What Are The Parts Of A Necklace Called?(Detailed Guide)

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Have you ever taken time to think about the different parts of a necklace and what they do? Perhaps you should, especially if you are interested in craft making, specifically jewelry (necklace) making.

This would come in handy, especially if you want to make sure that you order the right parts for the findings and if you want to make sure that yours are the best quality necklace parts.

So, in this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best parts of the necklaces to educate you more on necklaces and necklace making.


What are the different parts of necklaces called?

As you learn more about jewelry making, it’s important to learn more about the features of the necklace. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the main parts/ features of the necklaces and also the different types of necklaces. But first, it’s worth taking note of the main parts of the necklace.

What Are The Parts Of A Necklace Called

Necklace Terminology

Generally, necklaces have three main parts: decorations, foundation, and clasp.

  1. The foundation – this is the most important part of the necklace, and it is known as the foundation because it features the largest portion of the materials used in jewelry making. It’s also worth noting that the other parts of the necklace are dependent on the design/ type of foundation. These are:
  2. The Decorations – which, as the name suggests, refers to the decorative parts of the ornaments hanging from the necklace’s foundation. The decorations include stones, pendants, trinkets, and lockets.
  3. The clasp – this is the other part that makes up the necklace, and it’s what will keep the rest of the necklace together. The clasp is often the fastening piece, and it can be a spring ring, a clasp, or a hook, and an eye fastener. These are essentially the parts that keep your chain necklace connected.


Types of necklaces and other terminologies

There is a lot that goes into consideration when it comes to the choice and design of necklaces, and the next sections of this article will take you through everything else you need to know about necklaces, parts, and other parts.

1.Necklace Lengths

What Are The Parts Of A Necklace Called

If you are shopping around for necklaces, the length of the chain/ necklace is the first and the most important thing to keep in mind. The length of the chain determines the style of the necklace and how it looks on you. Generally, there are several necklace lengths that you can choose from, with the different styles correlating directly with the necklace length. The necklace lengths bring about these main types of necklaces:

  • The choker or collar necklace–this necklace is between 14 and 16 inches long and often sits snug around your length.
  • Princess Length necklaces– the princess length is the most common type and length of necklaces, sitting between 16-18 inches and falling right in the middle of your chest. Most of the princess-length necklaces often have pendants, among other kinds of decorations.
  • Matinee Length– This refers to necklaces that are between 20 and 22 inches long.
  • Opera Length– these are more dramatic necklace pieces with a length of between 24 and 28 inches.
  • Rope Length– for a more dramatic and glamorous feel or look for the necklaces, you may like the 30inch long rope necklace. This necklace covers your abdomen, and they are more glamorous if you wear them doubled so that one part is at choker length while the other length is more of the opera length.


2.Necklace Clasps

What Are The Parts Of A Necklace Called

The necklace clasps are also an important part of the necklace, and the best necklaces will have fasteners and clasps that will keep the necklace in place. There are different types of clasps common with necklaces, and these include the spring ring clasps, lobster, and hook and eye clasps.

  • The hook-and-eye claspis the simplest and the easiest necklace clasp type made of two parts, one the hook and the other part known as the circle, with the hook designed to slip in the circle, securing your necklace in place.
  • The lobster clasp, on the other hand, is the most common and the strongest necklace clasp type. It is made of a robust but easy to use latch that opens when it’s pulled, opening the clasp on the opposite side, making it easy for the clasp and the chains/jump rings to seamlessly slip in the necklace’s chain.
  • Then you have the spring ring claspthat is lightweight and a simple necklace clasps featuring a spring which allows you to easily pry open one section of the ring, allowing you to slide in the other part of the necklace.


3.Necklace chain

What Are The Parts Of A Necklace Called

There is are several necklace chain styles that you can choose from, and the best part is that all these chain styles will accentuate your style and individual taste. So, from the simple classic cable-style chains to the elegant Italian Figaro chains, these necklaces offer something for everyone. The best part is that you have the lightweight, feminine chains, and on the other hand, the rugged and more masculine chain options. But you need to take into consideration a number of features before settling on the necklace chain style. These considerations include the length and width of the necklace chain. The chain style and the type of metal used. The common types of chain styles include:

  • The cable chains are characterized by simple, classic, and elegant necklace chain styles allowing for the best way for you to showcase pendants.
  • Curb chains, on the other hand, are masculine and sturdy variations that are wide and flat.
  • The rope chain necklace style is more of the most fashionable statement piece
  • Mariner/ Anchor Chains, on the other hand, are the more stylish nautical-style chains designed to look like anchors.
  • Ball chain style necklaces are the other popular type of necklaces featuring small beads, which evoke more of that iindustrial-street necklace style.

What Are The Parts Of A Necklace Called

4.Necklace Cords

Now that you have an idea of what to expect in terms of the chain styles and the chain or necklace styles let’s look at the other important component of the necklaces – the necklace cords.  

The necklace cords are often used by jewelers who work with gemstone and beaded necklaces. The cords commonly used are made of silk because it is the perfect material for stringing pearls, stones, and beads to the necklaces. In other cases, the cord used is made of polyester, especially because polyester is more durable, sturdy, and lasts much longer. But these are not the only materials used to make necklace cords; the other materials include hemp, Tiger Tail, or leather – all used in the coated wires.


5.Necklace Beads

What Are The Parts Of A Necklace Called

With the materials used to make the necklace cords out of the way, let’s now look at the other decorative pieces used in necklaces – the necklace beads and/or stones. Below, we’ll share insights into everything you need to know about the types of beads used in making necklaces. It is important that you understand your options because most of the time, the beads determine the cord’s thickness needed. So, which are the main types of stones and beads used to make the beaded necklaces?


6.Types of Necklace Beads/ Stones

First off, the beaded necklaces refer to the necklaces made of either small or big beads available in various colors, shapes, and sizes and even patterns. Often, the beaded necklaces are made of pearls, gemstones, metal, seashells, plastic or wooden beads.

And regarding the styling of the beads, others have repetitive patterns while others are less predictable in terms of their designs. Some will have beads and stones. So, taking these styling options into consideration, you will find that the beaded necklaces are both simple and also very elegant, or even bold statement pieces. Some chain necklaces have beads as well. So, there is something for everyone looking for beaded necklaces.

What Are The Parts Of A Necklace Called

7.Necklace Bails

The necklace bail refers to that part of the pendant designed to go over the chain. It holds the chain in place, and in most cases, the bails will be attached to the metallic pendants, although there are cases where they are attached to the gemstones directly. The main types of necklace bails are as follows:

  1. The Peg Bails– these are the ones that are often glued to the top of the cheaper, tumbled stone pendants.
  2. Glue-on Bails– these bails are meant to be glued to the cabochons’ backs, and they are quite affordable. They work, but not as well as the bezel settings.
  3. Bell Caps– these are designed like the bails but are glued to the ends of the crystals added to the necklaces, for example, amber crystals.


What is a necklace without a clasp called?

Necklaces without claps are called lariat necklaces – these are long beaded or chain necklaces with a rope design, and they are either pulled or tied through circular findings.



The world of necklaces is quite versatile, and whether you are a fashionista or you are trying your hand at jewelry making, understanding what these different parts and elements of necklaces do and mean is important for you. Having covered all the basics, we hope that this article will be helpful to you.

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