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The main reason why jeans are everyone’s favorite age notwithstanding. They are also considered the easiest to style because you can wear jeans with just about anything from formal button-down shirts and polo shirts to tank tops, crop tops, off-shoulder tops, etc.

Also, you can wear jeans without a belt, especially if you’re female. But there are one too many instances where you have to wear a belt – well, we believe that all men must wear jeans with the right belt.

What Color Belt Should I Wear With Jeans

And when you must wear a belt, you need to choose the correct belt size and color. So, which are the best jeans colors that would look great on and go well with pretty much all your jeans? Or perhaps, the colors you could try for different jeans.

Keep reading for more insights and color ideas for the kinds of belts you could wear with jeans.


What color belt should I wear with jeans?

What Color Belt Should I Wear With My Jeans

In addition to choosing the perfect size for your belt – most jeans look great with the casual 1.5” width belts, although the belt could be slightly thicker and broader if made of leather – you need to choose the belt color you settle for carefully.

And below are our recommendations for the colors of the belts you could wear with your jeans.


1. Black belts

You already know that you could never go wrong with a black leather belt with the winning bit about this belt color is that it looks great with any color jeans and much better with blue jeans or dark denim paired with sneakers.

What Color Belt Should I Wear With Jeans

And so, you can easily have several black belts in your closet, the only difference between them being the design of the buckle – the buckle design will determine if the belt goes well with your formal outfits or business attire or for casual wear.

And anyone looking for the easy-looking belt design with which you can walk into any boardroom with ease at any moment, then a simple, black, buckled belt would be the perfect choice for you. You could also opt for the black belt with that non-traditional buckle and a bright black finish.

Note that your black belt goes with sneakers in any color, but make sure they match if wearing dress shoes or boots.


2. Brown

Every gentleman and woman should have black and brown belts in their wardrobes, regardless of their style. Brown and black complement each other, and when you’re wearing brown shoes with your jeans, you need to have a brown belt.

What Color Belt Should I Wear With Jeans

Therefore, the brown belt is the perfect alternative to your black belt in many cases. Think of these two color belts as yin and yang, with brown as the less formal color and black as the robust and formal color.

While you could wear your brown belt with formal wear, it is also a color that works perfectly with casual wear like lighter denim and even slacks.

You could also wear the brown belt with your light grey jeans, khaki pants, pink, green, tan, beige chinos, or navy blue outfits. And the best part is that you could wear the brown belt as a dress belt, especially when you wish to break the formality that comes around when you have on an all-black attire. The brown belt also looks great with distressed jeans.


3. Grey Belts

This is the other excellent belt color that works well with belts. It is also one of the colors that are currently trending, and it looks great paired with faded or black jeans, plus a simple tee and sneakers.

What Color Belt Should I Wear With Jeans

We want to reiterate that you should wear a belt that matches the shoes when you’re wearing leather shoes. They don’t have to be an exact match in terms of the tone or the hue, but they should be black.


4. Olive

What Color Belt Should I Wear With My Jeans

Olive might not be a classic color that you go for when looking for a belt for your jeans, but it is a color that will surprise you with how effortless it works to give off a nice, casual look. Like black, brown, and grey belts, the olive belts work great for men and women.

If you’re unsure how to start creating and pulling off the look, always go for the simplest look – a plain white tee, blue jeans, olive hat, white sneakers, sunglasses, and the olive belt.


5. Navy Blue

What Color Belt Should I Wear With Jeans

You could wear your navy blue belt with classic light blue jeans or chinos and other casual outfits. And the belt could be made of leather, macrame, or any other fabric.

You may also like the navy blue belt because it is the perfect color that works perfectly if you’re going for a nice, laid-back look; for example, a long-sleeved shirt, light blue or white pants or shorts, and the blue belt. This look is easy to pull off with a navy blazer/ shirt or without. This also applies to a white-on-white look.



These are some of the great color options you could pull off with jeans.

They are all quite stylish and make it easy for you to pull off a bold look with jeans.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!