8 Tips for Wearing Pearls Casually Without Looking Old

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Classy, chic, elegant, boasting one of the most colorful histories and made of the rarest natural pearls. These are just some of the words that would accurately describe pearls, whose rich history has morphed them into some sort of mythical stone that has led to the naming of the pearls as the Queen of the Gems.

All these go on to show just how special the pearls are. Pearls are undeniably regal, and you will look stunning in a pearl necklace.

In other words, pearls are highly regarded, and investing in real pearl jewelry would be a great investment for you.

How To Wear Pearl Necklace Without Looking Old

Notably, all the praise accorded to the pearls comes from the fact that the pearls are timeless, organic elements that make the best kinds of jewelry on the market today.

They have been around for a really long time now, which is why your grandma or aunties own at least one piece of pearl jewelry.

And even today, many decades later, pearl necklaces remain stunning accessories that you can pair with any outfit, from the casual ones to the fancier gown, and you will look regal.

Wearing Pearls Casually Without Looking Old

Unfortunately, some people don’t think this highly of the pearl necklaces, with many young people noting that that the pearl necklaces would make them look older/ or just old.

Yes, such allegations would make you chuckle too, but then again, if you don’t wear the right pearl necklace or wear it correctly, you will not look as spectacular as you hoped you would.

But you don’t have to worry about not being able to stun in pearl necklaces anymore because we’ve got you. Here, we’ll guide you on how to wear and get away with a pearl at any time and how to look trendy and stylish with different types of pearl necklaces.

So, let’s get into how to wear the accessories made of the sea and rested perfectly on your chest, with any outfit.


How To Wear Pearl Necklace Without Looking Old

You may be wondering if there is a way of styling your pearls to make them look trendy. Well, there is. And here are the best ways of making sure you always look stunning and feel elegant in your pearl necklace.

1. The Single Stunner

How To Wear Pearl Necklace Without Looking Old

Ultimately, you will look elegant and at your very best with just that one pearl necklace, especially if the strand of pearls features relatively bigger pearls, and you’re wearing a dress with a low-cut or scoop neckline.

All you need is that elegant black dress and a perfect string of pearl necklace, and you get to pull off the most sophisticated look that will light you up in the simplest and also the best ways.

And if this doesn’t work for you could create that wow factor perfectly by opting for a necklace with just one pearl pendant, for example, just one small clamshell pearl.

This is, without a doubt, one of the hottest looks you can pull off, and you will be surprised with how seamless it will be for you to pull off the perfect look for different occasions with just that one pearl necklace.


2. You cannot go wrong with layering.

One of the things that make pearls the timeless accessory would be the fact that you can wear pearls anywhere, even to work. So, if you are looking for a simple way of accessorizing for work, especially if you want to spice things up and elevate your look, opt for the pearls.

How To Wear Pearl Necklace Without Looking Old

The best part is that instead of wearing one pearl necklace, you could layer up two or three of these necklaces. Alternatively, you could wear the long pearl necklace then use the pearl shortener to create a layered look. And also, always let your pearl necklaces hang – you could use the adjustable chain to create the perfect layered effect.

You also need to make sure that you layer the pieces neatly so that each layered strand lies over the plain scoop tank. As long as they are layered perfectly, you can throw on a blazer, and you will look as serious/ professional as you hoped you would.

And if you are feeling extra brave and bold, try mismatching the necklaces by throwing on your long coral/ red necklace with the off-whites. This would accentuate your look and also make you look more elegant and bold.

 Note that this look that works for the office setup could also work after hours, and you’d only need to mess up the layers and ditch the blazer, allowing the layers to overlap, and you have the perfect Happy Hour look.


3. Color your world

How To Wear Pearl Necklace Without Looking Old

To easily accent your outfits, you only need to throw in a colorful string of pearls, and through the white and off-white pearls are the most common types of pearls we often wear; there are many other colorful options that you could choose from.

