What Colors Look Best On Blondes With Green Eyes? – Updated in 2024

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If you are a platinum blonde with green eyes, you may be wondering about what colors would be the very best for you, especially because you don’t want to look like you don’t have any sense of style.

You may have noticed that you wear more of the whites and blacks and neutrals, and even when you try to throw on more color, you may find that you still struggle with whether the color is right for you and if you look alright being a blonde with the most beautiful eyes.

What Colors Look Best On Blondes With Green Eyes

Well, for starters, we understand where you’re coming from and why you may have opted to stick with the neutral colors or the ones that have worked for you so far.

But you don’t have to struggle with what colors work for you and the ones that don’t because we’ll be sharing some advice on the best colors for blondes with green eyes.

So, let’s get right into it!


What colors look best on blondes with green eyes?

What Colors Look Best On Blondes With Green Eyes

Best outfit colors

If you are a platinum blonde, a warm blonde, a golden blonde, caramel blonde, ash blonde, vanilla blonde, or rose gold blonde, etc., and you have green eyes, the best colors that make your green eyes pop include:


1. Bold Colors

Forest green, purple, and deep red. These colors will make the green in your eyes pop. Essentially, any bold and strong color will make your green eyes pop.

What Colors Look Best On Blondes With Green Eyes

Purple is the one color that always looks great with anyone with green eyes, and in most cases, the deeper the shade of purple, the more intense the green of your eyes will appear.

And if you are thinking about matching the color of your eyes with your makeup or outfit, you may want to opt for the darker shades of deep greens such as forest green and emerald over other shades. You could also try a complementary color scheme that blends well with your green eyes.

However, if you are not comfortable with the bold and strong colors, you may want to stick with the more neutral colors like white and black. These colors would make that emerald color of your iris stand out, but rather gently and in a balanced way that makes you look more elegant and put together.

What Colors Look Best On Blondes With Green Eyes

2. Blush colors and pastels

While some blondes can pull off the pastels, for example, the pale blondes, most other blondes cannot pull off the pastel colors such as the baby blues, mint green, or even the colors with grey or blue undertones. These colors often work well for pale blondes. And if you are a cool blonde, you will be happy to know that you can pull off a cool look wearing the dusty shades of pink or even lavender.

What Colors Look Best On Blondes With Green Eyes

3. Match the colors

If you are in doubt, you can always match your eye color with your outfit. So, wearing emerald green matching your green eyes is something that will always work for you. But, just stick with the deeper greens like a forest or emerald green as recommended above. Avoid pastels and neon greens.


4. Try opposites

This might not come naturally, but it works, somehow.


Colors to make your green eyes appear lighter

What Colors Look Best On Blondes With Green Eyes

Sometimes, you just want to make the dark green of your eyes appear a little lighter and brighter than they really are, and it’s quite fascinating to see how some colors make that possible.

If this is your intention, even as a blonde, you can try the colors violet or plum. You could also opt for pinks because these will draw more attention to your eyes. You may also want to try to blend lighter and darker colors (pink) for a more dramatic effect.

For eye shadows, go for the gold tones variety that would make your hazel eyes look greener.

That said, you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with different shades of pink, plum, or violet.


Choosing the best makeup for blondes with green eyes (and fair skin)

Most of the time, green-eyed blondes have a cool skin undertone, and finding the right concealer and foundation is not always easy. Most of the cheaper varieties of concealers and foundations have too much of an orange pigment added, and these wouldn’t be ideal options for you.

What Colors Look Best On Blondes With Green Eyes

Avoid these, and buy from the department stores that allow you to test the best colors of foundations and concealers. Often, these are the ones with no orange undertones.

For eyeshadow, opt for the matte, brown, pink, and shiny lavender eyeshadows since these are more feminine and complementary. And for mascara, go for the mascara with a more subdued look during the day, mostly brown and black for nighttime.

What Colors Look Best On Blondes With Green Eyes

Your eyebrows are best with the light to medium brown eyebrow color because this gives off a more natural look on the skin.

How about lip colors? Well, a green-eyed blonde cannot go wrong with any of the brown-infused lipstick colors, hot and soft pinks, and you could even pull off the cranberry red lippie. However, you need to leave the darker lip shades for the times that you will be wearing the heavier eye makeup.


What colors look good on blondes with brown eyes?

What Colors Look Best On Blondes With Green Eyes

If this is you, you should know that first, you are one of the very rare persons with this color combination. It also means that you have more melanin, but accessorizing and choosing colors that work for you is not too challenging.

If you are warm-toned, think of colors with golden or strawberry hues and foundations with a yellow base. Bright, pale, and warm-toned colors will work for you, and you can wear lavender, yellow, blue, sage, gold, and khaki. Other colors to try are red, bright pink, and purple.

What Colors Look Best On Blondes With Green Eyes

If you are cool-toned, on the other hand, a pink base is ideal for the foundation and ash or sandy colors for everything else. Blue also works, as long as it is not red-toned, or you true the blue-toned red.

Avoid orange and yellow. You will also look good in dusty, soft, and diffused colors like mauve, powder pink, dusty rose, violet, or periwinkle.



And, there you have it! If you were feeling confused about what colors to go for as a blonde with green or brown eyes, we hope you now have a clearer idea of what works and what doesn’t.

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