What Color Jewelry Goes With Pink?-Here’s Our Advice

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If you love the color pink and would like to make sure that you pick the right accessories, this article is for you.

Here, we’ll show you how to take your love for pink up a notch by sharing insights on the jewelry options you could choose from.

Essentially, we’ll share tips on the right colors of jewelry that will go well with your pink outfits.

So, let’s get right into it!


What color jewelry goes with pink?

What Color Jewelry Goes With Pink

Pink is a stunning color that works well with many other colors, whether warm or cool tones. But when it comes to choosing the right jewelry, it’s important to make sure that you get your jewelry options right at all times.

Take the vividness of the hot pink color, it stands out beautifully against the neutral colors black, dark gray, and navy and the best way to accessorize this color would be with gold and silver accessories, which will create an instant uplift to the bold pinks.

Below is a breakdown of the main and the recommended jewelry options that you could accessorize your pink dress with.


1. Metallic jewelry options that work well with pink

With the market full of metallic jewelry options made of gold, silver, and bronze, it can be hard for you to choose one type of metal over the rest, but you will be happy to know that pretty much all metallic jewelry styles, designs, and colors would look great against your pink outfits.

What Color Jewelry Goes With Pink

That said, there are instances where you have to rethink your jewelry options and not just settle on any metallic jewelry that is a staple for you. This is often the case when the pink outfit you are wearing is embellished with metallic elements.

If the pink dress jacket has sequins, brooches, belts, or metallic buttons, etc., it would be a good idea for you to settle on jewelry whose colors match the color of the metallic embellishments on the pink outfit.

Also, keep in mind that the metallic necklace, earrings, or bracelet would be the perfect accessory for the pink dress if you are going out for the evening. The best part is that you would don’t always have to over-accessorize and you could choose to wear just that one pair of earrings and a watch or bracelet.

The neutrals and the metallics teamed with a hot pink sheath, gold earrings, and a crystal-encrusted gold cuff would also work great. All you’d need to add is a black leather jacket, a pair of pointy-toe black pumps, and maybe a small gold-studded clutch for a complete look.


2. Solid gold jewelry

What Color Jewelry Goes With Pink

If dressing up in baby pink, you should avoid solid gold jewelry, especially the yellow gold pieces. The solid 14k or 18k gold jewelry would, however, look great when used to accessorize outfits in other shades of pink or with hues of pink, like the peaches, reds, maroons, and oranges – in such cases, the solid gold pieces are quite stunning and will complement the pink hues beautifully.

This is all because of the power of gold and the fact that elegant gold jewelry always creates magic while also giving off a pure look of class to any woman. This is also the reason why the allure of solid gold jewelry has been a fashion craze for decades.

And to make things bolder, solid gold gives off that magic touch to that bright pink dresses and outfits for a more confident and vibrant look.


3. Silver/ Sterling Silver Jewelry

If you are going for an outfit in a darker shade of pink, you will be happy to know that the best way for you to accessorize this outfit would be with sterling silver or silver-toned jewelry. Silver jewelry is also the ideal option for anyone going for that stylish and sophisticated look.

Pair the outfit with silver-toned earrings and a bracelet for a glamorous look that will have a head-turning effect when you walk around the room. You could also take a look up a notch by wearing silver jewelry with sparkling stones for a more elegant look.


4. Diamond jewelry

What Color Jewelry Goes With Pink

By now, you know that you cannot go wrong with diamonds. So, with diamonds being a favorite for just about every woman, you will be happy to know that you will pull off the pink dress and diamond jewelry look quite effortlessly.

This combination will always give off a chic and sleek look. The best part is that there are multiple diamond designs you could choose from, and they will all look great with your pink outfits.

You could also go for the long chandelier diamond earrings, especially if you had on a sleeveless dress.


5. Pink pearl jewelry

What Color Jewelry Goes With Pink

How about some pearls? You know that you could never go wrong with pearl jewelry, and when it comes to pink outfits, you can wear them with white or off-white pearls, grey, or even pink pearls.

The pearls are excellent ornaments for a more formal look, and the best part about the pearls is that they will add a soothing personality to your appearance. You may also like the pink tinge of the pink pearls because they will reflect the color of the outfit worn very beautifully.

The best part about the pink pearl on pink dress look is that you could wear a large bib-like pink pearl necklace with the pink strapless dress and look stunning. This is because balance is the most important thing to get to at the end of the day.


6. Introduce an unexpected pop of color

How about accessorizing your hot pink dress with another bold-colored accessory like a purple clutch, a delicate jade pendant, or a turquoise cocktail ring? This is a look that not so many people can pull off seamlessly, but if you are confident, you could.

That said, be careful not to go for too many bold colors because there is a very thin line between looking bold and classy and cheap. In other words, you have to be very careful with your choice of accessories and jewelry – don’t wear that strapless hot pink dress with bold colored heels, opt for black or nude pumps instead, and throw in just one bold colored pair or piece of jewelry or accessory.

What Color Jewelry Goes With Pink

7. Shimmering metallic jewelry

If you want to add a nice touch of glam to your look and the pink dress, your best options will range from the gunmetal gray jewelry options to the bold silver and bronze options.

That said, you need to make sure that the shimmering jewelry option you choose matches the shade of pink that the dress comes in. You should also consider the occasion you are dressing up for.

For a Saturday night out, for example, you could accessorize the hot pink tube dress with a chunk gold bracelet and a bronze clutch.


8. Mixing hard and soft elements

What Color Jewelry Goes With Pink

Pink is undoubtedly the quintessential girly color, but you could easily toughen up your look, despite going for an all-pink flowing dress.

To create a nice, balanced contrast, try dressing it up with heeled booties (with lace, blush pink dress) and a nice black fitted blazer or leather jacket if going for a girls’ night out. For jewelry, choose simple crystals or a cocktail ring and perhaps a small or miniature black clutch or shoulder bag.



The pink look can be easy to pull off when you know which accessories and jewelry to pair it with. Some shades of pink are easier to work with than others, but at the end of the day, your focus needs to be on the creation of balance.

Don’t overdo it, even if you prefer the bold and beautiful look – keep the shoes simple if wearing a bold dress and a bold-colored cocktail ring and carrying a bright and bold-colored clutch.

Finally, you must feel confident in what you are wearing for you to be confident. So, take off anything that doesn’t work for you, or you don’t feel great in.

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