What Are Belt Buckles Made Of?( 5 Common Metals)

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What Are Belt Buckles Made Of? A belt’s buckle is the most important part of the belt, and without it, you wouldn’t really have a belt. The buckle makes belts stand out, and this clasp that fastens the two ends of the belt or straps is what makes a belt stand out by giving it character.

The belt buckle goes back to the Iron Age when the gold ‘great buckle’ was one of the items that were interred by Sutton Hoo. Designed primarily as more of a decorative shield on the tongue, the buckle for belts were quite common as Anglo-Saxon grave goods.

At the time, the buckle was decorated elaborately on the shield portion of the belt, and associated with men, primarily. To put things into perspective, specifically on the belt buckle timelines, one of the elaborate belt buckle designed was found in Finglesham, Kent, in 1965, in one of the 7th Century graves.

This buckle bears the image of the naked warrior who stands between two spears, with only the belt and a horned helmet on.

Over the years, the designs of belt buckles have been refined significantly, and today there are different types of belt buckles that match different styles. These include:

  • Frame-Style buckles– these buckles boast the oldest buckle design with a frame-prong buckle design where the prong is attached to one of the belt’s frame, extending away from the wearer via a hole in the belt.
  • Plate-style buckles– these feature three-hook clasps with 2 hooks that fit on one end of the belt and the third hook on the other end.
  • Box-out buckles– this buckle style is the oldest buckle style still around to date.
  • Box-Frame Buckles– these buckles are 20thcenturu military-style buckles, commonly fitted on the webbed belts. The buckles feature a front, post, and back, with an adjustable captive post sitting perpendicular to the belt, which presses against the outer part/ box.
  • The other types of belt buckles are snap/side release and D-Ring/ O-Ring buckles.


What are most belt buckles made of?

Belt buckles on the market today are made of different materials, with the best of these buckles made of nickel-free materials. Some of these materials used include:


Titanium is the most commonly used material for belt buckles because of the high strength to weight ratio, as well as its high level of corrosion resistance.

These features not only make titanium the ideal material for belt buckles, but titanium is also safe for the human body, making it an ideal metal choice. Topical reactions to titanium are quite rare.

In addition to these features, titanium is also used for buckles because it can be brushed, polished, and also bead blasted with different finishes.

It’s up to 60% harder than steel but 40% lighter than steel. It’s generally very durable.


2.Carbon Fiber

The second kind of material preferred for belt buckles is carbon fiber, also known as carbon graphite or graphite fiber.

The reasons for the use of carbon fiber include its lightweight nature and stiffness – it’s stiffer than steel. Carbon fiber is also hypoallergenic and ideal for persons with nickel allergies.

Thanks to the production of carbon fiber out of organic fibers that are drawn together into long fibers of long strings of carbon atoms, the carbon fiber fibers are easily woven into this tough fiber for the buckles.

Alternatively, the carbon fibers are combined with different materials then molded into belt buckles.

3.Stainless Steel

The other material used to make belt buckles is stainless steel, a metal alloy made of chromium, molybdenum, and nickel.

Chromium is the most important part of stainless steel because it makes it scratch-resistant; nickel offers a smooth, polished finish, while molybdenum boosts its level of hardness.

It is rust, stain, and corrosion resistant, lustrous, and durable.

Note that while surgical stainless steel contains some nickel, some of the surgical stainless steel formulations are designed to form a tight bond that stops the nickel salts from leaching out, causing nickel allergy reactions. But it’s important to test out the stainless steel first.

4.Zinc Alloys

The other metal often used to make belt buckles is zinc. Zinc is a common element that takes different forms – it’s used in metals and also in supplements. Zinc is affordable, and since it works great as a base metal or a plating metal, it finds use in different areas.

When it comes to belt buckles, zinc isn’t used on its own but as an ally of copper, magnesium, and aluminum, all with nickel-free plating.

 Zinc works well for making buckles because of its softness compared to steel, a characteristic that allows for easy pouring of the zinc into casts or molds of different shapes.

Zinc is also hypoallergenic and corrosion-resistant. ( but zinc alloy is not hypoallergenic) Zinc alloys are also resistant to breaking or flexing.


5.Brass or Bronze alloys

Though they may have small amounts of nickel, brass and bronze alloys are mostly nickel-free, hypoallergenic, and they have a nice, golden lustrous finish, making nice belt buckles.


What are Gucci belt buckles made of?

Gucci belt buckles are made of the characteristic double (overlapping) G buckle design.

The spaces between the Gs is quite tight, with no gaps. The buckles are rather heavy and chunky, with no flaws.

The buckle is often made of different materials, including palladium-toned materials, brass, or aged gold, among others. You might want to check out Gucci’s website for authenticity.


What are Louis Vuitton belt buckles made of?

Louis Vuitton belt buckles stand out thanks to the characteristic LV buckle design.

This buckle is, unfortunately, often counterfeited. Most of the LV belt buckles are made of a silver and gold metal with a matte black finish on the edges.

These LV buckles are uniquely designed with space between the bottom V and the bottom L on the buckle’s logo.

What are Ferragamo belt buckles made of?

Ferragamo belt buckles are made of different metals and will vary in quality.

The most common metals used include copper, brass, brass, zinc alloys, and stainless steel.

Most of the Ferragamo buckles will have a palladium finish.


What are Hermes belt buckles made of?

Hermes belt buckles are often plated with precious metals.

Note, however, that Hermes doesn’t give out much about the specific details and the materials used to make the buckles.

However, most of their listings note that the buckle is made of Permabrass, which could be thought of as gold or platinum-plated brass.

The precious metal plating will, however, vary, affecting how fast the buckles wear off.

Most of the gold-plated brass is made of 18k gold plating and high-quality brass. Occasionally, the buckle is brushed with sterling silver, palladium, or ruthenium.


Most designer brands don’t specify the materials used to make their belt buckles, but the information shared above should guide you to find the best buckles on the market.

Generally, when looking for a belt buckle, you should opt for buckles made of high-quality and durable metals.

This is important because there is nothing worse than a poor-quality looking buckle that starts to tarnish after some time.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!