Our 3 Tips for Wearing Diamonds in the Daytime

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Diamond earrings carry with them a symbol of prestige, but also health, protection, and good luck. That’s why wearing diamonds is not limited to nighttime; you can also wear them at any time you wish even though that wasn’t always the case.

It’s thought that you should take a minimalist approach as the traditional prevailing belief is that one shouldn’t be out in diamonds during the day. We live in times where that is not the case.

However, before you adorn yourself in all the jewelry you have in your box, do realize that there are some essential tips to follow if you want it to blend in well with your attire. Here, we are going to give some ideas on how you can wear diamonds during the day with confidence.


3  tips wearing diamonds in the daytime

Wearing Diamonds in the Daytime

Let’s look at the jewelry that you can pull off with ease during the day.

Before we begin, if you’re altogether skeptical about wearing diamonds during the day, start with smaller, clear, and colorless diamonds since they go with everything.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that success, wealth, and professionalism go hand in hand with diamonds. Thus, you have nothing to lose; if anything, wearing diamonds will work in your favor.

Side note: Do note that there are exceptions. If you’re working in the fashion industry or a company where the culture allows for getting glammed up for the office, then there is indeed no reason to be modest.


1 Earrings

Wearing Diamonds in the Daytime

Earrings are perhaps the easiest way to pull off diamonds when the sun is out. What makes them an exception is that they quickly turn an ordinary outfit into classy.

Even so, you have to be mindful of the size of the diamond earrings you wear. The smaller, the better, as you want something that won’t attract too much attention.

Larger diamonds are best left to nighttime where the glitter and glamor are more appropriate.

Even so, if you know that you’re catching drinks with the girls or attending an event, you can make the exception.

Fridays tend to be when people dress down or dress up, so having larger diamonds won’t be seen as being too much.

A trick you can apply if you’re still shy around your colleagues is that, if your hair allows, you can wear it down to cover your ears. Put your hair down when you hit the town, and voila, you’re a different person.



Wearing Diamonds in the Daytime

This next kind of jewelry can take a typical top, shirt, or dress and make it more impressive.

Necklaces are best worn when you have a simple outfit and want to make it appear more sophisticated.

Your workplace dress code, especially in formal settings, doesn’t have to remain mundane.

You can immediately turn anything you’re wearing into a thought-out ensemble only by adding a diamond chain necklace. Outfits with a higher neckline look better with longer necklaces, while those that are somewhat lower require shorter ones.

Even so, opt for something with a diamond pendant instead of costume jewelry as you don’t want to attract unnecessary attention unless that’s your goal.

You can leave chunky jewelry for when you’re out and about the town or going for special events.

Heading to the store in a chunky diamond necklace is doing too much; think of where you’re going, and then wear the appropriate sized necklace.



Wearing Diamonds in the Daytime

If you want to pull off diamond rings during the day, there are two ways to go about it. For your engagement ring or wedding band, you can wear your diamond ring with confidence.

Nothing is stopping you from showing off the large rock that your partner bought you to the world. However, the context does matter.

If you’re not sure about your security, you do, of course, want to consider not wearing a ring with a large rock.

The other alternative is turning the ring so that the diamond is on the inner side of your hand, only turning it when you’re comfortable.

For those who have diamond rings that don’t symbolize the commitment to a partner, then there is indeed much more that you can do.

If you want to wear more rings on your hand, you can opt for a thinner ring with smaller stones.

What’s even better is stacking three or more, so that they can make your fingers more fashionable.

For a more stunning look, consider getting rings with different diamond cuts, shapes, and sizes, and wear them on alternative fingers.



Your environment and activities of the day largely dictate what to opt for and how much diamond to wear.

Ultimately, with the wallet that you have, consider getting pieces that suit your lifestyle and those that transition from office to casual attire effortlessly.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!