3 Actionable Tips For Wearing Grandmother’s Wedding Ring

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Your grandmother’s wedding ring might be one of the most beautiful forms of family heirlooms you may have, and wearing the ring at your wedding would be a great honor to your grandmother and the most wonderful gift to your family.

So, if you get to wear your grandmother’s wedding ring for your wedding, you should count yourself very lucky. All you need to do is to make sure that you actually wear the ring right. Yes, I know what you’re thinking – isn’t this ring worn just like any other ring?

Well, the truth is that there are some important recommendations that we think you should bear in mind before you wear the ring on your wedding day.

So, just keep reading to find out exactly what we are talking about.


Traditionally who gets grandmas rings?

3 Actionable Tips For Wearing Grandmother’s Wedding Ring

First things first – traditions. It is important to honor such family traditions because you don’t want to find that there is bad blood between you and your siblings or cousins because you got to keep grandma’s ring. To avoid squabbles and to know who gets to wear grandma’s ring on their wedding day, there is something important you should do – estate planning.

Wills are a big thing when it comes to inheritance and who gets what after someone passes away, which is why we think that everyone must make a will. Or, at the very least, specify by word of mouth, with more than one person present, who they’d like to get what. The latter isn’t often ideal, but it may help later on and in the absence of a will.

But we insist on the will because it not only outlines who gets the ring and who gets to wear it after the first generation but also guides on how the rest of the inheritance will be divided. In most ideal situations, you may want to create a will that lists all your valuables, including the seemingly invaluable pieces, and also settle who gets what. Then, you’d want to make sure that everyone signs the agreement and they all keep copies.

3 Actionable Tips For Wearing Grandmother’s Wedding Ring

If there is no will, the kids have to decide who gets what, and this would influence which of their grandkids gets to wear the wedding ring at the wedding. It is not a solid strategy, though, and in such cases, you may have to get go a different direction – grandma’s ring stays in the family, which means that no one can claim it or no kid gets to wear it to their wedding because issues around favoritism may arise. If your mom has grandma’s ring, but she is torn, she could keep it. This prevents squabbles.


Can you propose with grandmother’s ring?

You could, but before you do, you need to make sense of what your fiance feels about the heirloom ring, which could be vintage.

You also have to talk to your family about the ring and your intentions, talk about your expectations, and only use it for the proposal if it’s agreeable.

This is crucial, especially when you intend to reset the ring before the proposal.

3 Actionable Tips For Wearing Grandmother’s Wedding Ring

Tips for wearing grandmother’s wedding ring

  1. Talk about it

As mentioned above, the first thing you need to do when it comes to your grandmother’s wedding ring is to talk about the expectations around the ring and what your family thinks about your decision.

Keep your intentions clear. The good news is that as long as you keep your intentions clear and there were no insurance issues, you won’t have to think about much when handling the ring.

Talk about your different expectations, and if your grandma is still alive, talk about your intentions.

You’d be surprised by how simple everything gets once you have that talk.

3 Actionable Tips For Wearing Grandmother’s Wedding Ring

  1. Get it appraised and insured.

To make sure that the ring is still in perfect condition and that all the stones are still intact, you need to clean the ring well, then make sure all the parts are there and repair it if necessary before getting the ring appraised. You could insure it after the appraisal.


  1. Resetting the ring

Despite the rich history that the ring carries, you may want to personalize the ring a little more, which means that you may have it reset, and some elements removed or added.

This is a discussion you may have with your partner, but you need to make sure that when resetting the ring, you opt for the designs and styles that resonate with your style preferences.

Also, you need to work with a professional jeweler experienced in the restoration of the ring while allowing you to create one-of-a-kind ring designs.

3 Actionable Tips For Wearing Grandmother’s Wedding Ring

Note that when you opt to reset the ring or wish to enhance some of its features, you could still preserve the original setting.

This is quite common where the setting is unique, and you’d rather keep it as is, even when changing the rest of the features.

To get this done right, consider the rest of the ring and its elements and find a jeweler that can get the changes made without altering the overall design of the ring.



Wearing your grandma’s wedding ring as your wedding or engagement ring is one of the greatest honors you would grant your grandma.

So, wear it with pride, and if it needs some work, make sure that the important elements of the ring, such as the diamonds, are retained.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!