What Color Jewelry Goes With Everything? – Detailed Guide

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We all know that minimalist jewelry works for pretty much everyone, but is there a possibility that there is a specific color of jewelry that is more universal?

Do some colors work best for most individuals than others?

Is gold-colored jewelry more standardized and befitting for more people, or is silver-colored jewelry more ideal?

This article takes you through everything you need to know about color jewelry options that work best for everyone.


What color jewelry goes with everything?

What Color Jewelry Goes With Everything

With jewelry considered the cherry on top and the thing that completes everyone’s look quite effortlessly, which jewelry color options are best for everyone? Should you opt for ultra-feminine, gold, silver, and diamond jewelry?

Which jewelry options bring out your most modern, stylish self? And what options would work best for you all week long and also during the weekend?

Well, for most people, gold jewelry works quite well, and it looks great on just about everyone. Whether you are looking at the yellow gold or the white gold pieces of jewelry, these look perfect on most of us, and you can wear this kind of jewelry day or night, Monday to Sunday.

What Color Jewelry Goes With Everything

That said, several other factors come into play regarding the choices of jewelry you settle on, but at the top of that list is coordination.

To determine what color jewelry works well with you (and perhaps, everyone), the most important thing to note is that your wardrobe is quite important.

It would help if you also made sure that the color of your wardrobe and the jewelry are all well-coordinated. This coordination is essential because your style and appearance determine how others perceive you.

What Color Jewelry Goes With Everything

Also, color is the most important element of your whole wardrobe, with poor color choices drawing more attention to your flaws, while the right/ good color coordination of your closet and jewelry makes you look sensational and elegant.

Regarding your jewelry color options, their coordination can be a little complicated, but it is not rocket science. Sapphire, ruby, citrine, amethysts, and emeralds all boast a distinguished and bold color that is quite appealing and will easily add character and style to your overall look.

And to ensure that you look great, you should consider wearing the reds to the gold tones with purples and blues. So, in this case, your citrine necklace would look great paired with a brown jacket, purple top, or maybe a beige shirt.

What Color Jewelry Goes With Everything

And if you have blue gemstones, you can pair them with yellow, navy, or blue outfits. These blue-colored gemstones include blue topaz, blue sapphires, and blue tanzanite. On the other hand, gold and onyx gemstones work quite well with white and black dresses for a classic color combo.

But what happens if you are not much into colored jewelry and gemstones? In such cases, CZ gemstones and diamonds would be the best color option for you because these colorless stones/ gemstones work with all other bold colors besides white and black.

Here is a quick rule of thumb to live by where the colors of jewelry and outfits are concerned – you can wear black outfits with any color jewelry, all your outfits work well with diamonds, and if you are unsure, take time to learn your colors first.


Jewelry color Tips for matching your outfits

What Color Jewelry Goes With Everything

Not sure how to match your jewelry with your outfits? Here are some quick tips to ensure that you look your best.

Note that your choice of jewelry ultimately depends on the occasion you’re dressing for, the time, and your style.

Below, we’ll break down different kinds of jewelry for you to wear based on the occasion and the event you’re dressing up for.


Jewelry to wear to work

What Color Jewelry Goes With Everything

It’s not enough to know that there are specific types of jewelry for you to wear because different workplaces have different work policies.

But in general, whether you work at a school, office, hospital, or any other somewhat serious environment, your best approach is to wear simple and classic jewelry pieces like stud earrings, small hoop earrings, small ones, and small pendants, single bangle, or single chain bracelets.

You could also wear gemstones and diamonds if you stick with the simpler studs, solitaire rings, or perhaps other jewelry options with small, paved designs.


Jewelry to wear in casual settings

What Color Jewelry Goes With Everything

If, on the other hand, you work in a simpler, more casual work environment, you can wear jewelry that shows off a bit of personality – think small dangle earrings, more oversized hoop earrings, larger pendant necklaces, layered bangles, stacked bracelets, etc.

However, you should avoid jewelry pieces that sparkle too much.

That said, this doesn’t have to be the case for everyone because even in more relaxed working environments, you may still prefer simpler jewelry options, for example, pieces made of plain gold or silver, and even jewelry made using alternative materials like leather and wood to give off that nice, laid-back look.


