What Colors Go With Gold Jewelry?(Here’s my Suggestions)

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Are you struggling to figure out what gold jewelry to wear to match your outfits? Do you find yourself questioning your outfit color choices after wearing certain gold pieces, and you are often forced to remove the jewelry it doesn’t feel or make you look great? This article is for you.

Here, we’ll help you learn how to coordinate your jewelry with different color outfits. Picking the perfect outfit to wear for work or brunch is already hard enough, and you don’t want the color of the jewelry to be an issue.

What Colors Go With Gold Jewelry?

So, along with making sure that your jewelry is a perfect match for the occasion, we’ll help you choose the right colors of clothes to wear with your gold jewelry.

By now, we assume that you are wearing the gold jewelry because you have a warm skin tone and skin undertone, and so the only thing you need to do is to pick outfit colors that complement the gold. Let’s jump right into it then!


What colors go with gold jewelry?

If you are unsure about which colors and hues go with gold jewelry, this article is for you.

1. Black

What Colors Go With Gold Jewelry

You cannot go wrong with gold jewelry matched with a black outfit.

This is because it makes a perfect and super-simple way of dressing up, and the gold jewelry will stand out nicely against the black. Think of black as the most effortless way to dress up.

Also, contrasting black with the gold makes a really powerful duo.

What Colors Go With Gold Jewelry?

2. Red

If you are unsure about what to wear with your gold hoops or necklace and you don’t want to wear black, pick red.

A red dress makes a beautiful statement, and in combination with gold, you have a powerful color combination that you can pull off rather effortlessly.

You can never go wrong with red accessorized with gold.

What Colors Go With Gold Jewelry

3. Emerald Green

Emerald green is a unique, beautiful color that looks great, as long as you are able to accessorize well.

But in addition to its simplicity, one of the things that make emerald green a great match for gold jewelry has to do with the fact that it is a warm color, which makes gold the perfect way to complement it.

You can wear gold with all emerald greens, and you don’t even have to be dress in emerald green from head to toe.

What Colors Go With Gold Jewelry?

5. Gold on gold

This color combination may sound unusual at first, but often, monochromatic colors balance out perfectly, giving you that clean and well-out-together look.

Also, there is something very luxurious about pulling off a gold-on-gold look.


6. Yellow

Yellow is in the same color family as your gold jewelry, and your yellow dress will look perfect when accessorized with gold jewelry.


7. White

What Colors Go With Gold Jewelry

You could wear gold jewelry with white outfits effortlessly. If you are not sure about what to wear with white, skip the silver pieces and throw on some gold instead.

You will be surprised with how perfectly your look comes together.


8. Purple

Purple is the other color that goes well with gold jewelry.


9. Silver

If you love mixing metals, you will be surprised with how good gold looks when accessorized on silver outfits.

What Colors Go With Gold Jewelry?

Matching Colors, Gold Accessories, and Seasons

Since gold can be worn with most of the colors, you have the unique opportunity to wear gold accessories all year long. But the sheen and the warmth of your gold ring, for example, means that gold is the perfect color of accessories to wear with your summer or spring wardrobe.

If you are looking for the perfect color options to wear in summer with your gold accessories, you will be happy to wear the gold pieces with your bright oranges, some coral pink, and even the white linen fabrics. These options give you a sophisticated, chic summer look. It also works with more casual and beach-inspired clothing.

To complete your look, throw in extra rings, unvarying textures, and sizes for a Bohemian look/ feel. And for extra sparkle, you could throw in some blue of topaz along with the gold for the perfect summer look.

What Colors Go With Gold Jewelry

  • Summer Bronze

Since you can wear the best of gold jewelry in summer, why not throw in some touches of gold to your face too? As you go for that gold-on-gold look, you should find a natural bronzer that will not only make your skin glow but also match your accessories.

If you are trying to move from bronze, you could also throw in some oranges and coral pinks for the bronzer, as well as the blush and eyeshadow.

Remember that the idea is to make all the gold accessories pop.

So, instead of white or solver on the eye’s inner corners, add in some touches of gold eye shadow for a brighter, more unified look.

What Colors Go With Gold Jewelry

  • Fall Orange

Wear some rich shared of marigold, burnt orange, and some chocolate browns with your gold jewelry.

You can pair these with gold rings boasting intricate designs for a more feminine touch or chunky matte pieces for a modern, fresh look.

The other colors you could wear in the fall include orange sapphires, citrine, as well as fire opals.

These stand out beautifully when set against gold by creating a delicate blend of accessories or more bold statement pieces. You could pair these with natural makeup or even a bold cat-eye.

What Colors Go With Gold Jewelry

  • Winter glow

As mentioned above, gold accessories can be worn all year long, and because some of the most festive seasons are in winter, you have an excuse to accessorize.

Think of wearing more of the jewel-toned fabrics, then use the rich, elegant cuts and draped fabrics for a more luxurious look. Since gold matches your oversized sweaters and the plush cashmere easily, you get to pull off a chic winter look easily. However, you should not mix gold and silver.

Regarding precious stones, emeralds, rubies, and amethyst match gold perfectly, and these colors are perfect if you are looking for unique and stunning festive jewelry.

What Colors Go With Gold Jewelry?


Not sure about what colors to wear with gold accessories, think red, black, yellow, purple, gold, emerald green, and even silver!

Read more tips here or here! See you guys in the next post! 

Hey! I finally find the Answer!