10 Tips for Wearing Two or More Necklaces At Once (Without Tangling)

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If you have been thinking of layering your necklaces because you think you’d pull off the layered necklace look with ease or because necklace layering is cool and trendy, you want to make sure that you pull off the look perfectly, and this means no tangling of the necklaces.

Wearing Two or More Necklaces

Since most people don’t get it right the first time, we want you to be among the people who don’t struggle with tangling when they wear two more necklaces at a go.

So, keep reading to learn more about how to pull off the layered necklace look without having to worry about the necklaces getting tangled.


Tips for wearing two or more necklaces at once

1. Have a plan

10 Tips for Wearing Two or More Necklaces At Once

This might sound like such a cliché, but you really do need a plan with and for everything in your life, including what you are going to wear to work or to the mall, especially if you are interested in pulling off a more layered look with 2 or more necklaces.

First, think of your wardrobe and ways in which you could complement the ensemble you plan to have on. So, think about your outfit and whether accessorizing it would be a good option for you or not.

Keeping your ensemble in mind is also important because it allows you to create your entire look around the statement jewelry you wish to have on for the day.

This means that if you have been drying to wear that unique moonstone iridescent necklace or perhaps the funky beaded necklace, you’d want to set aside the statement piece of jewelry the pick out your outfit based on this accessory.

On the other hand, if you wish to wear a specific dress or top, you’d want this to be your start point, then build on it.

If you are going for a solid color top or dress, for example, or maybe one with a plunging neckline, then necklace layering would be a good option for you. Remember that layering with a busy, ruffled-up blouse is not ideal or recommended.


2. Focus on your assets

Wearing Two or More Necklaces

This is an oldie but a goodie. Essentially, choose the layered necklace look if you are wearing a deep V-neck dress or top to emphasize your cleavage.

So, you could opt for a long fine gold necklace that hangs low around the cleavage and maybe one extra short gold necklace that hangs around the clavicle.

And if your main focus is on your stunning collar bone, you may want to layer a number of short chain necklaces – you can pull off this look more perfectly with an off-shoulder blouse or dress.


3. Activities involved

10 Tips for Wearing Two or More Necklaces At Once

A layered necklace look is considerably easy to pull off, but like any other item in your wardrobe, the decision to wear multiple pieces of jewelry or not depends on the planned activities.

If you are going out dancing, it would be ideal for wearing pieces that would move to the music and sparkle in/ against the light. We’d also recommend sticking to two pieces maximum because multiple necklaces would be tangled up easily when dancing.

So, think of wearing that large gemstone pendant necklace and pair it with a shimmering necklace that would show beautifully even in the low light conditions.

If, on the other hand, you wish to go for a layered look for the office, it would be ideal for wearing fine or dainty chain necklaces, preferably the ones with very little in the form of adornments.

Always opt for different styles and lengths when layering necklaces.

Wearing Two or More Necklaces

The secret to a perfectly layered look around necklaces is spacing – you need to get this right to prevent tangling. This means that you need a plan for this to work.

Essentially, the foundation piece should be your go-to piece, preferably the longer chain necklace. Experiment with different textures and lengths, colors, chain weights, and styles, making sure that each necklace has more than enough space that would allow it to be appreciated as a standalone piece.

In other words, you should never layer two necklaces with exact features.


4. Mix and Match the necklace materials

10 Tips for Wearing Two or More Necklaces At Once

If you are going for a Boho look or one that leans towards a Bohemian style, we’d recommend wearing a good mix of necklaces, preferably minimalist and high-quality pieces.

You could also mix things up. Try a long moonstone necklace with a shorter pendant necklace with a charm(s). Alternatively, go for the materials mix option and choose necklaces made of leather, beads, yarn, or even shells.

You also need to mix the weights and the textures while ensuring that you maintain a coordinated look. Think of a short choker necklace made of leather with a longer pendant necklace.

You should also apply the rule of 3s – wearing the thinner necklace last or on top and the thicker necklace at the bottom or as the first piece, then an intermediate piece in between.


5. Get adjustable chain necklaces

Wearing Two or More Necklaces

To create a perfect weight and length balance for your necklaces. The adjustable necklaces give you some level of control over the necklace length, and if you feel like making the necklace shorter would create a better-layered look, go for it.

If you still need to reduce the length of the necklace, but it doesn’t have an adjustment option, you could still reduce its length by trying a knot on the necklace near its bottom end, creating a nice loop at the end. You could also adjust the length of the necklace to allow for one or two more necklaces.

That said, you need to remember that the necklace length isn’t everything. What this means is that you could also layer your chokers, even if they are made with similar bands.

If, for example, the top or dress you have on has a deep plunging neck, the layered chokers would help blend the outfit with the accessories by creating a high contrast look.


6. Don’t be afraid to break the rules

10 Tips for Wearing Two or More Necklaces At Once

When it comes to pulling off the perfect layered look with your necklaces, you should know that you don’t always have to layer necklaces from the same set or store.

Break the rules and layer that old necklace with the newer pieces. Doing this allows you to create an elaborate fashion statement, and you don’t even have to worry about spending a lot of money on new purchases.


7. Don’t do the silver and gold mix

Wearing Two or More Necklaces

You’ve heard that it’s okay to wear gold and silver jewelry or to mix different kinds of jewelry as you wish. But as tempting as it is, we stick to the belief that you should not break the same metal color for necklaces.

The mixed-up metals will make your accessories look cheap, and it would be better if you wore one gold or silver necklace.

You could, however, mix up the gemstones that make up the pendants. The stone colors can be mixed easily, as long as you stick to one metal color for the precious metals. You could throw in neutral or clear jewels or diamonds too.


8. Honor the invitation

10 Tips for Wearing Two or More Necklaces At Once

If you are accessorizing for an event, don’t just go to town with it. Read the invitation card again to confirm the dress style specified for the attendees.

Some casual events make layering out of the question since you still need to keep things simple. Consider finding a fashion muse online to create the best-dressed look.


9. Make a statement

Wearing Two or More Necklaces

If you are up for a challenge, you could make a true statement look by layering with more necklaces. What this means is that although 3 is considered the lucky number, you could still go for something drastic, wearing 5-8 pieces of necklaces at once.

Pulling off this look is more of a trial-and-error approach, though, meaning you should try this look a day in advance or early on before leaving the house to be sure that you can actually pull off the look. And when in doubt, you should settle on an odd number for the necklaces.


10. Settle on the other jewelry you will wear

Wearing Two or More Necklaces

Now that you know how to pull off the perfect layered necklace look with no tangling, it’s time to think about the other jewelry pieces you will wear.

Note that because you are already layering the necklaces, you should keep the rest of your jewelry simple. Stacking more bracelets or rings on every finger might not be ideal.

Keep the rest of the jewelry options simple to put attention on your neckpieces. That said, it’s important to wear jewelry pieces that you feel most comfortable in. What other people think of your jewelry shouldn’t matter, as long as you feel your best.



Choosing necklaces that come in different lengths and sizes/ weight is important in making sure that you pull off the layered necklace look easily.

Generally, the recommendations above work, but we’d also recommend buying a necklace spacer to prevent tangling. And for that out-of-the-box look, you could wear a body chain with your dainty necklace.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!