What Crystal Stone Goes Well With Garnet Jewelry? – Detailed Answer

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Jewelry pieces made of garnets are fiery, bold, elegant, and breathtaking. Garnets are fiery red crystals that symbolize passion.

This red crystal is also one of the oldest varieties of red crystal. You may not know that throughout history, garnets have been revered for their beauty and, most importantly, their spiritual protection.

What Crystal Stone Goes Well With Garnet Jewelry

Though it’s already powerful, its power can be amplified by wearing it or keeping it alongside another crystal. And in this article, we’ll talk about all you need to know about garnet jewelry and the other crystals that work well with garnets.

But just before we do, let’s look at the important basics of garnets.


Basics of Garnets

What Crystal Stone Goes Well With Garnet Jewelry

Garnet gets its name from the Latin word gratanum, which means pomegranate, representing the seeds of this very delicious fruit.

But this isn’t the only name that garnets are known for – a garnet is also commonly known as fire coals or carbuncles thanks to the ‘smoldering’ appearance of the crystal. This feature also gives a glimpse into the crystal’s spiritual meaning.

Garnets embody the most powerful energies associated with creativity, passion, fire, and strength in the spiritual realm. And like the 4 elementals, fire’s quality exists at such high levels, especially with the garnets.

In most ancient cultures, fire is spiritually an element representing transmutation and transformation – in other words, fiery garnets have the power to convert energies from one form to another – therefore fire is an integral part of alchemy.

What Crystal Stone Goes Well With Garnet Jewelry

So, if there is something about your spirit or perhaps something in your soul that you wish to change, you should make a garnet your best friend.

Garnets work by increasing the movement and vibrations in your body. And if you have been feeling stagnation in energies or want to transform yourself into the person you know you can be, garnet is the perfect crystal for you to have around and use.

To reiterate, garnets represent the formation of your passions, which is why it is recommended for individuals looking to increase their libido and level of attraction – it does this by harnessing the sexual energies associated with the Cupid, Aphrodite, and Venus. In many ways, this stone is needed if you are into tantric practices.

Even with its power, you can enhance the powers of garnets or other stones by coupling them together. So, which crystals should you wear with garnets?


What Crystal stone goes well with garnet?

What Crystal Stone Goes Well With Garnet Jewelry

As mentioned above, garnets evoke the image of sparkling crystals because it is as red as blood. But you may not know that this sparkling red crystal features a beautiful color spectrum ranging from the fiery oranges in the Mandarin garnets to the green hues of the rich green tsavorite.

But garnet is so much more than a stone that evokes passion and strength. Thanks to their transformative and transmutational effects, garnets are versatile, and the best part is that they work quite well with other gemstones.

So, are some of the best crystal stones that work well with garnets?


Here is a list for you:

1. Red jasper and Garnets

What Crystal Stone Goes Well With Garnet Jewelry

These two crystals work together beautifully to activate and stimulate the root chakra, and for this chakral activation, there is no better pairing of gemstones.

This is the case because the garnet crystal is also known as the Stone of Health, known for offering regenerative energy to the wearer, hence a higher level of recovery in the metaphysical and physical senses.

Garnets draw in restorative energies, energizing the blocked or under-estimated root chakras, hence a boost in your level of motivation. This combination will also stir back life into your chi.

These crystals also promote your strength levels and will make you more courageous. They are excellent for meditation as they stimulate the activation and the awakening of the Kundalini energy for deepened emotional and spiritual states.


2. Opal and garnet

What Crystal Stone Goes Well With Garnet Jewelry

As mentioned above, garnets symbolize primordial fire or the world’s creation out of love, purification, and love.

At the same time, the opal is the kind of gemstone that creates a deeper connection to passion and love, not to mention things like sexuality, desires, eroticism, and even lust.

Together, garnets and opals create solid and intense feelings, promoting sensual and creative energies and intensifying the emotional vibrational energies.


3. Clear Quartz

What Crystal Stone Goes Well With Garnet Jewelry

Clear quartz and garnets are great stones that will help to manifest your dreams and ideas = the red of the garnet is associated with good luck and abundance.

At the same time, clear quartz is a master healer that amplifies vibrational energies and attracts positive attributes.

If you are struggling with debt and managing bills or are working on reaching your financial goals, you should wear these two crystals for good luck, wealth, abundance, and success.


4. Red aventurine

What Crystal Stone Goes Well With Garnet Jewelry

The other crystal that blends well with the garnet is red aventurine and wearing both crystals will improve your life.

Red aventurine is a manifestation stone that encourages the right action, increasing your life force, reenergizing and revitalizing your body, while garnets also help with manifestation.

Together, they motivate you and give you the courage to act in case of significant challenges and obstacles, making you more determined and persistent.


Can you wear garnet and amethyst together?

Yes, because the stones belong to one group, and they complement each other.

What Crystal Stone Goes Well With Garnet Jewelry

Can you wear garnet and ruby together?

Because these crystals represent the planets Ketu and Rahu (Saturn and the Sun), you shouldn’t wear garnets with rubies. The Sun is enemies with Saturn, and they clash badly, so you shouldn’t pair them together.


Can you wear garnet and sapphire together?

No, you shouldn’t because these crystals belong to opposing planets.

What Crystal Stone Goes Well With Garnet Jewelry

Can you wear rose quartz and garnet together?

Yes, if anything, garnets and rose quartz crystals are matches made in heaven, especially in matters to do with love and relationships. Together, they encourage vitality, intimacy, and romance.


Can you wear citrine and garnet together?

What Crystal Stone Goes Well With Garnet Jewelry

If you want more energy and if you want to focus your energy on gaining wealth and becoming more successful, you may want to wear garnet and citrine crystals together. Citrine has a powerful energy that will enhance your productivity.


Can you wear moonstone and garnet together?

What Crystal Stone Goes Well With Garnet Jewelry

Yes, you could, especially if you are looking for crystals to help you feel more balanced. Moonstone is a powerful crystal that will guide you to be more energized, lead a healthier lifestyle, and have a good sense of balance.

This is because the vibrations emitted from these crystals ensure you attain a vital energy stream. The combination will also help clarify and declutter the mind for a good life.



Not sure which crystals to combine with garnets and which crystal combinations will ensure the best level of success and a higher level of vibration?

We hope that this article guides you as you choose crystals.

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