What Age Can Babies Wear Jewelry?-Read Our Safe Tips

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We can all agree that babies are naturally adorable, you can’t help smiling when you look at one or see a picture. But what is more adorable is seeing a baby all decked up in different jewelry.

There’s just something amusing about the maturity it adds to them despite their tiny bodies. While jewelry has become a necessity for people, when it comes to complementing outfits and expressing personality, is it a necessity for babies?

In some cultures, it is part of their customs that toddlers wear certain jewelry pieces, be it earrings, bracelets, necklaces, or anklets. For others, it is for religious purposes.

The concern, however, is how safe are these pieces of jewelry on toddlers? At what age is it safe for them to start wearing them? In this article, we will explore this concern by looking at the appropriate jewelry a child can wear and at what age.


Can You Put Jewelry On A Newborn?

What Age Can Babies Wear Jewelry

The answer is yes. It is possible to put on jewelry on a newborn. There have been people from different cultures and religious backgrounds who have done it and perhaps continue to do it.

These traditions of newborns and toddlers wearing jewelry were considered significant and dated way back into ancient times.

At the time it was believed that by wearing certain pieces of jewelry, the babies would be protected from evil. In Cambodia, for example, there is a tradition of tying a silver string with bells around a child’s ankles so it could ward off evil spirits.


In Italy, there is a similar custom, where children are made to wear cross necklaces made from coral, believed to protect them from the evil eye.

So, it is possible to put jewelry on a newborn. The main concern, however, is how safe it is.

This is considering newborns are especially fragile. They can be easily hurt or react to things. That is why even certain fabrics of clothes aren’t suitable for a newborn. Therefore, the real question is, how safe is jewelry for babies?


Is It Safe For Your Baby To Wear Jewelry?

What Age Can Babies Wear Jewelry

Even today, it is not uncommon to see babies adorned in jewelry for various reasons. Some parents, opt to introduce their toddlers to jewelry at a very young age. There are, however, some safety concerns when it comes to this, and they are as follows:


At that young age, babies are known to put everything they see and touch in their mouths. It may seem unlikely that a child could break or remove the jewelry you put in them and proceed to put the pieces in their mouths, risking choking on them. But children have a way of surprising you, which is why you need to stay vigilant around them at all times.


Aside from eating everything they see; babies are known to tag at anything they touch. That is why any form of accessory that goes around the neck is dangerous.

They could easily get caught on something or get tugged at by babies and end up strangling them. The risk is worsened if you allow the baby to sleep with them.

They could easily tangle around the baby’s neck cutting their air supply. It is, therefore, best to avoid such jewelry, especially if it’s without supervision.

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Lead poisoning.

A lot of jewelers claim that the products they use are lead or nickel-free. This is, unfortunately, not always the case.

Introducing your toddler to jewelry that may contain traces of lead, could lead to lead poisoning. This could in turn lead to serious conditions such as delay in development, seizures, irritability, among others.

Magnetic parts.

Magnetic parts may not seem to pose a problem but if a child happens to swallow them, they could prove fatal. Aside from the possibility of choking on them, the magnetic parts could potentially damage organs when they attract each other in the digestive system.

What’s more, your poor baby would need immediate surgical intervention to remove the magnets, since they can’t pass through the digestive system on their own.


What Age Can Babies Wear Jewelry?

What Age Can Babies Wear Jewelry

It is fun playing dress-up with your baby and having them try on different clothes and jewelry. Considering all the safety hazards, we have just discussed, however, you might be asking yourself, what then is the appropriate age to put jewelry on your baby.

The truth is that there is no standard age. Mostly it depends on you as a parent and what jewelry you deem safe enough for your child to wear.

Some jewelry is safer for babies to have at an early age of even 2 months. Medical experts advise that 2-3months is the appropriate time to think of getting your toddler’s ears pierced. Some parents have also reported putting necklaces, bracelets, and anklets on their children as early as 3 months.

Anklets and bracelets are especially safer for toddlers compared to necklaces, but they are still not too far from the baby’s mouth. They can also easily get caught on something and break.

So, whenever you decide to introduce your baby to jewelry, remember to always be cautious and supervise the situation.  


At What Age Can A Baby Wear A Necklace?

What Age Can Babies Wear Jewelry

As we mentioned, necklaces are a trickier and more hazardous piece of jewelry to introduce to your baby at such a young age. That, however, does not mean that parents haven’t done.

The majority of parents who have reported putting necklaces on their babies have done so as early as one-years old. The main issue isn’t what age the child can wear the necklace, rather how watchful the parent is and also finding the appropriate length.

The necklace should not be too tight that it chokes the child or makes them uncomfortable. It should also not be too long that it can easily get caught on something and strangle the baby.

For babies between the ages of 1-3 years, the recommended necklace length is 10”-14”. That will depend on how big your baby is.

For the best fit, you can always use a string or tape measure to map out the length of the necklace of how far you want it to fall. As the child grows older, keep an eye on how the necklace fits and change the length accordingly.  


4 Safe Tips For Choosing Baby Jewelry

What Age Can Babies Wear Jewelry

The following are some safety tips you should consider when picking out your baby’s jewelry:

1. Consider the material of the jewelry.

Baby’s have sensitive skin, so you should take time to pick out the best quality material for their jewelry that won’t cause any irritations or allergic reactions.

It should also be a durable material that can withstand breaking when caught in something or when tagged at by the baby.

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2. Consider the size of the jewelry.

The perfect fit is important to ensure the safety and comfort of the baby. The length shouldn’t be too long or short and the weight should be light.

Also, keep in mind that babies grow up fairly quickly, what fits them now may not fit the same way two years from now.

So always keep an eye on how well the jewelry fits on the baby and change it accordingly.


3. Never let them sleep with jewelry on.

This poses a strangulation hazard. So, while you may enjoy putting the jewelry on them and watching them play during the day, at night you must ensure you take them off.

Not just the necklace, but also bracelets and ribbons or any other accessory likely to strangle them in their sleep.

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4. Always keep a close watch.

Above everything, once you decide to put jewelry on your baby, be ready to constantly supervise them throughout.

Ensure they are not tagging at the jewelry or putting them in their mouth. At least that way you won’t have to encounter the safety hazards we discussed above.



Introducing your toddler into the world of fashion at an early age isn’t a bad idea. You just need to remember to keep a watchful eye.

Also, be careful with the type of jewelry you pick out keeping in mind the safety tips and potential hazards we shared with you. Safety should always be your priority.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!