What Bracelets Are In Style in 2024?(with Pictures)

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What Bracelets Are In Style now? One of the biggest fashion/ jewelry mistakes involves wearing an outdated piece of jewelry.

In as much as it looks okay, outdated jewelry will easily kill your vibe, and you don’t want to be the person wearing a bracelet that is so 2012.

We’ve taken time to review the bracelets on the market today, and we’ll let you know if you should buy or wear certain bracelets in 2024 or not.


What Bracelets are in Style 2024?

If ever there was a time for you to stay on top of trends, it would be now, which is why we are taking time to look at some of the most popular and trendy bracelet styles for men and women.

If you are into trends, the best thing that you could do is to look for and wear the bracelets that are very popular at the moment.

But as we all know, you cannot wear just any bracelet that’s extremely popular and trendy – even with versatile options, you must bear in mind your personal style for you to easily implement the bracelet into your wardrobe and fashion style.

This article explores the most popular bracelet styles of 2024. Keep reading to learn more about the most popular bracelet options.


Are leather bracelets in style?

Leather bracelets remain a classic for both classy men and women.

If you are looking for sleek and elegant bracelets, you cannot go wrong with leather bracelets. The sleekness and the elegant finish of leather bracelets are the reason why the leather bracelets are among the most popular bracelets today.

It’s worth noting that the leather used for the bracelets is the same high-quality leather that’s used in bags, belts, shoes, and watch bands, which means that you don’t have any reason to doubt the quality of your leather bracelet.

You might also like the stylish allure of leather bracelets that comes from the fancy designs of the bracelets, along with the fact that you can match your leather bracelet with any other leather accessories on or for your outfit.

So, if you have a black leather band for your watch, you could easily complement it with a black leather bracelet.

The leather bracelets also come in many colors, but the neutrals are the best option for that timeless, classic look. Opt for brown, white, or black leather bracelets.


Are beaded bracelets in style?

After leather bracelets, you have the beaded bracelets, which are among the most popular types of bracelets in style today.

The popularity of the beaded bracelets comes from the durable, affordable, and the extreme versatility that’s associated with these bracelets.

Speaking of versatility, the beaded bracelets could be worn with casual, as well as formal outfits, and the other reason for their popularity is the fact that they come in different colors, and the beads are made of different materials.

Depending on your style preferences and personality, you can wear the beaded bracelets that come in all neutral colors from white and grey to black and brown. And if you need some color, you will find the beaded bracelets in any color of your choosing.

Beaded bracelets have also grown in popularity because of the versatility in the types of materials used. The most popular beaded bracelet options today are made of natural stones such as obsidian and lava stone beads.

While the natural stones add weight to the bracelets, the stone beaded bracelets remain the most popular option because of the luxurious and valuable stone finish and feel.

The beaded bracelets are also quite stylish because you can easily stack them or wear them alongside your wristwatch.

For a stylish stacked look, you might want to wear the beaded bracelet with steel and leather bracelet combinations.


Are anchor bracelets in style 2024?

Yes, the anchor bracelets are in style in 2024. In fact, these bracelets have been quite popular for some years now, and you cannot go wrong with anchor bracelets.

And contrary to popular beliefs, anyone can wear anchor bracelets, not just sailors and lovers of the sear.

The primary reason for the popularity of the anchor bracelets, besides their unique and stylish design, has to do with the fact that the anchor symbolizes strength – think of how the anchors hold down ships through the stormiest weather and the biggest waves.

Therefore, men who wear anchor bracelets often do so to paint a picture of their strength and capability, whether physical or mental. And as mentioned above, the anchor bracelets are quite attractive.


Are couple bracelets in style 2024?

It’s safe to say that the couple or distant bracelets are among the hottest bracelet styles of 2024. The couple/ distant bracelets are the matching bracelet sets common with couples, and they are growing in popularity by the day.

These couple bracelets are popular because they are meaningful bracelets. Wearing a couple bracelet means that you have a piece of a loved one with you always, and the bracelet reminds you of the love shared, despite the distance.

The matching design of the bracelet keeps you on each other’s’ minds at all times, the distance notwithstanding.

These bracelets create a mental connection between lovers/ loved ones, and they are a classic and popular option among couples. These bracelets come in different colors, designs, and often made of different materials.


Are macrame bracelet in style?

Macrame is one of the most popular design and jewelry materials in 2024, but it’s an undoubted fact that the macramé trend was popularized by the use of macramé in bracelets. These bracelets are stylish, and their edginess isn’t something that will fade soon.

The reasons for this include the fact that macramé bracelets are made of water-resistant rope, and it will not tarnish after some time, and these features make macramé bracelets excellent bracelets you can wear all day, every day.

Macrame bracelets are also popular because of their adjustable length – you can make them fit flawlessly in any wrist size.

Lastly, these bracelets are stylish because you can stack them up easily. The charms/ beads and the black rope details make the bracelets an elegant choice for any stylish individual.


Are balance bracelets in style 2024?

Unless you are new to the world of bracelets, you’ve heard about balance bracelets before, and you know that they are the craze today.

The balance bracelets are pretty much the bracelet choice of the healthy man in pursuit of a strong mindset and a healthy lifestyle.

The idea behind the balance bracelets is that these bracelets are a balance of magnetic and beaded balance bracelets.

