What Do Colors Mean In Friendship Bracelets? (Detailed Answer in 2024)

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Like marriage or engagements that have a ring to symbolize the relationship, friendship has friendship bracelets. These are unique colorful pieces that go well with any outfit and look great when stacked with other bracelets. You can therefore wear them daily.

They also come in different shapes and colors for you to choose from. While the bracelets symbolize the friendship between two or more people, the colors have an even deeper meaning.

In this post, we will go through the meanings of the most common colors and their combinations. Hopefully, it will help you decide on the kind of colored friendship bracelet you’ll get for your close friends.


What Do Colors Mean in Friendship Bracelets?

As mentioned, Friendship bracelets symbolize the bond and lasting friendship shared between two or more people. They are popular because of their versatility.

What Do Colors Mean in Friendship Bracelets

You can pair them with other jewelry and they also come in many colors and designs. Therefore, there is an option for every unique friendship bond there is.

Because of the numerous options available, it can be difficult to choose. Hence, we’ve prepared a list of different colors commonly used in friendship bracelets.

These colors could represent the collective traits of your friendship or the specific traits of the person wearing the bracelet.

They could also represent what you wish for your friends. In the following list we have grouped the colors as a single color, double color, and triple color meanings:


Single color meanings

I. Red – it’s a color often related to love and passion. It can symbolize the love you share as friends. It also symbolizes good luck hence gifting your friend a red friendship bracelet is wishing the good luck or fortune. Red also symbolizes adventure and could be used to symbolize your friend’s adventurous nature or as a reminder of all the adventures you have been on together.

what do colors mean in friendship bracelet

II. Blue– this color is usually associated with either water or the sky and often symbolizes harmony and tranquility. It also symbolizes loyalty and reliability as well as courage and inspiration. All these traits could be a representation of what your friendship entails or the character traits of one of your friends.

III. Yellow– Often seen as the universal color of friendship, yellow is a warm color that represents optimism, joy, and creativity. You can gift this colored bracelet to a friend who is ever cheerful, optimistic, and bubbly.

IV. Green– the first thing that comes to mind is nature, when you think of the color green. The color symbolizes compassion, trust, hope, and truth. It’s the perfect gift for a down-to-earth, empathetic trustworthy friend.

what do colors mean in friendship bracelet

V. Purple– this color is associated with luxury and symbolizes sophistication, luxury, and strength. It’s a great option for your flamboyant, classy friends.

VI. Pink– This color represents affection kindness and attachment. It’s a great color for a friend who is caring, kind, and usually easily attached.

VII. White– we normally associate white with peace. The color also symbolizes clarity, honesty, and transparency. It is also used to symbolize purity. You can gift a white bracelet to that peace-loving friend who is always honest with you and has pure intentions at all times.

What Do Colors Mean in Friendship Bracelets

VIII. Orange – like yellow it’s a bright color that also symbolizes happiness and cheer. It’s also associated with fire and used to symbolize energy and excitement. It’s a perfect gift for bright friends who always energetic and excited about the smallest things.

VIIII. Brown– It’s a color associated with the earth. It often symbolizes stability and reliability. It could be a representation of the bond you share with your friends or the trait of an ever-present friend who has never let you down.

X. Black– it’s a bold color that symbolizes strength, mystery, and power. A black bracelet could represent the strength of your friendship. It is also a great gift for that mysterious friend who likes being secluded.


Double color meaning

What Do Colors Mean in Friendship Bracelets

1. Red and yellow– this combination represents a crazy type of love. It’s a great combination if you consider your friendship, one full of drama and crazy moments.

2. Red and white– the two colors are said to represent free love. It symbolizes an unconditional relationship between you and your friends.

3. Red and green– given the separate symbolism of each color, their combination represents the love of nature. If you and your friends consider yourselves environmentalists you can use this combination for your shared love of nature.

What Do Colors Mean in Friendship Bracelets 

4. Pink and white– this combination is considered to represent changeability. It’s can be used to symbolize your spontaneity as friends. It’s could also be the perfect gift for a spontaneous friend.


Triple color meaning

what do colors mean in friendship bracelet

1. Green, yellow and blue– this combination represents harmony, pacifism, nature, and brotherhood. It’s a great color combination for a group of guy friends.

2. White, green, and orange– this is a color combination associated with hippies. It’s a great combination for a group of hippie friends.



Friendships are worth celebrating because they are our biggest support system in life aside from family. The friendship bracelets are a great way of symbolizing your friendship.

It is also a great reminder of your friends when you’re away from them. The best part is you never have to take them off as they blend in with every setting and compliment every outfit.

 You can also choose colors based on your friendship to represent the unique bond you share as well as, your unique traits as friends.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!