What Are Pandora Clip Charms Used For?-Quick Answer

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Pandora offers a large array of elegant and high-quality bracelets and accessories, and the clips are the best parts of the charm bracelets.

But with the charms and the charm bracelets being the most common types of jewelry that Pandora is known for, the clip charms are just as stunning and the best options for anyone looking for something different.

In this article, we’ll look at the Pandora clip charms and all you need to know about them. So, let’s get right into this!


Pandora clip charms

Pandora clip charms are considered an elegant addition that locks into the charm bracelets easily. The clip charms are accent pieces that not only serve as simple and elegant charms but also help in creating the right sense of balance for the bracelet.

What Are Pandora Clip Charms Used For

The clip charms also prevent the charms from stretching while looking a lot like the charms, hence leaving on that decorative appeal at the same time.

What stands out from the Pandora clip charms is that the Pandora clips feature hinged charms, and you can always snap the clips onto the bracelets with ease. The clip charms create a great addition to the Pandora charm bracelets, and because they are made elegantly, they complement the charms and the rest of the charm bracelet.

The Pandora clips come in a wide array and range in terms of color and designs, and for this reason, they add that nice dash of fun and unique style features, just like the charms.

They are also cheaper than the charms, and they not only stay in place in the bracelets but also keep the charms from moving around. The clips are, therefore, ideal if your charms are themed differently.


Types of Pandora clip charms

What Are Pandora Clip Charms Used For

The original Pandora clips are designed such that they snap on the raised threaded parts of the bracelet, and this helps to keep the charms in place without creating more discord in the design of the bracelet.

The other type of the Pandora clip is the silicone grip clip. This type of clip is not attached to the bracelet’s raised part, but it snaps on the chain.

And thanks to the silicone in the clip, this clip can be moved easily and slowly along the length of the bracelet so that you can adjust it a bit when it’s closed.

The silicone grip clips are ideal for the charm bangles, Pandora’s leather bracelets, and if you are buying Reflexions charms, then these charm bracelets all have a silicone grip in them for easy adjustment.

Regardless of the type of clips, you will be happy to know that the clips work best when in pairs where they divide the bracelets into 3 separate sections, keeping the charms in place neatly and the bracelet better balanced.


What are Pandora clip charms used for?

What Are Pandora Clip Charms Used For

As mentioned above, the Pandora clips are an elegant addition to the Pandora charm bracelets. These clips are ideally designed to lock the charms in place, and they also separate the charms while preventing them from moving around.

Along with the threading of the charm bracelets, the clips also balance out the bracelet and also prevent the bracelet from getting stretched out.

The clips are also important when you’re building a charm bracelet in that they allow for the distribution of the charms evenly in each of the sections. This is important because letting the charms sit in one section alone often increases the strain on that section of the bracelet.

When this happens, the links stretch out, and your bracelet might develop kinks or even break apart. So, the clips are necessary because they allow for the even distribution of charms, even as they prevent the bracelet from being bunched up.

Lastly, the threads are the charm bracelet’s weakest part and charms stuck on the threads are not only awkward but may also cause the snapping of the bracelet. With the clips over the threads, the integrity of the bracelet is maintained.


Are Pandora clips necessary?

The Pandora clips are necessary for Pandora’s charm bracelet, especially when the bracelets have two or more charms that keep moving around.

The clips represent a form of charms for Pandora. It is designed to open easily, and it clasps over either one or two of the notches of the bracelet, and once the clip locks in place, it remains stable, meaning that neither the clips nor the charms will move around.

Also, since the clips come in different styles, designs, and finishes, they blend perfectly well with the rest of the bracelet. That said, we recommend that all Pandora bracelets with notches are fitted with at least one clip, one for each notch.

What Are Pandora Clip Charms Used For

Do Pandora clips fit all bracelets?

Pandora clips are designed to work with just about all types of charms by Pandora, but they work especially well with the charm bracelets that are notched, and they do the perfect job of preventing the charms from moving around.

But not all the Pandora bracelets have notches, for example, the ones made of leather or the charm bangles. Even in such cases, the clips still come in handy in keeping the charms secure and in place.

The clips used for the bangles and the leather bracelets are often made of silicone and are known as silicone grip clips.

What Are Pandora Clip Charms Used For

Pros and Cons of Pandora Clip Charms


  • The clips prevent the charms from moving around
  • The Pandora clips create a nice, balanced feel to the bracelets
  • The clips prevent bunching
  • They complement the design of the bracelet and the charms
  • The clip fits in the Pandora bracelets that can hold between 17 and 22 charms


  • They don’t work too well without the notches


How to use Pandora clip charms

To use the clips, place the charm bracelet on a flat surface, then slowly place the clips over the notched side of the bracelet.

Once the clip is over the notch, gently clip or apply some pressure on the clip to close it over the notch until it clicks. Once it’s clipped, do the same for the other notch.



If you are looking for something to stop the charms for Pandora bracelets from moving or rolling around, then the clips are ideal for you. Read more topics here or here

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