What Color Jacket to Wear With Purple Dress?

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So, you have a date this Friday and you are wondering what to wear.

The purple dress that you bought for your 25th birthday is looking good right now.

The evenings are a little chilly lately and you like to stay warm regardless.

What Color Jacket to Wear with Purple Dress

The only problem is, you’ve never had to wear it with a jacket before so looking into your closet, you are wondering, what color jacket is best to wear with my purple dress?

Looking good and well put together is a crucial need for humans.

We take pride in ourselves when we confidently step out into the world with our best expression of style and fashion.

Sometimes though, it may get hard trying to put out an outfit together especially when strong colors are concerned.


What Color Jacket to Wear with Purple Dress

What Color Jacket to Wear with Purple Dress

For color coordination, most people consult the color chart and either matches their outfit with complementary colors or contrasting ones. However, for purple dresses, the contrasting colors are yellow, orange, and lime green.

You don’t have to have gone to a fashion school to see how terrible a match that is. The most ideal colors for purple dresses are complementary or neutral such as navy, taupe, ecru, cream, black, grey, or white.

Depending on where you are going, if it is day or night, rain or shine, summer, fall, spring, or winter, you have many alternatives to choose from.


1.Denim Jacket

This denim jacket comes with a variation of colors that are all great to pair up with your purple dress. It is made of 62 % cotton and 1% spandex making it soft and stretchable.

If you are out for a movie night that may lead to a party later, you can rock your denim jacket confidently with your skirt and a pair of sneakers or heels depending on what you prefer.


2.Camel Trench Coat

Made of polyester and cotton, his coat is super warm. It is a knee-length trench coat of a camel color which will give you’re a great backdrop to show off your dress.

The length of it will make you look slimmer and taller adding flair to your outfit. Another benefit to it is that it can be worn for both formal and casual settings and is effective in all weather.


3.Military Jacket

If it’s chilly, you could wear this military colored jacket with a hoodie and some boots and leggings. It has a drawstring on its side to make it even easier to keep out the draught.

It is also available in several colors and you could choose from any of them which has a neutral or complementary color to your purple dress.


4.Aviator Coat

This bomber aviator jacket is ideal for your purple dress. With purple accents on it and blended into a camouflage design, this is an edgy piece that will turn up your outfit.

Whether for a night at the park on new year’s eve or at lunch on a cool autumn afternoon, this is the jacket to rock. It is made of polyester and spandex which is ideal for a form-fitting look. Ending right at the waist curve, it is perfect for accentuating your beautiful curves.


5.Camouflage Jacket

Instead of the more futuristic interpretation of the camouflage design, you could opt for the original and more strikingly iconic jungle green camouflaged military jacket.

It is longer than the aviator coat which will frame your body and show off your dress. It is made of cotton and polyester and is ideal for cool spring evenings.


6.Cropped Leather Jacket

Made of viscose and Polyurethane, this faux-leather jacket is available in seven different color variations and it has the most asymmetrical cut yet seen on a leather jacket.

It lacks collars or a zipper it ends right around the waist which helps accentuate it the more. Its solid color and fine cut make sit classy for all occasions bit formal and casual.


7.Cape Jacket

This structured coat will bring sophistication and class to your purple dress. The arm slits show some skin which is fun and flirty for a date and the colors available are both great for purple matching.

This garment has been made with a blend of polyester, spandex, and rayon. It is fitted with shoulder pads to keep it in place to keep it from falling off as it lacks any closures.


8.Cropped Blazer

These beautifully ruched jackets have an open front with one button for closure.

They come in a variety of solid colors and florals as well. It is lightweight and meant for warmer weather and official purposes.

It lacks pockets or a lining. The cut and stitching are immaculately done and this jacket will bring structure to your look and capture your shape.


9.Luxury Cardigan

Be sure to get a tight-fitting cardigan that will contour your curves helping to accentuate your shape in the dress rather than taking away from it.

It is best if the cardigan is cropped at the waist and it could be a white or floral design that adds a pop of color to the overall look.


10.Fur Coat

This Faux Fur Teddy Coat Features Open Front, Two Side Pockets, Relaxed Fit To Show Your Charming And Attractive Figure.

This Solid Color Fashion Coat Can Be Easily Dress Up For A Fabulous Look Or Dress Down As A Casual Everyday Look.



Our list could not be fully conclusive. There may be other jacket styles you may know that we have not covered.

However, with the short review of our select jacket types, you can now start to look at what you have in your closet and make the right color and style match for your purple dress.

Regardless of whether you are headed out for a date or lunch with family, you are now armed with the basics.

The rest is up to your expression of style which is even more important than what experts advise. Have fun!

oh, do not forget to check more useful tips here. See you guys in the next posts!

Hey! I finally find the Answer!