8 Tips for Wearing Watch and Bracelet on the Same Wrist

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The bracelet and wristwatch combo, how do you pull off the perfect effortless look without looking like you are working too hard to make it all work? What is the right number of bracelets that you can wear along with one wristwatch? Are two bracelets and a wristwatch too much on one wrist?

These are some of the most elusive questions that we all find ourselves struggling with. If you have been trying to figure out how to wear your beloved wristwatch plus bracelet, we’ve got you.

This article shares tips and tricks for wearing a watch plus a bracelet on the same wrist. If you fear that you have been wearing your bracelet and watch wrong for most of your life, this article is definitely going to save your style.

That said, let’s jump straight into it!


Is it OK to wear a watch and a bracelet on the same wrist?

Well, yes. You can wear your watch and bracelet on the same wrist. Men and women have worn bracelets and wristwatches on the same wrist for decades, and if you are keen on fashion and styling, you know that you can pull off the wristwatch, bracelet combo effortlessly when you know what goes with what.

You’ve probably also seen women who are unable to give up on their beloved bangles, and since they also need to wear their watches, they make space for the watch somewhere in there, between the bangles.

For these women, it is easy to pull off the bangles and wristwatches look because they know how to balance out these accessories. Like layered necklaces, these individuals are able to stack up bracelets/ bangles with their watches, effortlessly.

Unfortunately, not everyone can pull off this look, and most of the time, any attempt to wear stacked bracelets or bangles plus a watch on the same disastrous, either because the materials clash, because of the wrong sizing, and there also are cases where the elements of the accessories fail to work together.

So, while it’s okay to wear your watch and bracelet on the same wrist, you need to learn how to stack those pieces together.

For gentlemen who like to accessorize, for example, the best thing to do would be to stack only one or a maximum of 2 bracelets with your watch for a cool, balanced look.

It’s also important to keep in mind that in as much as the bracelet and watch combo looks good on some men, it might not work on everyone, and it often depends on the type or the personality of the person wearing the pieces.

In some cases, it wouldn’t be the best idea for you to wear your bracelet and the watch on the same wrist.

For example, if your wrist is made of a delicate material, something that would result in the bracelet scratching the watch, resulting in the reduction of the value (resale) of the watch. Well, unless you wear your watch when it’s taped in duct tape.  

But if the materials that make up the wristwatch and the bracelet blend and won’t cause any damage, then you don’t have to worry about not being able to wear your bracelet and watch on the same wrist.


The cons of wearing watch and bracelets on the same wrists

Although you can pull off a well-balanced, cool look from wearing your bracelet and watch on the same wrist, there are cases where it wouldn’t be wise to have the two accessories on the same wrist. Some of the reasons why it might be a bad idea to wear your bracelet and watch on the same wrist include:

  • Sometimes, your bracelet and the watch each deserve individual attention, meaning that they lose their uniqueness, and neither really stands out as it should when worn together.
  • Friction is the other big issue you need to bear in mind. Friction between the watch and the bracelet’s gemstones might result in scratching of the stones and/or the watch.
  • For bracelets with stones, it is very easy for you to lose a few of the stones on the bracelet should the watch’s clasp get entangled with the bracelet.


So, how do you pull off the bracelet and watch on the same wrist look, beautifully (and without looking like you are trying)?


Tips for Wearing Watch and Bracelet on the Same Wrist

1.Choose the right type of bracelet.

There are numerous types and designs of bracelets on the market today, and if you are planning to wear the bracelet with your watch on the same wrist, it is important to keep in mind that your watch will affect the type of bracelet that you will wear.

The bracelet you choose depends on the material, color, and the strap design of the watch.

If, for example, you are wearing a metallic wristwatch, it is a good idea to also choose a metallic bracelet – both accessories should be made of the same metal. Matching the metal colors is important because it creates a more connected wrist game, creating a more elegant appearance overall.

So, go for stainless steel watches and bracelets if you often accessorize with both, but not a stainless steel watch with a rose-gold bracelet. Remember that some metal combinations leave you with a foul taste in your mouth, and this is one of them.

The good news is that you can wear a metallic watch with a non-metal bracelet. Say a stainless steel watch with an anchor rope bracelet.


2.Match the colors

The second-most important consideration that you need to keep in mind when looking to pull off bracelet-watch combo on the same wrist is the color. You need to match the colors of the two accessories for an improved overall look and for an elevated wrist game. Matching the colors ensures that the two pieces blend well, giving off an air of elegance.

While your bracelets don’t have to necessarily match up with the color of your watch, you can make sure that the two always blend by choosing wristwatches with replaceable straps, then get straps in different colors.

Having different-colored straps means that you won’t have to buy tens of bracelets.

Keep in mind, however, that this might not be a strategy that works too well for you, especially if you prefer the pricier, metallic strap watches – and in such cases, it would make more sense to buy bracelets in different colors, just as long as they match the watch.


3.Avoid wearing too many bracelets.

Bracelets are stylish, you easily get hooked to them, and after some time, you might end up wearing more than one.

But if you are wearing the bracelet with your watch, it is important to make sure that you don’t wear too many bracelets at the same time. In most cases, more than two bracelets with a watch are too much, and your wrist will look busy and unflattering.

Stacking up too many bracelets is also not a good idea because stacking up too many pieces doesn’t allow the individual pieces of jewelry to stand, and those cool bracelets only disappear in the crowd.

So, keep the bracelets to a minimum, and if you must wear more than one, cap your limit at 3 bracelets.

The interesting bit is that once you start wearing one bracelet instead of two or three (plus your watch), you realize that just the one bracelet and the watch look elegant, and you never needed to stack them up. See this picture below,  too many bracelets.

4.Wear it closest to your hand

This is one of those tips that seems like common knowledge, but we need to reiterate the fact that you need to keep your watch and the bracelet lower on your wrist, and as close to the hand as possible.

What this means is that the bracelet goes before the watch, and it will be the first piece closest to your hand, followed by the watch. Never wear a bracelet on each side of the watch.

Wearing these accessories closest to your hand ensures that the bracelet and the watch complement each other, and none of the pieces steals the show from the other.


5.Spacing is important

Don’t wear the bracelet too close to the watch; leave some space between them for balance and for your watch to stand out, even as they complement each other.


6.Opt for smaller bracelets

For the best watch-bracelet combinations, opt for thinner and smaller bracelets. You also need to avoid bracelets that fit too tight.


7.Only one flashy accessory

The best way to accessorize with a bracelet and a watch is by sticking to only one piece that is flashy. You will wear the other flashy piece next time.


8.Stacking thin pieces

If you must stack the pieces, choose multiple thin pieces over the thick bracelets



These are the important tips you need to keep in mind when accessorizing with watches and bracelets on the same wrist. Follow them, and you will look fashionable and elegant every day.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!