becoming extremely popular.


What do white diamonds symbolize?

What do Diamonds Symbolize

White diamonds are the most valuable. Generally, the more colorless a diamond, the higher its value and price tag. White diamonds represent purity and holiness.


What do pink diamonds symbolize?

Pink is one of the rarest diamond colors to have ever existed. Pink diamonds symbolize passion and power. They also represent strength and confidence.

What do Diamonds Symbolize

Related Questions

What do diamonds represent in cards?

Throughout the centuries, different countries have adapted card decks so that the emblems, colors, and designs serve as a representation of their traditions and culture. Modern card decks display diamonds and the four suits of hearts in red, and spades and clubs in black.

The four suits are also symbols of human energy and various aspects of societal interactions.

Clubs represent the peasantry and tough achievements in life through hard work, while spades represent the warrior class that was institutionalized into the fractious problems and noble parts of life. Hearts represent the clergy and how much human beings struggle to achieve peace of mind and happiness.

Lastly, diamonds represent the merchant class in society and the excitement that comes with different aspects of wealth creation.


What do diamonds symbolize in a dream?

Generally, diamonds are a symbol of love, good fortune, fidelity, and innocence. Dreaming about a diamond isn’t always a good sign, and it may indicate a sense of trouble, relationship issues, and even a breakup. In as much so, the meaning of diamonds differs from dream to dream.

If you dream about owning a diamond, then the dream represents that you will be respected and honored in all aspects of your life.

If the dream is about being given a diamond, it shows that you will be the center of attention at a huge event.

If you dream about losing a diamond, it symbolizes unhappiness, and if you dream about clustered diamonds, expect to get rich!


What do diamonds symbolize in the Bible?

Diamonds represent the tribe of Naphtali and was found on the second row of the high priest’s breastplate.

If they are precious enough to be used on a high priest’s breastplate, then it is indeed of great value to God.

In other parts of the Bible, it represented love and prosperity. It was seen as the rock through which God would create the twelve foundations required for the New Jerusalem.


What does a diamond tattoo symbolize?

Body tattoos are so much more than simplistic or artistic art. For some people, tattoos have a deeper, if not special meaning that communicates a specific message about the owner.

That said, most of the time, a tattoo corresponds with your personality and social status.

If you have a diamond tattoo, it shows that you have made a permanent commitment, not only on your body but also in present relationships and other aspects of your life.

You may have gone through rough patches in life and have conquered them all. For this reason, you may want a permanent reminder of your resilience.

Sometimes, a diamond tattoo may symbolize inner beauty. When you have one, you may be trying to embrace self-love or show the need for internal happiness and beauty. Also, diamond tattoos represent wealth and power associated with money. Having one may show your authority and rank in society.



Although diamonds are a very commercial stone used to make timely jewelry pieces, they remain a precious stone and have a historic symbolism.

Even though they are beautification items and a great fashion statement, they have a much deeper meaning in all aspects of life.

Because of this, they are the perfect choice of jewelry to give to your loved ones as a sign of true love and commitment.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!