What Colors Look Good On Blondes With Blue Eyes?

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Blue-eyed and blonde, and looking for ideas on the best colors that would complement these gorgeous features effortlessly? We’ve got you.

Understandably, having these cool features doesn’t always mean that accessorizing or just dressing up is easy, and this is especially true when it comes to the bolder color varieties.What Colors Look Good On Blondes With Blue Eyes?  

But it doesn’t have to be too hard, and also, you don’t have to stick to black and neutral colors – yes, these are colors that make dressing up effortless, but what happens when you generally love color, and what to make sure that the colors you settle for bringing out the blue in your eyes beautifully without making you look weird?

We’ll share insights on all that and also what you need to know about the colors you should avoid if you are blonde with blue eyes.


What colors look good on blondes with blue eyes?

What Colors Look Good On Blondes With Blue Eyes

Before we look at the best colors for the blue-eyed blondes, let’s first look at an important concept – the color theory.


What is color theory?

While the color theory is an adaptation from the color analysis conducted by painters, it relates to most other areas of life where color is involved; in this case, choosing the right colors to wear depending on your features and your most dominant facial characteristics like the hair color, skin color, and the eye color – and how these match with the common color palettes.

According to color theory, blondes with light eyes and fair skin look best in the pale and even the subdued colors like light blues, pastels, beige, browns, purples, and greens. And in some cases, one can throw in the jewel-toned colors like the blue-greens mixed with some reds for that nice touch of contrast.

That said, blondes are either cool or warm-toned; that is, blue undertones vs. red or gold undertones. So, a warm-toned blonde has more of a strawberry or a golden undertone, while the cool-toned blonde has a sandy/ ashy look and looks good in cooler tones.

What Colors Look Good On Blondes With Blue Eyes

1. Pastels

Just about all the pastels go well with blonde hair, especially if you are a pale blonde.

And though not everyone is able to perfectly pull off the pastels, any pale blonde individual, especially one with blue eyes, can easily pull off the baby blues, mint greens, and even the colors with gray or blue undertones.

You can also try the dusty lavender and pink shades as a blonde.


2. Colors with Cool-undertones

Even as a blonde with some skin coloring, you will look your very best if you opt for outfits and accessories in dusty, soft, or diffused colors, especially the ones with cool undertones. Avoid the warm colors because they would be too bold against your cool skin.

Some of the colors with cool undertones that we recommend include dusty roses, blue-toned purples such as periwinkle or violet, and even mauve. And if you still prefer neutral colors, you will look great in taupe, chocolate brown, sand, or even soft whites.

What Colors Look Good On Blondes With Blue Eyes

3. Rich colors for the cool-toned blonde

You could also try some of the rich colors that will bring out your blonde hair beautifully and also bring out your eyes subtly.

Some of these rich colors that would look great on you are the brilliant, blue-toned reds.

But you should avoid the harsh or bold colors like yellow or orange because these bold colors create a lot of contrast, and they would wash you out, and no one wants a washed-out look added to their pale blonde look.

What Colors Look Good On Blondes With Blue Eyes?

4. Suitable colors for the warm-toned blondes

If you have some color and are therefore considered a warm-toned blonde, we recommend wearing colors with warm tones, but you also won’t go wrong with pale and bright colors.

Essentially, all these colors work great in bringing out the radiance and the warmth in your skin.

They also work because, at the end of the day, color-matching has to do with balancing the colors and making sure that there isn’t too much of a contrast in terms of the color temperature of your skin and the clothes you will have on.

What Colors Look Good On Blondes With Blue Eyes?

So with the warmth in your skin undertone, you want to ditch all the cool colors making your skin look a tad gray, and instead, pack in some of the subtle and beautiful colors like the warm blues, warm yellows, lavender, sage khaki, and some gold.

If you like some bold pop of color, try out the bright pink, purple, yellow, or red. And for that nice, neutral look, go for a warm gray or ivory.

It also means avoiding the cool colors, especially the pinks – no salmon or coral if you are warm-toned blonde.

We also recommend against dull or dark colors, especially black, because it is a harsh color for a warm-toned blonde.

What Colors Look Good On Blondes With Blue Eyes

5. Best Neutral colors for blondes

If you want to keep things neutral, you can try out colors like deep browns, charcoal, and navy. These colors are excellent options, especially when you’re trying to build a wardrobe.

Warn colors to bring out the best bold features of the blondes with blue eyes

Orange and red undertones would look good, but you have to blend these colors since they don’t look good on their own. You could blend the red with some olive green, grassy green, or Kelly green.

You may also want to switch out the pastels for aqua and turquoise, as well as the lemony shade of yellow, some coral, peach, or even a deep purple such as amethyst.

Other colors that work well for all blondes include metallic, white, nude, pastel pink, and poppy yellow.


What colors look bad on blondes?

What Colors Look Good On Blondes With Blue Eyes

1. Colors to be avoided by the cool/ pale blondes

Even though the reds and oranges often look great on the warm-toned blondes, these are the colors that all the pale or cool-toned blondes should avoid.

As a pale blonde, you should avoid clothing that comes in red, orange, and also the ones with gold undertones because these bold colors will overwhelm your look.

So, in as much as these warm colors look great on others, you need to avoid the warm colors at all costs.


2. Colors to avoid if you are a warm/ soft blonde

On the other hand, warm blondes should avoid cool colors like the shades of pink, blue, and yellow, and also the reds with blue undertones like purple.

The cool colors mentioned here and even the cooler color arrays like the olive greens and mint will not just gray the skin but also make your highlights appear brassy and yellow.


3. Yellow

What Colors Look Good On Blondes With Blue Eyes

Avoid all shades of yellow, especially the marigold yellow, if you are a blonde because the bright yellow will leave you with a washed-out look.

But if you are warm-toned, you could get away with the lemony yellows.



It can be confusing to choose the right outfit color as a blonde, despite the fact that there are many kinds of blondes, and the hair and eye colors are often very variable.

However, the key to choosing the right color accessories and outfits as a blonde is to determine if you are warm or cool-toned.

If warm-toned, you can get away with the brighter and bolder red, gold, and orange-hued colors, while cool-toned blondes get away with pastels, brushed colors, and blue hues effortlessly.

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