Try the feminine and lush soft pink pearl necklace, and maybe you could also throw in a matching pearl bracelet.

There also are many styles of chocolate pearl necklaces that would add elegance and a great feel of style to your look and would be ideal for that fancy banquet or wedding. And for brunch, you could opt for the gray pearl necklaces.

You may also like the golden pearls to go with your black evening dress.


4. Subtle set of earrings and necklaces

If you don’t want to wear a necklace that is made entirely of a string of pearls, you could opt for a simple set made of a simple chain with just one small pearl as the centerpiece of the mini-pendant. This would match the pair of pearl earrings.

Though subtle, this set is the most stylish option available, and it has the perfect modern and trendy feel that you have been looking for.

You will agree with us that just that one look at this set is enough to convince you that pearls are no longer that something borrowed from grandma’s jewelry box.

Instead of the stud pearl earrings, you could also pair the chain pearl necklace with seashell/ freshwater cultured pearl drop earrings and a matching pearl pendant necklace.

This will be the perfect look for you if you are going for a dressy look. A bolder look would involve trendy baroque pearl dangle (drop) earrings.


5. Choose the right necklace length.

How To Wear Pearl Necklace Without Looking Old

Want to look elegant and stylish with pearl necklaces on? Try necklaces of different lengths. If you are going for a dressier, attention-grabbing look, settle for the shorter and the choker-length pearl necklaces. But for a more relaxed look, avoid the layered chokers because the choker pearl necklaces always result in a more dressed-up look.

So, for the relaxed look in a casual top, try a 16 or 18-inch pearl necklace, which would go well with your jeans and the casual top because the necklace will rest right below or on the throat, giving off a more easy-going look.

Generally, the longer pearl necklaces look great with casual outfits and choosing a layered look to elevate your style and overall feel.

That said, you should wear a rope pearl necklace over 36 inches because it will look too dressy, even when twisted or knotted up. For a simpler or more classic look, opt to wrap the necklace around the neck twice.


6. Size and Style

How To Wear Pearl Necklace Without Looking Old

The size of the pearls for the pearl necklace will determine the ultimate feel and style of the necklace and also where you can wear the necklace.

The larger pearl necklace made of pearls like the South Sea pearls often creates the perfect statement necklaces that would draw more attention to the jewelry you are wearing and your neckline, which is why these necklaces are ideal for high-end events.

But not everyone can pull off or afford the stunning statement necklace look from the South Sea pearls. We recommend settling for pearls that come in more comfortable sizes and also aim to attain balance with your accessories.


7. The shape of the pearls

How To Wear Pearl Necklace Without Looking Old

Traditionally, pearls are rounded, and they always have a nice chic look, but if you are going for fun or perhaps a quirky look, you may find the baroque pearls interesting – the baroque peals are always different and feature a nice feel of personality and unique style.

You can either add a strong of the baroque pearls or settle for a single large baroque pearl necklace to your casual look for a fun but put-together look.

Other pearls are in the teardrop shape, button, oval, or more irregular shapes, but they are all very interesting and create stylish and trendy necklaces.


8. Pearl styles

Wearing Pearls Casually Without Looking Old

What’s your style, and which types of pearl necklaces match your style? While the classic pearl strands work best for formal and even dressy occasions/ looks, there are several other ways of pulling off the pearl necklace look, especially if you want to look trendy and modern.

One of the pearl necklace styles you may love involves the pearl necklaces made of pearl set at intervals between the metal chain and not in the expected continuous setup for the pearls.

This style is casual, chic, modern, and versatile. Alternatively, you could have the pearls pendants.



You can pull off the pearl necklace to look effortlessly, and following the tips above, you will look elegant and flawless and not a tad old or old-fashioned.

Just try different designs, styles, shapes, and lengths that look good on you, and don’t be afraid to mix pearls of different types for a necklace.

Think avant-garde designs, and you will be the trendiest person in the room.

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