What Color Should a Diamond Be Under Uv Light?

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You might be planning to propose to your partner, but now you are informed about everything to look out for when choosing the perfect ring.

One of the factors that may have popped up severally is the diamond quality, color, diamond fluorescence, price, and size.

You might be hearing diamond fluorescence for the first time; in the review below, you will find out more about what it means, whether it is good or bad, the color of the diamond under UV light, and everything essential to the diamond glow.


About diamond fluorescence

The first thing is understanding what diamond fluorescence means. Diamond fluorescence is a diamond’s glow when exposed to ultraviolet light.

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You can witness the brilliance in some diamonds and the lack in others. It is reported that fluorescence can only be seen in 25% of diamonds.

According to GIA, fluorescence in diamonds can be rated from none, faint, medium, strong, to very strong. None means that there’s no presence of fluorescence.

Faint has very little fluorescence, which has an insignificant impact on the appearance of the diamond. Medium has a noticeable presence. Strong has a more visible glow, and very strong outdoes the rest with the most shine.

Diamond fluorescence impacts each diamond differently; it can improve quality or lower its value. It may have a negative effect on diamonds with colors G and higher.

Diamond fluorescence will reduce the diamond’s clarity on diamonds belonging to the latter range, making it appear milky or hazy. Choosing one with a faint fluorescence on this range of diamonds is better.

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In contrast, on color H and lower diamonds, fluorescence will improve the color of the diamond. The glow will make the diamond appear white, which enhances the appearance of the diamond.

However, it would be best if you looked for medium fluorescence; strong fluorescence will lower the quality of the diamond giving it a hazy glow.


What color should a diamond be under UV light?

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You should know that it is not a must that all diamonds exude a color when under UV light. Some may glow a specific color depending on whether it is a fluorescent diamond. The glow is present during exposure to the UV light but mostly stops immediately after being taken away from it.

Usually, when a diamond is exposed to ultraviolet and black light and glows, it could exhibit a specific color. The different colors a diamond can omit are; blue, yellow, red, green, and white. Blue is the most common color in most diamonds, appearing in 90% of fluorescent diamonds.

The blue glow is from boron and nitrogen minerals present in the diamond. A diamond with blue color is most preferred compared to other colors. The second most common color is yellow, which may not be desirable among buyers because it may appear dull. 

You can also witness red and green in some diamonds. You must be aware of the diamond fluorescence color you are about to buy; you wouldn’t want your partner to dislike the ring after making such a big purchase.


Why do some diamonds glow under UV light?

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25% to 35% of diamonds glow when exposed to ultraviolet light. Diamonds that shine when exposed to UV lights are called fluorescent diamonds. There are a few reasons why this may happen, which are listed below.


1. Minerals

Diamonds contain minerals such as aluminum, nitrogen, and boron that make diamonds glow when exposed to ultraviolet and black light. Boron and nitrogen mainly contribute to the blue color that a diamond emits.

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2. Impurities and blemishes

Some diamonds may contain impurities that glow when placed under ultraviolet or black light. These blemishes affect the clarity of a diamond and may impact the structure of the diamond as well.

The impurities may be in the shapes of lines or streaks. The kind of impurity or blemish will influence the glow of the diamond.

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3. The color of the diamond

A diamond will glow when exposed to ultraviolet light, depending on the color of the diamond itself. There are 12 colors in which diamonds are available; blue, yellow, pink, red, green, white, purple, gray, orange, brown, violet, and black.

Specific colors make diamonds glow under UV light; if it is red, blue, or yellow, they will likely glow under UV light.


Why does my diamond look white under UV light?

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Diamonds exhibit different colors when exposed to ultraviolet light. It may reflect blue, white, yellow, red, or green. The most common color to be reflected is the color blue. The rest of the colors are not that common.

If your diamond looks white when placed under ultraviolet light, it may be for a few reasons. One probable cause is that it has very strong fluorescence, which usually appears milky or hazy, giving it a white appearance.

Another explanation is that when a diamond is not adequately cleaned or shinned, it may lack clarity in its reflection. Before placing it under ultraviolet light, You should clean it properly.

Lastly, if your diamond is white under UV light, it could be yellow and has blue fluorescence, thus giving it a white appearance.


Is diamond fluorescence good or bad?

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At this point, you are familiar with what diamond fluorescence is. Much debate has gone on, on whether it is good or bad. Many people argue that the fluorescence in a diamond will negatively affect the quality of the stone, while some believe it is not a bad feature.

Whether diamond fluorescence is good or bad will depend on your taste and preference. A blue glow is not that bad; it can be pretty. If you are going for a cheaper diamond, a medium fluorescence will improve the diamond’s quality. However, it can also work to lower the diamond’s rate.

When looking at a diamond’s fluorescence, you can look out for things that can help you get what fits your taste. First, you should ensure that you purchase from a reputable, trusted retailer who is good in this line of business and has many good reviews. The best retailers are those that are recommended.

Before settling on which piece you want to go home with, have the seller display the diamond in different light settings. This way, you can genuinely conclude the diamond’s fluorescence.

If you are purchasing it online, it may prove not easy to tell whether the diamond has fluorescence or not. In this case, you consider the reputation and reviews of the seller.

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One of the benefits of preferring a diamond with fluorescence is that it will cost you less. You might be on a budget which may lead you to choose a low color grade whose quality is also down. However, the fluorescence will make the diamond shine brighter, enhancing its appearance.



Having looked at what diamond fluorescence is, we can conclude a few things about it. A diamond’s fluorescence is either good or bad, depending on your preference.

It can improve or lower the quality of the diamond depending on the color grade. Besides the color blue, fluorescence can also glow in red, yellow, green, or white.

Fluorescence can be rated from none, faint, medium, strong, and very strong. We also have learned why diamonds glow when exposed to ultraviolet light due to the minerals and impurities.

As pointed out, before settling on which diamond to purchase, you must place the diamond under different lighting to ascertain the presence or absence of fluorescence.

Having all these in mind, you can ring shop while being more informed about what to look for in your diamond.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!