What Color Clothes Go With Turquoise Jewelry? (With Other Tips)

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Turquoise is one of the most beautiful and luxurious colors that looks great on just about everyone.

It is bold, stunning, and elegant, with all turquoise jewelry promising to give you that nice pop of color, no matter the outfit or the occasion you’re dressing up for.

But even with its versatility, you may find it a bit of a challenge to find the clothes colors that work best with your turquoise jewelry.

We don’t want you to struggle with this anymore, so we’ll share some tips on the ideal color clothes that look good with your turquoise jewelry.

What color clothes go with turquoise jewelry?


Neutral-colored clothes

What Color Clothes Go With Turquoise Jewelry

If you prefer dressing in neutral tones and wouldn’t want to add any more boldness other than turquoise jewelry, you may want to wear the jewelry with neutral colors.

So, consider pairing your statement turquoise pieces with a white shirt/ dress or beige. You could pair nude, beige, or white shirts with slacks or matching linen pants.

A neutral dress will look just as good on you. Though simplistic, you will be happy with the modern, refreshed look that comes from this color combination.


Denim, black and white

What Color Clothes Go With Turquoise Jewelry

As a lover of the classics, you will be happy to know that you can never go wrong with the basics. We are talking about a mix of white and black, plus denim.

It is the best alternative for you if you don’t like or are bored of monochrome outfits. Even with the basics, turquoise will instantly add the perfect pop of color, energizing your entire outfit. You could go for turquoise earrings or a necklace, not both.

Also, you should be careful because you wouldn’t want to pair too much turquoise with too much denim – yes, there is something like too much denim – and doing this would create an opposite of the expected effect, and you will not feel good about yourself.



What Color Clothes Go With Turquoise Jewelry

A yellow-turquoise combo is an unexpected color combination that works out so well.

Of course, the yellow means minimal turquoise, but these colors look so good with each other and will give you the perfect feel of elegance and also a confidence boost.

To avoid overboard, accessorize your yellow sunburst top with a turquoise pendant necklace for a nice pop.


Bold colors/ mix and match

The other great colors that work perfectly with turquoise include fuchsia, brown, cream, wine-red, purple, purple, lilac, orange, white, and terracotta.

What Color Clothes Go With Turquoise Jewelry

  • Think of styling your turquoise necklace with that elegant and bold magenta blouse for a bold look that instantly elevates your confidence.  
  • A light turquoise pendant necklace would also look great against some polka dot top or dress, and you could also wear a turquoise light sweater to boot.
  • Turquoise jewelry also looks great against dark blue, preferably a long maxi deep blue dress with baby blue accents. It also works with royal blue outfits.


How to wear turquoise jewelry


You can easily pull off many styles with your turquoise jewelry, but you need to be keen about how you pair the jewelry with the rest of your outfit.

Remember that when you wear your turquoise jewelry well, the result is not only gorgeous but also powerful.

It is a color that stands out quite well with statement pieces and looks, but that doesn’t mean that there are no delicate options for you to try out.

So, how do you ensure a perfect blend that brings out your best features and personality?



1. Go for those quiet pieces

What Color Clothes Go With Turquoise Jewelry

When wearing turquoise to a formal setting like the office, or if you have a subdued style, you should go for the quiet pieces that ultimately do all the talking.

With everything else on you remaining understated, the turquoise jewelry will do its magic and create that stunning look. You will be surprised by how well this minimalist look works, especially as an everyday look.

Also, there are countless options of quiet turquoise jewelry that you can choose from in the form of earrings or necklaces – these have just the perfect amount of turquoise.



2. Kick up your neutral look

What Color Clothes Go With Turquoise Jewelry

To add some excitement to your camel coat, the white blouse, or your beige slacks, you must consider some turquoise, for example, as drop earrings.

These earrings will add color to your face and break that neutral streak. You could also go for a few pieces of understated turquoise bangle bracelets or a statement necklace. Yes, these are many great options for you to try, but just do not wear all of them together.



3. Black, white and blue

What Color Clothes Go With Turquoise Jewelry

This is a classic look and, as mentioned above, a color combination that you will never go wrong with because it just works every time.

And incorporating a pop of turquoise will elevate your look because this color works quite well with your classic denim, white and black look. But again, remember that a bit of turquoise goes a long way.

Also, it is the perfect combination if you are going for a modern cowgirl look, which, in this case, means wearing a lot more turquoise plus denim.



4. Dress it with a contrasting color

What Color Clothes Go With Turquoise Jewelry

Away from whites, blues, and denim, you could also make a bold statement by wearing turquoise jewelry with something in a contrasting color.

You only need to consult the color wheel for this look. Note that some contrasting colors you could try include coral, purple, or even some neon yellow.



5. Boho-glam anyone?

What Color Clothes Go With Turquoise Jewelry

If you are up for it, you could also try out the boho glam look because your turquoise jewelry will help you perfect the perfect boho glam style.

That said, when you pile on the Boho look, you may want to steer of other elements that are too western, so think of the turquoise jewelry with skinny jeans and perhaps the fringed suede bootie.

But again, don’t go with the boho trend from head to toe.



6. A perfect way to elevate your gown

What Color Clothes Go With Turquoise Jewelry

Your gown will look even better with a turquoise necklace or a pair of simple and subtle turquoise earrings, nothing over the top.



Turquoise jewelry is the perfect accessory that works well for many looks, and following the simple guideline above, you will always look stylish and elegant when wearing turquoise jewelry.

Just be careful not to overdo it.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!