5 Popular Tips For Wearing Evil Eye Bracelet in 2024

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If you believe that the evil eye bracelet would bring you good fortune, good luck, and also improve your health, you need to make sure that you wear it correctly. But what does this mean?

Below are some helpful tips for wearing the evil eye bracelet correctly.


How to wear evil eye bracelets

Wearing Evil Eye Bracelet

Which hand should you wear an evil eye bracelet?


1. Wearing the evil eye bracelet – Right hand

Wearing Evil Eye Bracelet

From the spiritual realm’s point of view, the right hand might be ideal for wearing the evil eye bracelet because this hand is where ideas and logic lie. It’s also said that the right is the center of all thoughts, and this is what forces people to spring into action.

The other reason why the right hand is recommended is that it is the hand that is on the side opposite the heart and also the hand connected to the brain, the center for perception and reasoning.

The right hand-brain association also influences thought and leads to positive thinking and beliefs. There is also the perception that the right hand boosts perception and enhances creativity. So, it is largely a good luck charm and also a bracelet.

All these strengths of the right hand notwithstanding, the bracelet worn on your right might not be the best idea because it will get in the way and may cause discomfort. So, for right-handed individuals, you should wear an eye bracelet on the left wrist.


2. Wearing the evil eye bracelet on the left hand

Wearing Evil Eye Bracelet

Besides not getting in the way if you are right-handed, it is highly recommended that you wear the evil eye bracelet on the left wrist because the left side will ensure the maximum positive effects from the protective symbol.

The left hand is ideal for most people because it is the side where people carry their emotions. It is also connected to the heart, and if you are spiritual, you’ve come across the heart being regarded as the core of one’s being – where we come to life and become the best versions of ourselves.

So, whenever you have an eye lucky charm bracelet on the left, you will be attracting good luck, happiness, and great fortune into your life; the left side of the body and its emotional connection is vital to your life’s achievements.

Interestingly, it is believed that without any emotional energies, the bracelet would have no positive or visible effects, so you need to wear it on the left hand. The left hand is the side of your body that bears your essence.

Wearing Evil Eye Bracelet

Unfortunately, left-handed individuals may have to wear the bracelet on their right wrist because it may get in the way if you keep it on the left hand. To enjoy the best effects of the bracelet if you are left-handed, wear it on the left hand when you are not using your hands.

But overall, there isn’t much difference between the right and the left when it comes to wearing the evil eye bracelet, and you should consider wearing it on the hand you feel most comfortable with.


3. Buy and wear evil eye bracelets made of the best quality materials

Wearing Evil Eye Bracelet

This may not seem important, but it is essential because it determines how the bracelet wears out and how long you will wear it. Brass bracelets, for example, look great, but brass might not be the best material if you are planning to wear the bracelet in water, say when swimming.

It will turn green, and it will also stain your arm and the clothes you wear. This also applies to bracelets made of cheap base metals. With cheap metals, the bracelet will not be safe to keep on when showering, swimming, or even when you’re washing your hand.

But regardless of the materials it’s made of; you should always wear jewelry after applying lotion, spraying on perfume, hair spray, sunscreen, etc.


4. Alone or stacked?

Wearing Evil Eye Bracelet

Well, you could wear the evil eye bracelet on its own or stack it with other delicate pieces. You could also wear the bracelet with a watch on.

You only need to ensure that the metals blend because you don’t want them scratching against each other. Also, they should fit well and not get tangled around each other.

Some of the layering options you get to try to include layering the thin chain making up the evil eye bracelet with beads of different sizes, but preferably, matching beads.

The beads could match the evil eye in the colors blue, red, and light blue. Adding a nameplate bracelet would also work great. And when it comes to stacking up the bracelets, you should wear 3 or 5 pieces at once for a nice illusion of balance.


5. Wear multi-colored evil eye glass bead bracelets

Wearing Evil Eye Bracelet

Even though many of the evil eye bracelets feature just one evil-eye glass bead or amulet, there are many other varieties of the evil eye bracelet that you can wear as a single piece or as many pieces stacked together.

These bracelets come with beads in different sizes (3mm, 4mm, or 5mm) and colors that look great for you if you want a nice statement look.

You could wear this multi-color bracelet alone or alongside other colored or clear beads in gold, for example. You may also add a thicker bracelet for good measure.



The evil eye bracelet is an elegant accessory that offers more than beauty.

It is a great protective charm that will protect you from harm and evil while bringing you good luck, health, and good fortune.

You should consider wearing it on the left hand. Also, a minimalist look works great for most people because it allows the evil eye and the simple chain to stand out.

You could also experiment with different bracelet colors, a blinged-out evil eye bracelet made of gold or silver and paved with CZ.

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