What Are The Chains On Jeans Called?-It’s History and Trend

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The variety of jewelry styles and designs all around us is astounding, and even if you love jewelry, there are things you may never wear because they don’t match your style.

Some styles are also more suited for one gender more than the other or just seem cooler with them, and you may or may not look great in them. One such type of jewelry is what’s better known as the jeans chain because it is a chain that is worn on jeans.

This article explores the world of fashion that focuses on having chains on jeans and all you need to know about this accessory, including the meaning or the symbolism behind them.

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What are the chains on jeans called?

what are the chains on jeans called

The chains on jeans are known as wallet chains or jean chains, and as the name suggests, the chains are worn on jeans, often on the right pocket, with the chain held in place by the belt loop next to the pocket and the back belt loop.

These chains come in different lengths, designs; they are made of different materials and can be single hanging chains or layered often as three chains layered in similar or different designs.

You could also think of pant chains as short or long chains that feature two clasps or hooks attached to each end. These could be used to style your outfits, and besides hanging from your pants, they could also hang from your skirt.


What are jean chains for?

Well, most people will argue that the jean chains don’t mean anything, or rather, they don’t know if they have any meaning attached to them.

what are the chains on jeans called

However, most people from older generations who still wear these chains note that the chains are not only stylish but practical and functional.

They had lost their popularity from the 90s, but these chains are slowly making a comeback as stylish fashion elements. This was a huge fashion statement that was popularized by Nickelback, the rock band.

But that is not all; the chains are also called wallet chains because most people who wore them for the past few years took advantage of the fact that the chains would allow for the safety of the wallet.

You wouldn’t lose your wallet, and it wouldn’t be stolen because the chain being there meant that the wallet was still in your pocket. For these individuals who wore the wallet chains for safety reasons, the hanging chains on the pants only served as functional accessories.

what are the chains on jeans called

Bikers are also known for wearing the chains as a statement of their lifestyle and also as wallet chains as they are connected to their wallets in the back, keeping the wallets safe as they ride.

That said, it’s worth mentioning the fact that the chain is not the kind of jewelry that is loved by most people. In fact, there are many people who dislike the jean chains, associating them with the 90s Suburban stones. It is also regarded as one of the rather uncool vestiges of 90s fashion.

Other jean chains that are worn are referred to as the fob chains, and these are used to carry watches.

Today, the jean chains have become part of the fashion accessories that can be worn daily because they are thought of as fashionable and stylish, and they elevate basic outfits.


What do chains hanging on pants mean?

what are the chains on jeans called

The wallet chain from the 90s was popularized by Nickelback, and though there is a running joke around it, and that people hate it for no reason, while others consider it the accessory for stoners and an uncool vestige of the 90s, the chain on jeans is kinda back in fashion.

So, even as it’s hated and loved by others in more or less equal breath, its presence and surge in popularity today would point to its level of being a fashionable accessory that can be worn today.

The chain hanging on jeans is worn by men and women looking to add some oomph to their outfits, and in recent days, designers for luxury fashion houses such as Gucci and Balenciaga have incorporated in outfits, and it makes the perfect accessory, surprisingly.

But when it’s all said and done, there is no specific meaning or symbolism around the wallet chains on jeans. It is a fashionable accessory for some, while others consider it the perfect safety net that you can attach your keys and wallet to easily.

It is also seen as a more badass accessory than the fanny pack, which many people are not into. There is also the fact that it is stylish, and it is also the perfect fail-safe remedy and deterrent against pickpockets on the streets.

It’s important to note that at the end of the day, some people are into the jean chains, and others find it cringeworthy. For people who love it, the wallet chain is the perfect accessory that makes them stand out from the crowd, and it’s even one of the must-have jewelry pieces.

This is the case for celebrities like Jason Momoa, David Beckham, and Ty Dollar $ign, among others. They have gone ahead and shown that the chains are not just ideal with jeans but could also be worn with more formal outfit styles, leather jeggings, and, as mentioned above, skirts.


What are your opinions on jeans chains?

what are the chains on jeans called

Some people love the jean chains look; others don’t like it. And just like all other fashion trends, you can choose to stick with this style that is becoming fashionable again to people who love it, or ditch it if you consider it dated.

Our opinion regarding this chain style is that if it matches your style and aesthetic and you think you look great in it, then you can go on and wear the chain on your jeans’ belt hoops.

Just keep in mind that although you and David Beckham or Jason Momoa love it and look elegant in it, many other people cringe internally every time they see it.

The good news is that the jean chains are slowly making a comeback in modern fashion, and they are not only stylish but also very easy to wear.

You also want to think about the styles that suit your style and personal aesthetic best. Keep in mind that luxury fashion houses have shown us that chains can be stylish. So, if you like the chains, go on and wear them however you like.


The chain on pants trend

The belt and pants chains are making a huge comeback in the fashion scene today, and if this is the kind of style you like, you may consider trying it out.

How to wear a chain on jeans

Clip one end of the jeans chain on the belt’s front loop where the pocket starts, then attach the clasp to the other belt loop at the back. Choose the belt loops on the same side as the front belt loop so that the chain drapes over one leg nicely.

You could also attach the wallet’s chain to one end of the wallet’s loop or grommet and the other end of the chain’s clasp to the belt loop. You could also attach the chain and the wallet in the opposite way with the wallet in the front pocket and the clasp to the back loop.



The chains on jeans, also called wallet chains or jean chains, were popular in the 90s thanks to Nickelback, and though they have been considered cringe-worthy for some years, they are back in style and are even considered fashionable or trendy.

So, if you are looking for this kind of chain, you may go on and get yourself one.

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