What are Swarovski Crystals Made of?(Detailed Answer by Jeweler in 2024)

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The Swarovski crystals have been in existence for more than a century, and they’ve made a name for themselves in the jewelry world. The reason they are a sort after brand is their bright and sparkling crystals that give a brilliance close to a real diamond.

People also purchase Swarovski crystal jewelry because they are an affordable alternative to diamonds and other gemstones.

With their status in the market, people do want to know what Swarovski crystals are made of. We will attempt to answer that in this article, as well as let you know what makes them so unique.

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What are Swarovski crystals made of?

The reality is that no one knows what Swarovski crystals are made from. All that is commonplace is that Swarovski crystals are a type of glass made from several ingredients. They include quartz sand, potash, sodium carbonate, and 32 percent red lead.

The pioneer of the formula was Daniel Swarovski, the son of a glass cutter, who’s vision was creating “a diamond for everyone.” He wanted to make crystals that had the sparkle and brilliance of a diamond, but that was far more affordable.

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That drove Daniel to invent the electric glass-cutting machine. What made it particularly unusual that he even got a patent for it, as that it could cut glass with extreme precision and accuracy. There is evenness from the Swarovski crystals you see; no matter the size, they are all cut and shaped the same way.

The ingredient that makes that possible is potash (potassium-rich salt). Adding potash to chalk in the glass making process revolutionized the glass industry at the time. It drastically made the glass clear and malleable for easy shaping.

Even though we know what the various ingredients do, the ration that produces the perfect crystals is still a secret. It is also likely that there are technological advancements the company has taken up that we know nothing about.

The precise combination that makes this glass remains a family secret almost a hundred and thirty years later. For five generations, the family has been keeping the company running and show no plans to stop. If anything, they are ever innovating and expanding.

The company continues working to ensure that they produce crystals with a high refraction index. With the initial machine, they can still create facets that mirror and bend light in different directions to produce that sparkle. After, the crystal gets polished for the final product.

Something else the brand adds to their crystals is metallic chemical coatings. This coating debut in 1955 on the world’s main stage under the Christian Dior crystal that gave the “Aurora Borealis” effect. What that means is it had multicolored changing hues of the rainbow very similar to what you see in the Northern Lights.

From then on, the metallic chemical coating has been popular.


Where are Swarovski crystals made?

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Daniel Swarovski was born in the modern-day Czech Republic, then called Bohemia. In 1892, after securing a patent, he set up the crystal factor in Wattens, Austria.

The company has been there to this day. The reason for the location was alpine rivers nearby that provide the hydroelectric power they used to power the crystal cutting machines.

It is in the same location that their jewelry pieces get made. They include earrings, necklaces, brooches, rings, bracelets, pendants, watches, and more. Over the years, they have also expanded their line to include sunglasses, phone cases, ornaments, hair accessories, and other items adorned with Swarovski crystals.

It is also not uncommon to find other brands that have Swarovski crystals on them. That’s because they produce their metal and then source the crystals from Swarovski. Such brands include Christian Dior, Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton, Elsa Schiaparelli, and more.

If you want to know more about Swarovski, you can visit Swarovski Kristallwelten (Crystal Worlds) based in Wattens. It features building and garden exhibitions incorporating Swarovski crystals in various ways. Though the Swarovski crystals are made in Austria, you can check online for stores within your area, or you can make an online purchase.


Is Swarovski crystal safe to wear?

It might generally worry people to learn that there is a 32 percent lead in Swarovski crystals.

However, the lead contained within metal is not the same as one contained within glass.

They are no transference of lead from the crystal to the body, and therefore it is absolutely safe. If anything, it is the lead that gives Swarovski crystal the brilliance and sparkle it has.


What is so special about Swarovski crystals?

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There are several reasons why Swarovski crystals are so special. The first one is the brilliance, and that has made it synonymous with top quality glass crystals on the planet today. For the longest time, the company has been able to come up with angles for their jewelry that reflect light the best.

Today there is computer technology that can do that with even more accuracy. To the untrained eye, Swarovski crystals can look like real diamonds, and that’s what makes them special. You can have the shine of a diamond for a fraction of the price.

An aspect that one has to appreciate the Swarovski brand for is their willingness to evolve and adapt to the times.

They have kept up with designers and jewelry lovers decade after decade to set themselves as an industry leader. Swarovski can also mimic other gemstones that, because of the technology and glass mixture they use, it’s hard to tell from the real thing.

With the same means, they can make crystals in any shape imaginable from the classic to the unique.


Are Swarovski crystals worth it?

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The excellence in which Swarovski crystals get made makes them worth it. You know it is made from incredible technology, and as the decades roll by, their jewelry line and crystals can only get better. In the market, they have established themselves as the go-to brand for those wanting diamonds for the faction of a price.

The stones are perfectly made that they resemble diamonds, with the only differences being that Swarovski is human-made and much cheaper than the earth formed diamond.

Additionally, it’s not only diamonds Swarovski can imitate; you can also get other precious gems look-alikes such as sapphires, rubies, and emeralds.

When you compare the price to the real thing, Swarovski crystals are worth it. Even though they are engineered in a factory, you’re assured that the quality and style will be exquisite.

While Swarovski crystals are worth it, you need to beware of imitators. It is hard for the average person to tell the real from the fake.

The best way to protect yourself is by only purchasing items from an authorized Swarovski reseller. If you’ve found it at a small kiosk in a mall that isn’t always there or not affiliated to a larger brand, then what you likely have is a knockoff.

If you’re to harness the full potential of your Swarovski jewelry, then you must take good care of them. Follow the manufacture’s advice on how to care for the specific jewelry you’ve bought.

One example is not letting the crystals come into contact with water or other chemicals as they will dislodge. Instead, use a soft dry cloth to rub off any dirt and to polish it as well.


Benefits of wearing Swarovski crystal

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 For those who believe in the metaphysical, Swarovski crystals hold a lot of benefits. They thought that glass holds energy similar to everything in the universe.

Glass is stated as being a blending of the four elements, that is, fire, air introduced to the earth element, which then forms a liquid that is cooled and shaped.

There is equally the light aspect of it. The energy contained within is said to have the ability to transform negative energy into positive ones. That’s why people will purchase Swarovski faceted prism or crystal balls to clear their energy and that of others.

Additionally, it is thought that wearing Swarovski crystals can bring relief to physical aches such as joint pains arthritis.

On an emotional level, the crystals are thought to also help restore emotional health to those suffering from depression. Individual colored crystals being their own power.

You can look at the color catalogs to get the one that suits your needs.

However, if you’re looking for an all-inclusive crystal then you can get one with a metallic coating as it refracts all the colors.



Swarovski crystals remain a mystery with regards of what the exact combination of elements it is made from.

It is not a bad thing that it’s the case; if anything, it adds to the allure that the brand already has.

The bottom line is you know that you’re getting quality products that even high-end brands vouch for.

Lastly, you get to live the dream that Daniel Swarvoski started a diamond for everyone.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!