They are made of natural stone, with a neutral base color and seven very distinctively colored beads, all made of different natural stones. Each colored stone represents one of the seven elements – air, earth, water, fire, metal, wood, and ether.

While the most popular balance bracelets don’t have any physical effect, they are believed to have a very strong mental effect.

Therefore, wearers of the balance bracelets wear them as a reminder of a healthier lifestyle. And by having the bracelet on the wrist, you will have a physical reminder, keeping you motivated to stay on the healthy lifestyle bandwagon.

The magnetic balance bracelets, on the other hand, make use of the natural magnetic stones believed to wield a balancing effect over your mood and life.

These stones are believed to bring more positive energy in your life, with the created magnetic field flowing through your body while you wear the bracelet, keeping you calm and more thoughtful.

Besides the natural stone balance bracelets, there also are sturdy stainless steel balance bracelets.


Are crystal bracelets in style?

Crystal is big in the jewelry world today, and the crystal bracelets are very popular today because they give off an expensive and a luxurious feel, and also because they boast a timeless design.

These bracelets are also quite versatile, with the beautiful, sparkly finish making them a hit among women.

You can also wear crystal bracelets anywhere, with any outfit.


Are bangle bracelets in style 2024?

These hard, rounded bracelet that fits around the wrist loosely have been on the trendy side of the jewelry world for decades, and they are still in style in 2024.

Designed in an oval or a circular shape, they are among the bulkiest kind of bracelets for women, and they give an illusion of a smaller wrist. The oval bangle bracelets give a better fit, and they are more popular.

You might love the bangle bracelets also because they easily match wristwatches (if made of the same material and finish).

However, they are not a good option if you are wearing other slim bracelets because the size difference will look weird. You could stack a couple of bangle bracelets, though.


Are cuff bracelets in style?

If you are looking for a versatile bracelet design that you can wear with your wristwatch easily, the cuff bracelets could be the next best thing for you.

The cuff bracelets are a lot like the bangle bracelets, except for the open back/ front design, which makes for easy wearing.

The open-end design makes the cuff bracelets adjustable, and this is why the cuff bracelets are very popular.


Are chain bracelets in style?

Yes, you cannot go wrong with chain bracelets.

They are versatile, and you could either wear them solo or with your wristwatch. You could also stack many chain bracelets effortlessly.

Besides their versatility, the chain bracelets are also in style because of their simple, minimalist design.

Also, they come in numerous color options, including gold and silver, and they could be detailed with small pendants. The chain bracelets are also easily stackable.


Are heart bracelets in style in 2024?

The heart bracelets are timeless and popular among women.

The heart bracelet is a symbol of love. These bracelets, as well as other heart jewelry options, are commonly given as gifts to women, with the heart representing the love shared between the two.

If you are looking for a sweet and loving kind of jewelry, a trendy heart bracelet will be a great option for you.

This bracelet also makes you seem more feminine and approachable.


Are charm bracelets still in style?

Charm jewelry might not be your style, but the charm bracelets are quite popular and very much still in style. The charm bracelets are appealing and are designed to reflect the things that are important/dear to the bracelet wearer.

The symbols incorporated tell a lot about the passions and interests of the wearer.

Traditionally, a charm bracelet would have many pendants/ charms shaped like different things like crosses, hearts, stars, high heels, or handbags.

Today, the charm bracelets will have a mesh metal band like the one in a wristwatch, and the charms on the mesh are easily removable. These flexible charm bracelets are quite popular today.


Are shell bracelets in style in 2024?

Also called puka shell bracelets, the shell bracelets have a tribal feel, and they’ve grown in popularity in recent days.

These shell bracelets represent that carefree, tropical lifestyle with lots of beaches and sun.

The reason why the bracelets are also called puka shell bracelets is that the shells are made with white puka shells. Some of the shells will be dipped in gold paint.

The plain bracelets are trendy and casual, while the gold-plated shells boast a luxurious feel.

Either of these shell bracelet styles matches your summer outfits perfectly, and you can wear one or stack them up, depending on your desired look.


Are distance bracelets in style 2024?

As mentioned above, distance bracelets are also known as couple bracelets, and they are quite popular among couples.

However, distance bracelets aren’t limited to couples, and they can be worn by family members and friends.

The meaning behind the distance bracelets is to help keep someone close to you; even they are far away from you.

Gifting someone a distance bracelet is a nice gesture that shows them how much you care for them. Like the couple bracelets, the distance bracelets are quite stylish too.


Are stacked bracelets still in style?

Stacked bracelets or stacking bracelets is one of the most stylish ways for you to wear bracelets, and stacking will not only add volume to your wrist jewelry but depending on the size of the bracelets, it will also make your arms appear thinner.

Today, stacking bracelets is one of the trendiest bracelet styling designs, and you get to mix metals, colors, and materials, for a sweet and simple look to Bohemian and even rock-and-roll vibes



Bracelets are designed for men and women, and the bracelet designed covered above are some of the most stylish bracelet options on the market today.

Throughout history, the bracelets have been worn as a symbol of wealth, status, and power. Today, bracelets are among the hottest accessory options for men, and they can be worn for different reasons.

You only need to make sure that the bracelets you choose match your style and personality.

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