1. Color coordinate your jewelry with your wardrobe

What Color Jewelry Goes With Everything

This might be a little challenging at first, but once you understand the whole aspect of color theory, coordinating will be much easier.

All you need for this is the color wheel, which essentially matches the different colored gemstones – note that the color wheel will help you determine what jewelry options work best with different blue, red, green, or any other color outfits.

So, how do you go about this?

What Color Jewelry Goes With Everything

First, pick the color of the outfits or jewelry located directly across the color in question. That is the complementary color for your jewelry, and it will give you the most vibrant look thanks to the high contrast between the colors.

If, for example, you have a blue dress, you should pick orange jewelry that sits on the opposite side of the color wheel. This also means that gold-toned jewelry will be the best color match for the dress.

And for a green dress, you could pair it with spinels or rubies, while emeralds look great with red dresses.

What Color Jewelry Goes With Everything

You could also choose the analogous colors, which are the colors that sit right next to the colors in question on the color wheel.

These colors create more of a harmonious look without making a monotonous look. So, if you are wearing a royal blue dress, it will look great with your violet or green gems.

And if you are unsure what to wear your little black dress, you will be happy that the black dress works with jewelry in any color on the color wheel. You could also wear black on black, so, think a black dress and black jewelry.


2. Styling the bold primary colors

What Color Jewelry Goes With Everything

Red, Blue, and yellow are primary colors, and if you are trying to mix colors, then you should make the primary colors your best friend.

Since there are many shades of blue, red, and yellow, you can mix them with analogous or bolder contemporary colors.

Overall, gold jewelry looks great against outfits in any of the primary colors.


3. Working with secondary colors

What Color Jewelry Goes With Everything

The secondary colors are the colors green, orange, and purple, and they complement the primary colors well, especially when you mix and match the colors. Red compliments green perfectly, purple works well with yellow, and blue works great with orange.

Now that we know what colors work best with each other, how do you determine what works for you? Well, for starters, your style matters a great deal.

If you are going for color combinations that scream ‘notice me,’ you should match the complementary colors, but if you don’t wish to be the center of attention, you may want to accessorize with subtler colors by pairing the primary colors with the analogous colors on each side of the primary colors.


4. Going big – triad colors

What Color Jewelry Goes With Everything

But some of us are bolder than the rest, and we wish to go against the grain by wearing the boldest color options we can find. In such instances, you have to think of the triad colors.

These colors are derived from the color wheel as well. To determine what colors you should blend, pick a primary color, the color opposite it on the color wheel, and the color complementing the selected color opposite the primary color.

The colors next to the complementary colors are the triad colors which not only complement the primary color but also widen the color range for shades that look good together.

What Color Jewelry Goes With Everything

The colors that make up the triad color range include tertiary shades like yellow-orange, yellow-green, red-orange, red-purple, blue-green, and blue-purple.

This all means that if you are wearing a yellow dress, you could pair it with the bold, purple necklace when dressing up in casual settings and a golden piece for a subtler look.

What Color Jewelry Goes With Everything

Note, however, that while silver looks good, it might make you look a little pale. You could also pair it with a sapphire necklace as it adds great depth to the bright yellow. Ultimately, the idea is to create balance and contrast.

Blue dresses also work well with orange and gold, but cool tones also work great. A complimentary color like the chandelier turquoise earrings will also work great with the blue dress.


5. Styling neutral colors

What Color Jewelry Goes With Everything

Bold colors are not for everyone, and many of us will always opt for the calmer, more neutral colors. Although that could mean you get to play on the safe side, that is not always the case.

You could try to blend shades with the neutral cream dress, such as deep pink and gold. And if you like scarves, a deep burgundy scarf bearing a cream base will look good on you.

If you like gray fashion pieces, on the other hand, you could pair them with orange accessories and different colors on the triad color shades. Grays also work well with red, warmer tones, or yellows that complement the grays quite well.



It is all about knowing your colors.

Determine your outfit’s most dominant color, then choose the jewelry color based on the complementary, secondary colors.

Also, opt for cool or warm colors depending on your outfits, jewelry, and skin tone.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!