10 Celebrities Wearing Kooky Beaded Necklaces

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The kooky beaded necklaces are taking the celebrity world by storm. This trend is bold and hard to ignore, especially when celebrities keep rocking them.

 I know most people would rather jump off a cliff than look tacky. If you have been wondering whether the kooky beaded necklaces are a yay or a nay, we have come up with a list of celebrities who have been rocking this trend.

These celebs are fashion icons who never get trends wrong, so you can trust the beaded trend after this read.


Celebrities wearing beaded necklaces

Wearing Kooky Beaded Necklaces

Celebrities have moved away from diamonds to more playful and colorful trends like the kooky beaded necklaces this summer.

Let’s see some celebs who can’t get enough of this trend.


Dua Lipa

Wearing Kooky Beaded Necklaces

The sensational British singer and songwriter is not only famed for her Mezzo-soprano vocal range but her fashion sense.

Her disco-pop sound and fashion sense have hypnotized many for a long time. Dua Lipa has embraced the kooky beaded necklace trend and has been tastefully rocking colorful necklaces this summer.

We have seen her relaxing on the beach on a hot afternoon adorned with a beaded necklace, and we can’t get enough. Dua Lipa makes this trend look so gracious in a bikini. Her latest playful vibe consisted of pearls and tiny rainbow charms. You will also see her in casual outfits and a touch of pearls.


Bella Hadid

Wearing Kooky Beaded Necklaces

This gorgeous model is a trend-setter in the fashion world. We have seen the best of her this summer, with her colorful trendy beaded necklaces.

Bella Hadid keeps things classy and simple. This trend is bold, and everything else should be simple to let it stand out. When we last saw her, she had picked a pearl beaded necklace and paired it with a stunning floral outfit.

What a perfect way to rock a summer outfit and stand out! Bella also opted for white to avoid the necklace becoming overbearing on her outfit, but she didn’t leave it at that. She finished the look with a beautiful pendant.


Janhvi Kapoor

Wearing Kooky Beaded Necklaces

All fans of Bollywood films will agree that Dhadak actress Janhvi Kapoor is one of the most fashionable Indian actresses out there.

The gorgeous actress is not only known for her acting skills, but her style. Kapoor knows that a great necklace can do magic for you.

She has fully embraced the kooky beads in her daily ensembles this summer. Paired with braided hair, a printed strappy top, and a pendant, the pearl chain was a great addition to her latest outfit.


Chiara Ferragni

Wearing Kooky Beaded Necklaces

Meet the stunning Italian fashion and beauty blogger and businesswoman who has not been left behind on the beaded necklace trend.

Ferragni is a renowned blogger, and when she embraces an item, we all agree due to her experience in the fashion world. If you are in doubt, we are talking about the 2017 Forbes Top Fashion Influencer.

This fashion icon took to Instagram to express her love for the kooky beaded necklace with a charming photo as she held a colorful necklace.

Ferragni has also been spotted wearing a colorful beaded necklace as she went about her day. This lady knows how to add spunkiness to an outfit, and she is not afraid of color.


Harry Styles

Wearing Kooky Beaded Necklaces

This is an English singer, songwriter, and actress who has graced our screens with his amazing talent. The 28-year-old has also charmed us with his fashion sense, and the kooky beaded necklace trend has not passed him by.

All along, Harry Styles has been known to be a funky chunky type of guy and he is not afraid to bring out a pop of color.

The watermelon sugar singer donned a colorful Eliou beaded necklace with the word ‘Golden’ written on it in his Golden music video.

He also paired this look with multiple necklaces. This is a man who continues to inspire the fashion world with great looks.


Demi Lovato

Wearing Kooky Beaded Necklaces

Demi is an American singer and actress. She is also known for her trendy and funky style, and is such a great inspiration to her fans.

Demi has been spotted with beaded necklaces and has won them in her music video. She has taken this trend a notch higher with beaded chokers.

Ian Charms is her latest obsession, and it is looking great for her this summer. She is wearing golden chokers and colorful necklaces.

We can all agree that Demi is owning this look and we can only wait to see what she will do next with this trend.


Elsa Hosk

Wearing Kooky Beaded Necklaces

You probably know her as Hoskelsa on Instagram, and you have seen her rock the beaded necklace trend.

She is a Swedish model famous as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. With this reputation, the sensational model is a force in the fashion world. Her fashion choices are always elegant and trendy.

When you see someone who has worked with brands like Dolce&Gabbana, and Dior embraces a trend, you can be assured that the trend is taking the rest of the world by storm or it soon will.

Her latest Instagram posts are giving her over 7 million followers all the good summer vibes. She pairs her outfits with white pearls and colorful beads.


Pete Davidson

Wearing Kooky Beaded Necklaces

The smiley charmer is giving us all the good colorful vibes with kooky custom beaded necklaces. He is officially the king of beaded jewelry, and the look is looking good on him.

Davidson is also all in on the Ian Charms jewelry and he seems to enjoy every bit of them. When he is not cracking us up and showcasing his acting prowess, the American actor and comedian is leading on fashion trends.

You will see his smiley face paired with colorful beaded necklaces and pendants.


Naomi Osaka

Wearing Kooky Beaded Necklaces

When she is off the pitch, Naomi is often seen on her Instagram page showcasing her beauty to the world. She recently paired a bikini look with a stunning Ian Charms beaded necklace, and all we can say is wow.

Naomi kept the bikini plain and accentuated its look with a colorful masterpiece. We know her as a world tennis champion, and now we see her fashion sense is also something to notice. We need to watch this space for more beaded necklace styles.


Jayden Smith

Wearing Kooky Beaded Necklaces

If you still remember him as the sweet little boy in the movie In Pursuit of happiness or Karate Kid, you need to stop living under a rock.

The 24-year-old actor, rapper, and singer is making headlines for his fashion statements. His recent obsession with pearls and beads is a sign that this trend is on, and it’s

not going anywhere any time soon. Jayden has been described as a versatile and pretty artist. His fashion sense is undeniably at the top, and he can be looked up to for fashion and trends.



Celebrities are dressed by the best stylists in the industry. When you see two or more taking on a certain trend, you can be assured that it’s the next big thing in fashion.

If you previously despised the beaded necklaces, now is a good time to get yourself one.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!